Friday, 2 January 2015

First Mirror attack of the year fails

Every few days the Mirror puts a mock outrage story about UKIP on its website with comments disabled so nobody can correct their biased reporting and a poll asking who readers intend to vote for.

No matter how much mud the Mirror try and sling, no matter how much they lie and mislead in their articles, every poll says UKIP. It's quite amusing to see the leading left wing gutter press tabloid try and fail over and over again to dampen support for UKIP amongst traditional Labour voters.

The latest failed attempt to criticise UKIP is the startling revelation that a hedge fund manager gave £32k to the party this year. That's less than 2.3% of the £1.4m UKIP got in donations this year and hardly big news considering Crispin Odey also donated to UKIP last year.

The Mirror's angle is that Odey still owns 5% of shares in Sports Direct which employs people on zero hour contracts which Nigel Farage said are "just not on". Odey might own 5% of Sports Direct shares but he's not even on the board of directors - what would the Mirror have him do? Sell his £2.3m investment because the left wing media have a flash in the pan fixation with zero hour contracts? Zero hour contracts that Labour MPs have used to employ 61 people, incidentally.

The Mirror goes on to report that "former City trader" Farage (he sold metal on the futures markets, he has never been a banker) said in an "internal report" - presumably the National Executive Committee minutes that have been leaked to the press recently - that taking trade stands is a tax efficient way of raising money for the party. It then goes on say that this is despite Farage saying that rich people and successful companies evading tax are "the enemy". Here they are relying on their readers not understanding the difference between tax avoidance which is the perfectly legal act of not paying tax the law says you don't owe and tax evasion which is illegally paying tax the law says you have to pay, The Labour Party and left wing media - the Mirror included - have tried to conflate the two because it means they can go after the hated capitalist pig dogs operating within the law as well as those that aren't.