Friday, 1 July 2016

Remain supporting rapper threatened to gang rape Nigel Farage's daughter

A rapper from Bradford has apologised after tweeting that he was going to gang rape one of Nigel Farage's daughters.

Shortly after news of Labour MP, Jo Cox's death "Lunar C" posted the picture of Syrian illegal immigrants that Nigel Farage used in his controversial immigration poster with a comment saying "Here's a pic of me n my pals on our way to run a train on @Nigel_Farage's daughter".

"Running a train" is slang for gang rape and it isn't clear from the tweet whether he was threatening to rape Nigel Farage's 15 year old daughter or his 9 year old daughter. "Lunar C" later deleted the tweet and apologised but when Twitter users criticised him for saying he was going to gang rape a child he complained that his words were being twisted.

Labour MP says the only people who have coloured skin are people who run takeaways

Can you imagine if anyone associated with UKIP had said this rather than Labour's Wayne David MP?

Hat-tip: Guido

FTSE 100 closes at highest point in a year

The FTSE 100 closed at 6,578 points today which is its highest point in almost a year.

So much for the global economic apocalypse the Remainiacs were predicting.

French Minister confirms (again) that Calais border controls will remain in UK hands

The French Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, has confirmed once again that the French government has no intention of reversing the Le Touquet agreement that allows the French to control their border in England and the UK to control our border in Calais.

Before the referendum the Minister said that scrapping juxtaposed border controls was "a foolhardy path, and one the government will not pursue". Monsieur Cazeneuve has reiterated that commitment this week, saying:
There is no reason to call it (the agreement) into question after the vote last Thursday. Doing this would send a very bad signal. The reality is that the Touquet agreement, which allows the intervention of British forces in Calais, just as it allows French forces in Dover, is not being called into question following the exit of the UK from the European Union.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hate crime is unacceptable but police are not reporting an increase after the referendum

The media have been reporting an increase in hate crime since the EU referendum last week with the finger of blame pointed at Brexit and the Leave campaign using immigration as one of its campaign tools.

We reached out to a number of police forces via social media and have had a few responses.

West Mercia Police initially said there was a "slight increase in hate crime" but that it was "unconfirmed whether connected". They have since released a correction saying that reports of hate crime are actually slightly lower since the referendum. West Midlands Police said they "have not seen any notable increase in hate crimes since the referendum" whilst Sussex Police said they "haven't seen an increase in hate crimes reported following the EU referendum" and that there had been one incident reported to them.

This is only three police forces so it's impossible to get a full picture for the whole country but it does cover Birmingham with its large immigrant population, the rural counties of West Mercia and the leafy suburbs and villages of Sussex.

The story originally came the National Police Chiefs' Council and sections have been picked out to suit the agenda of the newspaper or news channel reporting on it. They said "there have been no major spikes in tensions reported" but there had been a 57% increase in reports of hate crime through a website that it runs compared to the corresponding 4 day period four weeks previously. This has ended up, by way of Chinese whispers and lazy and biased reporting, as being a 57% increase in hate crimes sparking an epidemic across the country. The NPCC said "This should not be read as a national increase in hate crime of 57% but an increase in reporting through one mechanism". They go on to say "This is similar to the trends following other major national or international events. In previous instances, crime levels returned to normal relatively quickly but we are monitoring the situation closely".

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said that hate crimes had increased in the capital since the referendum but Met Police haven't issued a statement to back that up. Essex Police have said they have seen an increase in reports of hate crime but a lot of those are complaining about Nigel Farage so are almost certainly part of a left wing hate campaign targeting him. We have yet to find a police force reporting an increase in hate crimes related to the referendum. We have seen a lot of reports of death threats against Nigel Farage and offensive, discriminatory comments against older people but the police don't appear to be interested in those.

Hate crimes are wrong whenever they happen and in whatever volumes but the reality is that hate crimes happen every day, they were happening before the referendum and sadly they will continue to happen in future. The EU referendum does not appear to have contributed to an increase in hate crimes despite press reports to the contrary.

FTSE 100 returns to pre-referendum levels

The FTSE 100 share index returned back to it's pre-referendum level yesterday, causing panic amongst Remain campaigners desperate for support for their campaign to overturn the result of the referendum.

Stock market jitters were expected in the aftermath of the referendum because investors don't like uncertainty. Who the Tories choose as their new leader and who replaces George Osborne when he's sacked as Chancellor will also have an impact on the stock market but the decline was lower than expected and for a shorter period of time than expected.

The big losers since the referendum have been International Airways Group (the owner of British Airways), Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey. However, analysts at Barclays warned at the start of June that IAG shares were overpriced and their outlook was uncertain because of competition from the US, stagnant economic growth in Europe and the US and terrorist attacks driving down demand. Analysts have also been divided on Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey but several have been warning that they are vastly overpriced.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What do we want?

The Tories seem to be getting a little confused about what deal they should be working towards now we've voted to leave the EU. We thought we'd help ...

No free movement of people. Not even if it's limited to free movement of workers. We have 1.7m unemployed people already living in the UK, let's get them into work before we consider opening our borders to economic immigration.

Yes to free movement of goods and services. The EU only accounts for 8.5% of our trade but tariffs aren't good for business. We want free trade with the EU and that includes services as well as goods. That also applies to passporting financial services.

We want trade deals now. We gave up our seat on the World Trade Organisation for the EU. Now we're leaving we need to take it back and get some trade deals done now. We've been marginalising our international trade partners for too long.

No TTIP. This is important. TTIP is an EU-US treaty and we want no part of it. We don't want the NHS privatised, we don't want unlabelled GM foods and we don't want American companies to be given the ability to sue the government for getting in the way of their profits. We mustn't be part of the TTIP agreement.

Ditch the EU flags. We've told the government we want to leave the EU so let's start with the symbolic gesture of removing that icon of European imperialism from our public buildings.

Visa free travel. We top the world league tables for visa-free travel alongside Germany. We don't want unnecessary barriers to travel.

Get Nigel on the team. Vote Leave couldn't even manage to keep volunteers stocked up with leaflets and posters and their army of volunteers turned out to be UKIP members. The referendum was won despite Vote Leave, not because of them. There would be no referendum if it wasn't for Nigel Farage and nobody has a clearer and more comprehensive vision of how to extricate ourselves from the EU embrace the world. The government had no exit plan and nor did Vote Leave. Instead of making it up as they go along, get Nigel Farage on the team and get it right first time.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nigel Farage's first speech in the EU Parliament since independence day

Monday, 27 June 2016

Former MEP Nikki Sinclaire fraud trial starts

Former We Demand a Referendum Now Party MEP, Nikki Sinclaire, went on trial today to answer 10 charges of fraud and misconduct brought on behalf of the EU's fraud investigation department, OLAF.

Sinclaire has been charged with misconduct in public office and transferring or converting criminal property (also known as money laundering).

Sinclaire was first elected to the EU Parliament as a UKIP MEP but was booted out of the party when she waged a divisive and destructive civil war after losing to Nigel Farage in a leadership election. She launched a sex discrimination case against the party and was awarded a default judgement after the party's lawyers missed the deadline to file their defence. UKIP was the first (and still only) party to have a transgender MEP.

The trial is expected to last three weeks.

Leaked plan for "European superstate" revealed

A German proposal to create a "European superstate" has been leaked to Polish news channel, TVP.

The proposal would see national currencies abolished, control of borders taken away from member states including the right to refuse to take in illegal immigrants from other EU member states, a common tax system and a common criminal code.

Looks like we're leaving just in time ...

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Our first 24 hours of freedom

First 24 hours of freedom and it's still hard to believe that we did it.

World War 3 hasn't started, the lights are still on and people are still inexplicably able to go to their local Tesco without a visa. In fact, I it wasn't for the endless TV coverage telling us we're all stupid racists, the constant whining on social media from Remain supporters and the democracy loving left rioting in London demanding the result be overturned because they don't agree with it, you wouldn't know that anything had happened.

David Cameron has rightly fallen on his sword and we will have a new Prime Minister by October. The CBI have decided that business will adapt to life outside the EU after all. The pound has dipped a little but is around its two year midpoint, as is the FTSE. Financial, economic and social armageddon has so far failed to materialise. Who'd have thunk it?

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Let's make June 23rd our independence day

Over the past few months I've walked miles, delivered thousands of leaflets to thousands of homes, stood out in the rain and the sunshine talking to passers by, handed out leaflets and discovered parts of my town I didn't even know existed. All to try and give people the facts they need to make the right decision in tomorrow's EU referendum.

Twenty years ago I was on the other side - a Labour voter who supported the EU, supported mass immigration and thought the UK should join the €uro. A healthy dose of real life helped me to see sense and I've been firmly in the leave camp for a long time.

We are the world's 5th largest economy, the EU's largest export market, the world's 5th strongest military power, one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and the centre of world finance. We may be small in size but we are a global economy, military and trading power.

We will not just survive but thrive outside of the EU. Our future is not shackled to a rapidly declining, bankrupt economic and political bloc but looking to the rest of the world, tapping into emerging markets and regaining our place as a global trading nation.

Don't be fooled by snake oil salesmen telling you that we can reform the EU from within, it is unreformable. Don't listen to the wormtongues telling you that we're not good enough to make it on our own. This is our one and only chance to get out of the EU and regain our freedom. I urge you to take this once in a lifetime opportunity and vote Leave and make 23rd June our independence day.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Jean-Claude Juncker says the UK will get no more changes to how the EU works

The unelected president of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has announced that there will be no further renegotiation of the UK's relationship with the EU if we vote to stay in.
The British policy makers and British voters have to know that there will not be any kind of renegotiation.

We have concluded a deal with the prime minister, he got the maximum he could receive, we gave the maximum we could give.

So there will be no kind of renegotiation, nor on the agreement we found in February, nor as far as any kind of treaty negotiations are concerned.
David Cameron is still telling the public that voting to stay in the EU will give him a mandate to keep on negotiating with the EU, making references to the things he said he was going to make them agree to but didn't. This statement from Jean-Claude Juncker nips that neatly in the bud. There will be no more change other than what has been agreed in the illegal, non-binding memorandum that was published back in February and no treaty change to make it legal and binding.

EU accelerating Turkey's EU membership application next Thursday

The EU is opening a new chapter in Turkey's membership application next week.

A UK spokesman in Brussels told Associated Free Press:
In March, all member states agreed to open Chapter 33, during the Netherlands (six-month EU) presidency. This is a technical step to implement that agreement.
David Cameron has been one of the most vocal supporters of Turkey's EU membership application and there is even a dedicated team at the British embassy in Ankara to help Turkey join the EU.

EU requires all new cars to be fitted with trackers from 2018

From 2018 all new cars sold in the EU will be required to be fitted with eCall tracking and listening devices.

The EU eCall system replaces the emergency assistance system that some car manufacturers offer which will place an emergency call to the provider if the airbags are deployed or automatically call for breakdown assistance either at the push of a button or when a serious fault is detected.

But of course the EU system goes much further. The tracker can be switched on at any time remotely, as can the in-car microphone that it will come fitted with. It will allow automatic vehicle tracking for road pricing, automated speeding fines, surveillance and eavesdropping.

Research by the Department for Transport found that the eCall system will not be beneficial for the UK and there is no clear business case for it in the UK or the EU.
In summary, while eCall might be beneficial in some countries, no clear business case has been established at a UK or a European level.
The only way to stop an EU mileage tax and protect your privacy is to vote to leave the EU tomorrow.