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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Plans for EU army to be debated a week after the EU referendum

Plans for an EU army headquartered in Germany are due to be debated on 28th June but being held back from national governments until the 24th so it can't be used to bolster the Leave campaign.

The same arrangements have been put into place for this proposal as for TTIP with limited numbers of officials being allowed to view the proposals in a locked, guarded room and having anything with a camera or recording device confiscated before they can enter.

A spokesman for the British government has said that "we will never be part of an EU army" but that wording is quite specific. They won't call it an EU army, it'll be called something else and we will be involved. The EU constitution was rejected so they renamed it the Lisbon Treaty, changed the way it delivered its payload and it was accepted. An EU army would be rejected so they'll call it something else, change the way it is delivered and it will be accepted.

The only way to avoid being forced into contributing to an EU army is to leave the EU.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

London Conservative Councillor suspended for racist comments about Sadiq Khan

A Conservative councillor in London has been suspended by his party after reportedly telling a voter that Sadiq Khan "will treat you like dirt".

During canvassing in Putney, Cllr David Dean got into a conversation with a former Conservative official who told him that he was probably not going to vote Conservative for the first time in his life. Cllr Dean then told him "as a white man ... you will be treated like a pariah in your own town. He will treat you like dirt".

Cllr Dean denies he is racist because his wife is from Cyprus.

Treasury Select Committee criticises both EU referendum campaigns

A Treasury Select Committee have criticised both the Leave and Remain campaigns for sensationalising claims made about the EU.

Whilst it is refreshing to see MPs challenging their colleagues for misleading the public - and both sides have been guilty of this to varying degrees - it's disappointing that the committee heavily criticised the Leave camp whilst letting off Project Fear with a relatively gentle chastisement.

The Remain side have been running a campaign of fear and dishonesty with the help of the British government and taxpayer-funded media yet they got away with a fairly lacklustre slap on the wrist. The committee criticised the Leave campaign in particular for the claim that the UK gives the EU £350m a week, saying that it is misleading because it doesn't take into account the rebate which it describes as a "discount".

The rebate isn't a "discount", it's a cashback deal. The rebate is calculated in arrears and our contributions go up every year whilst our rebate goes down. This year we're paying the 2016 budget contribution minus the 2015 rebate which is calculated on last year's figures. Next year we will pay the 2017 budget contribution minus this year's rebate. Every year we're paying more than our contribution should be if the rebate was applied in the year it's calculated and with such eye-watering amounts of money involved even a few percent is tens, if not hundreds, of millions of pounds.

The rebate is also not guaranteed. It is a temporary agreement that lasts for 7 years when it has to be renegotiated and a new rebate agreement approved by every member state. Tony Blair gave away a big wedge of the rebate to show what a "good European" he was along with agreeing to a taper that sees the rebate continually decrease until it eventually disappears. That's assuming the UK manages to get the unanimous agreement of all member states to continue the rebate which is increasingly less likely as the EU runs out of money for bailouts.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Religious leaders plan to exert spiritual influence over voters

Faiths Forum for London is publishing a letter in a newspaper this weekend using its spiritual influence to induce religious people to vote to stay in the EU.

Last year Lutfur Rahman was stripped of the mayoralty of Tower Hamlets after a judge convicted him of fraud, corruption and using Imams to exercise undue spiritual influence over the electorate to convince them to vote for him.

Should a judge decide that the religious leaders signing the letter are guilty of the same offence it carries a maximum penalty of a £5,000 fine and 6 months in prison.

He who pays the piper calls the tune

LobbyistEU Funding
Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)£34,780,648
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)£23,198,670
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)£14,919,492
London School of Economics (LSE)£13,933,746
Friends of the Earth£13,006,209
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)£12,392,039
Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)£5,624,925
Confederation of British Industry (CBI)£1,026,594
National Union of Students (NUS)£583,088
Trades Union Congress (TUC)£580,259
Standard & Poors (S&P)£566,362
General, Municipal & Boilermakers Union (GMB)£283,448
UNITE the Union£217,206
International Monetary Fund (IMF)£127,789
National Farmers Union (NFU)£101,723
Commercial Workers Union (CWU)£19,074
EU funding in the last nine years

David Cameron explains why were should vote to LEAVE the EU

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Operation Black Vote's uses racist poster to encourage minority vote

Operation Black Vote has taken Project Fear to a new low with a blatantly racist poster featuring a white skinhead aggressively abusing an Asian woman.

Operation Black Vote is run by pro-EU, Labour supporting occasional Guardian columnist, Simon Woolley. In the past he has defended Diane Abbott's racism, called for a temporary ban on white candidates in elections and extolled the virtues of the EU for promoting "equality".

Saatchi and Saatchi, the advertising agency that created the poster, deny that there is a racist undertone to the image and that it's about democracy but the message is pretty clear to me: black and Asian people need to stand up to the racist white people who are bullying them into not voting. I get that the see-saw is supposed to be saying that everyone's vote is equal but why is the white person the image of a stereotypical National Front or BNP knuckledragger rather than a man or woman in a suit? It's unnecessary and divisive.

Supreme Court rules ex-pats cannot vote in EU referendum after 15 years out of the country

Two ex-pats have lost their case in the Supreme Court for the right to vote in the EU referendum next month.

The pair, who have lived in Italy and Belgium for 35 and 29 years respectively, argued that denying them a vote interferes with their EU right to free movement. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that it was not a valid legal basis to challenge the law which says you cannot vote after you have lived abroad for more than 15 years.

Whilst many ex-pats will undoubtedly still take an interest in what happens in the UK, have family here and perhaps still pay some taxes here that interest doesn't - and shouldn't - translate into a right to vote. The referendum will have little to no impact on someone who has lived abroad for 15 years. Under international law they will have gained extensive rights in the country in which they now live. They can't be deported because we have left the EU, nor can they be deprived of their property. This would be a breach of international law and EU law and the EU is certainly not going to change their laws to deprive the 1.2m British citizens living in the EU of their rights when there are at least 2.2m EU citizens living in the UK.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Treasury fails to predict any major economic event but wants us to believe it can predict a post-Brexit recession

Norbert Hofer loses Austrian presidential election by less than 1%

The leader of the Austrian Freedom Party has missed out on being elected president by less than 1% of the vote.

Norbert Hofer, who leads the right wing libertarian FPÖ, took commentators by surprise by winning the first round of voting with 35% of the vote. He was ahead of his Green opponent, Alexander Van der Bellen, until postal votes were counted which (to nobody's surprise) went in large numbers to Van der Bellen.

Van der Bellen overcame a 148,200 vote deficit in polling station votes to win by 27,600 votes leading many to make accusations of postal vote fraud.

If elected, Hofer would have been the first president in an EU country to be elected on a manifesto of controlling mass immigration and a hard line on Islamisation.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Another letter to my (Senior Conservative) MP. #ShameShameShame


Another day of David Cameron and George Osborne saying what a low opinion they have of the UK, its people, its industry and its heritage - this, the country they are privileged to be the most senior political leaders of.

Their names will live in infamy for the way they have tried to talk down this country - and the Conservative party and its senior members will be judged alongside them.

At any other time, even so much as a whisper of the disrespect they have for this country and its people would have brought instant sanction, but now the Conservative party - and even the opposition - sit mute.

Can you honestly say you would have ever supported these men had they made such statements before? I hope not.

If 'remain' scrape through they may live out their shabby political careers, but there will be no glory only shame. However if 'leave' win, their names - and the name and reputation of the Conservative party - will be in the gutter, and will live there in perpetuity.

There is no good outcome for the Conservative party now - only the least worst, which has to be the removal of this pair of lord haw haws.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Perrin

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Project Fear says food prices will increase by 60p when we leave the EU

David Cameron and Harriet Harperson went to a specially evacuated Asda where they wouldn't have to meet any plebs at the weekend to tell the media that when we leave the EU the average food bill for a family of four could rise by 60p a day.

The Treasury have used the same models that have failed to predict any of the financial crises that have befallen us in the last decade to predict a worst case 12% devaluation of the pound and then, ignoring the fact that being in the EU inflates food prices, estimated that a 12% weaker pound would increase the cost of imported food in real terms by £220 per year for a family of four.

There are several things wrong with Project Fear's latest dodgy prediction. Firstly, it assumes that food prices will stay as they are rather than reducing when we leave the EU even though it is commonly accepted that the EU pushes up food prices. It also assumes that devaluation of the pound is a bad thing when a strong pound harms exports and makes it harder to sell what we produce. Devaluation of the pound would boost the manufacturing sector and help reduce our trade deficit and bring down inflation. Finally, the financial models that the Treasury uses have failed to predict any of the financial crises that we have faced over the last decade. They are completely untrustworthy and open to manipulation by Project Fear.

The truth is, food is more expensive because of our EU membership. There is so much red tape and technology involved to comply with EU regulations that our food bills are inflated by as much as 17% thanks to the Common Agricultural Policy alone.

As well as the cost of the CAP, the EU imposes a 54% tariff on dairy products imported from outside the EU, 30% on sugar, sweets and chocolate and 10% on fruit and veg. That's a tax just to get something into the EU before import duties are applied and then VAT charged on top when it's eventually sold to the consumer. As an example, if you imported 1kg of butter from outside the EU for £1 you would have to charge a consumer £2.01 for it just to cover the tax. Dairy products attract a 54% EU tariff, then there's a 12.8% import duty and then 20% VAT added on top when it's sold. To import 100 litres of milk from outside the EU at the GB dairygate average cost of £23.18 you would have to pay the EU's 54% tariff bringing it up to £35.70 and then add on £15 in import duty, bringing the price up to £50.70. That's 50.7p per litre just to buy the milk and pay the taxes without putting it in a bottle, refrigerating it or taking it somewhere to be sold.

Rather than putting food prices up, leaving the EU is likely to bring food prices down or worst case, make no difference whatsoever.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Millionaire actors, artists and politicians campaign for Remain vote to protect their grants

282 assorted luvvies, millionaire actors, artists, expats, politicians, knights, dames and largely unknown "creative industry" employees have put their names to a letter for the mad cows at the BSE campaign saying how awful it would be if the EU no longer subsidised the arts.

Like other infamous Remainiacs such as Richard Branson and Barack Obama, these millionaires and taxpayer-subsidised national treasures are completely insulated from the effects of EU membership on the UK. They spend most of their time on the other side of the Atlantic and when they pop back to their Surrey mansions and Kensington town houses they don't see groups of tracksuit-clad eastern Europeans hanging around shopping centres all day. When they send their kids to £1,000 a month private schools their education isn't suffering because teaching resources are being put into trying to educate kids who don't speak English. They don't have to worry about hundreds of thousands of cheap workers flooding the labour market driving up unemployment and driving down wages. When they get their weekly shop delivered from Fortnum & Mason (or Waitrose if they haven't quite "made it") they don't have to worry about inflated food prices. When they're squirreling their money away in tax havens they don't have to worry about taxes going up to pay for the consequences of being in the EU.

The letter says that EU funding, access to the EU market and EU freedom of movement are essential to the survival of the UK creative industry. But the EU doesn't have any money of its own, they just give away our money after wasting £1 in every 4 to fraud and bureaucracy. We also don't need to be in the EU for actors and artists to work in another country or to access the EU market. We export Bollywood stars to India and villains to Hollywood but they're not in the EU. We import soap operas from Australia and box office series from America and they're not in the EU. We have a plethora of digital TV channels from all over the world, including China, India, Nigeria and Qatar - none of which are in the EU.

We don't need to be in the EU to fund the arts, to sell our TV and art abroad or for actors and artists to come here and work. In film, TV and theatre the UK is the only major player in the EU and second only to the US on the world stage. The idea that we should shackle ourselves forever to a political project whose founding objective was to abolish the nation state and create a European Federation because some millionaire actors and political activists - many of which have received millions from the EU in grants and even appeared in a brochure advertising EU arts grants - think it'll be easier to get money out of the EU than the British government is preposterous.

Friday, 20 May 2016

More than 2.2m EU immigrants now live in the UK

Official figures have put the number of EU immigrants living in the UK at 2.2m.

With the ONS deliberately under-reporting the level of immigration in other reports the true number is likely to be much higher.

Meanwhile, there are 1.7m unemployed people living in the UK and an extra 474k people came to live here last year, most of which will be chasing the same jobs as the 1.7m unemployed people already living here.

Uncontrolled immigration is bad for the economy, it drives down wages, drives up unemployment and hits every one of us in the pocket when our taxes go up to pay the benefits bill.

RIP Cllr David Sargeant

UKIP Maidstone councillor, Dave Sargeant, has passed away.

Cllr Sargeant represented Shepway South and fought hard to improve youth facilities in the borough and opposed over-development of surrounding villages. He was leader of the UKIP group on Maidstone Borough Council.