Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New allegations against Lutfur Rahman in Tower Hamlets election fraud investigation

The net is closing in on Tower Hamlets mayor, Lutfur Rahman and the Tower Hamlets First Party.

Police have been investigating elections in Tower Hamlets since at least 2010 because of allegations of fraud and corruption. The allegations of electoral fraud were historically made against Labour but when Lutfur Rahman left Labour to set up his own party, the alleged fraud followed him to Tower Hamlets First.

An investigation by auditors PwC found evidence of widespread cronyism and dubious business decisions benefiting Rahman's supporters, prompting the Department for Culture & Local Government to appoint a Chief Executive and commissioners to run the council.

New allegations have been made against Rahman and other Tower Hamlets First councillors and officials that 30 council employees were taken to a meeting at a Bangladeshi restaurant and threatened to sack them if they didn't collect 100 fraudulent postal votes for Lutfur Rahman. These will be heard along with the existing allegations of vote rigging, fraudulent vote counting, ballot stuffing, voter intimidation and exercising spiritual influence.