Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Letter to my MP - 52 Olympic Athletes Granted Asylum??


I was very surprised to read the following regarding foreign athletes who came to the UK to compete for their countries in the 2012 Olympic games in London:

"A total of 52 were granted refugee status while, of the thirty refused, two won on appeal but only ten were deported from the UK."

in the article posted here:

The headline was about the 18 who are still on the run from the UK authorities so have not been deported, however, my surprise was that 52 were granted refugee status.

We now know that government departments often make mistakes, are often run inefficiently and badly, and often try to cover up mistakes. So I am sure you will agree that it is essential that they can justify the actions they have taken, and justify them to the public that they serve.

Accordingly I would like to know how these 52 came to be allowed to enter the UK - supposedly representing their countries as the countries top athletes, when they actually made their applications, what each of them are claiming asylum from, and what evidence was gathered to support their claims.

I find it implausible that a competent government could be put in this position, I look forward to being shown to be wrong.


Paul Perrin

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