Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lib Dems have only selected 266 general election candidates

Senior Lib Dems are concerned that they have only managed to select 266 candidates for the general election this year, making them look like they're no longer a national party.

Last time round the Lib Dems managed to field what passes for a full slate of candidates for the old parties - 631 candidates in England, Scotland and Wales. This time round and with only 4 months until the election, they've selected just over two fifths of that figure. Even the Greens have managed to scrape together 310 candidates and they struggle to find candidates for by-elections, let alone general elections.

UKIP have selected 358 candidates so far - 55% of the party's 650 target which would see a UKIP candidate stand in every constituency in the UK. The Conservatives have selected 471 candidates and Labour have selected 606.