Friday, 2 November 2012

Kent Police Commissioner candidate being sued by opponent

English Democrats libel factory, Steve Uncles, might finally be getting his comeuppance after independent PCC candidate, Ann Barnes, issued legal proceedings against him in the High Court for his attacks against her on Twitter.

Vote for me or we'll send the boys
round ... with a solicitors letter
Green Party chairman for Kent, Stuart Jeffrey, has already said that he is considering taking legal action against him for attacks against him where he has been called a Nazi.

Uncles has been attacking Ann Barnes and other candidates on Twitter, Facebook and on his websites.  On his "official" PCC candidate website he suggests that Barnes has been taking saunas with policemen which makes her unsuitable (the implication there would appear to be that it was a seedy encounter). He also claims that she isn't an independent candidate because her campaign manager is a Lib Dem and the Lib Dems aren't standing a candidate. The most bizarre statement of all isn't a slur though, it's the claim that the Police & Crime Commissioner is a political role and the winning candidate will make political decisions - the winning candidate has to take an oath not to be political!

Ann Barnes, it would appear, had a solicitor send a letter to Uncles warning him about his conduct and the response from Uncles was a letter from his solicitor "basically telling Ann Barnes to get real".  Presumably this solicitor would be English Democrats chairman and Essex PCC candidate, Robin Tilbrook, whose experience of defamation law can be summed up as sending out countless threats to anyone who criticises his party and losing a spurious defamation case against me.

We will be more than happy to help Ann Barnes, Stuart Jeffrey and anyone else who has been on the receiving end of one of Steve Uncles or Robin Tilbrook's attacks and threats.  There are a large number of victims of this pair over the years who will happily fill in any new victims on the facts about the English Democrats, Steve Uncles and Robin Tilbrook.
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