Friday, 26 June 2015

Cameron wants us to vote for another Cast Iron Guarantee™

David Cameron has accepted that he's not going to get the treaty changes he says that he needs for the "reforms" to the EU that he's asked for and will instead rely on a Cast Iron Guarantee™ that EU treaties will be changed to meet his demands at some time in the future if we vote to stay in.

The plan now is to get the leaders of the other EU member states to promise to agree to treaty change in a few years' time if:

  1. They're still in charge;
  2. Their electorate vote to treaty changes in referenda and;
  3. They want to
People voted for the Conservatives earlier this year on the same premise with Cameron's "renegotiation" so it's easy to see why he would think the electorate are stupid enough to fall for worthless promises made by people who don't have the power or inclination to deliver them.

Cameron has already been told that there will be no treaty changes, no limits on immigration and that the free movement of people is not open to negotiation yet still he persists in promising changes that he knows he can't deliver. He is utterly impotent in the EU, having already told them that he will campaign to keep us in no matter what they say to his shopping list of superficial tweaks to the way the EU works.

The EU is unreformable and it will never be run with the interests of nation states at heart. That is why we must vote NO to the EU.