Monday, 5 January 2015

Lib Dem group leader resigns for offensive comment about alleged rape victim

The leader of the Lib Dem group on East Hampshire District Council has resigned from the party after commenting on a Facebook post about an alleged rape victim "Not sure anyone would want to even think about it looking at her lol".

Cllr Philip Drury is loling on the other side of his face after being told that he was "vile", "awful" and "a pitiful excuse for a human being" by angry Facebook users and then being hauled in front of a standards committee who decided they couldn't do anything because he made the comment about Serena Bowes in a personal capacity.

Drury blames being "excessively tired" due to an "excessive Chinese business trip" for his comment. Personally, I think he's just excessively obnoxious with an excessive case of verbal diarrhoea.

Meanwhile, Bowes is being prosecuted for slander (a criminal offence in Italy) after the man she accused of raping her told the police she had made it up.

Cllr Drury should have gone to Specsavers