Thursday, 21 May 2015

Desperate Mail spin 30 contracts ending as UKIP sacking half of staff

Having failed to make the coup against Nigel Farage and rift in the party leadership they made up a reality, the Daily Mail are now reporting that UKIP has sacked half its staff because Douglas Carswell won't take the full £650k a year short money the party is entitled to.

The party took on a number of staff on fixed term contracts running to the end of May to provide the party with professional support during the election campaign. Had UKIP won more than one seat in the general election then there may have been jobs for some of those people and they may have had their contracts extended. As it happens, despite securing almost 3.9m votes there is just one UKIP MP so there are no extra jobs for them to do.

It's unfortunate to lose experienced campaigners but they were employed to do a job, they've done the job and now their contract is finished. The fact that Douglas Carswell isn't taking all the short money has no bearing on the number of staff the party needs outside of a campaign or the end date on a staff contract.

Immigration increased by almost half last year despite Tory promise to get it below 100k

Despite promising to cut immigration to below 100k, immigration instead rose by 109k to 318k under the watchful eye of the Tories last year.

The announcements today about a crackdown on illegal immigrants and demands about controlling EU immigration and access to benefit for EU immigrants are just bluster. None of these things can change without treaty changes and treaty changes are off the table.

UKIP Derby group leader criticises decision to pay more councillor allowances

The leader of the UKIP group on Derby City Council has criticised the decision to pay more money out in councillors' expenses.

Cllr Alan Graves says that the council is spending money that it hasn't got at a time that it is sacking staff to cut costs.
I don't understand how a personnel committee chair can sit in front of our staff, knowing they are going to sack them, knowing they are getting extra money
The decision was made to create two new cabinet positions on the council with a special responsibility allowance and to award a special responsibility allowance to the chair of the personnel committee responsible for cutting staff.

Whenever they are able to, UKIP councillors abolish the cabinet system in councils that allow decisions such as this to be taken undemocratically and replace it with the committee system that gives all councillors an equal say on decisions.

Cllr Graves attempted to reduce the number of councillors by a third last year which would have saved a quarter of a million pounds but was thwarted when his motion to the council was illegally amended by members of the ruling Labour cabinet to remove references to cutting the number of councillors and turn it into an attack on government cuts.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Electoral Commission petitioned to remove Tower Hamlets councillors from office

One of the men who brought the case against the former mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, that saw a special election court remove him from office is taking his fight for democracy further by petitioning for all 17 councillors elected under the now banned Tower Hamlets First Party name removed from office.

Lutfur Rahman was found guilty of 7 charges of vote rigging, lying about his rivals, bribery and exerting spiritual influence during the election campaign that saw his party take control of the borough and him elected as mayor. After his conviction the Labour Party, Respect Party and Unite the Union rallied round him, describing his removal from office as "anti-democratic, anti-Islamic and racist".

Azmal Hussein has petitioned the Electoral Commission to remove the Tower Hamlets First councillors who were elected in the same corrupt election from office and call a by-election. If the Electoral Commission refuses then he intends to go to the High Court to ask a judge to remove them.

UKIP councillor is new mayor of Stocksbridge

Stocksbridge Town Council have chosen UKIP councillor Keith Davis to be its new mayor.

Why do some business want UK in the EU, others out?

The EU promise was that standardisation (the single market) would make selling everywhere in the EU as easy as selling to your neighbour. However what the EU standardisation has done is made selling to your neighbour as complicated as exporting to the other side of the world.
There are three types of business to consider regarding the UK leaving the EU:-
1) UK only businesses
2) EU only businesses
3) International businesses
Unlike continental Europe, the UK has a long history of small business and industry - the French even held us in contempt for it, calling us 'a nation of shop keepers' and meaning it as an insult. Like the USA with its numerous 'Mom and Pop' businesses acting as a cheap and easy 'nursery' for small business and startups generating income for the owners, and maybe leading to development into a much larger business.
UK only businesses have to apply full EU red tape to all their transactions - even if selling a product/service to the person next door to them. Small businesses and service companies are hugely impacted by this, business that should be simple requires huge, inappropriate administration, jumping through EU hoops in the name of 'standardisation' or 'the single market'. To start any business in the EU, you have to act like an international company from day one.
Outside the EU all the EU red tape could be scrapped, saving time and money for businesses and consumers/customers - freeing up resources to develop and expand at a sensible rate and simplifying the creation of new business in the UK, creating jobs and opportunities here.
EU only businesses - businesses that aren't purely domestic, so work in several EU countries but not outside the EU. Like domestic businesses, these companies have to comply with the full gamut of EU regulation, to trade with the EU they will have to continue to do so, so for these companies leaving the EU will not benefit them regarding administration. However as they have already jumped through the hoops to do EU trade, they have made an investment that other, new companies may not be able to -  so the EU over regulation acts as barrier to entry for competition, in this way they benefit from continued EU membership.
Outside the EU they would still need to comply with EU red-tape to trade with the EU,  so that offers no benefit, but to leave would allow UK only business to compete with them without the disadvantage of EU regulations, they may consider this undesirable.
International businesses that trade in the EU and elsewhere are already used to dealing with different regulatory compliance, to them it will make little practical difference whether one particular country is in or out of the EU. The UK's membership (or otherwise) of the EU may make a difference to them in other ways, but that will be purely pragmatic for the individual company.

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Ireland may leave the EU if the UK does

The head of Ireland's business lobby group, IBEC, has told a German newspaper that Ireland may leave the EU if the UK does.

Danny McCoy told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that the UK could become very attractive outside the EU for multinationals based in Ireland and said "I'm not so sure if EU membership would be all that important for Irish multinationals".

He then went on to tell the Irish Times:
Everybody says Britain will lose out by leaving - all based on the assumption that somehow Britain's decision to leaves would be very costly for them.

There's only one concrete example of this kind in the past. That was in relation to Britain's decision to stay out of the euro. Britain was told: "If you don't go into euro, London as a financial capital would be diminished."

This never materialised and the City of London financial market had strengthened in the period since the single currency was introduced.

So why should similar threats in relation to Brexit be as clear?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How much of your life does the EU control?

No, Suzanne Evans is not a "plotter", nor is she being "purged"

The media are trying to spin Suzanne Evans' departure as head of policy as being part of a "purge" of plotters against Nigel Farage but she's simply reached the end of her contract.

Evans was employed by the party as head of policy on a four month fixed term contract which comes to an end this month. She hasn't been sacked and she hasn't resigned, she's simply working to the end of her contract.

She has also strongly refuted suggestions that she was involved in a coup attempt against Farage and publicly backed him as leader along with Patrick O'Flynn and Douglas Carswell who the media also accused of plotting against him. The only place this coup existed was on the pages of the papers who quote unnamed "sources" as evidence of a mysterious plot that has defiantly failed to exist despite a week of media hype. Not only has the much talked about coup failed to materialise, there has in fact been almost unanimous support for Farage from the rank and file membership all the way through to the National Executive Council and our MP and MEPs.

Suzanne Evans is staying on as Deputy Chairman of the party, a position that she has held for almost a year. It's a funny purge that leaves the purgee in one of the most senior positions in the party. Speculation in the press that Mark Reckless is to replace Evans when her contract ends next week appears to be just speculation.

UKIP Lewisham candidate found not guilty of assault

UKIP's candidate for the mayor of Lewisham has been found not guilty of assaulting a Bulgarian after the CPS offered no evidence.

Peter Lello was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a homeless Bulgarian and the story was splashed over the media on election day.

Lello was found not guilty at Woolwich Crown Court on May 15th.

Patrick O'Flynn resigns as economics spokesman

Patrick O'Flynn has resigned as UKIP's economic spokesman after his efforts to oust disruptive forces spilled out into the public domain and ill-advised comments were made to the press.

O'Flynn and Farage met this morning and settled their differences with O'Flynn apologising. He remains a UKIP MEP and will play a key part in the EU referendum campaign.

Is your employer going to leave the UK if UK leaves the EU? Well, lucky you, you orphans!

Companies leaving the UK after Brindependence provide a fantastic opportunity for their UK workers and management to found new UK companies.

If you work for a company that is threatening to leave an independent UK, start writing your business plan and organising your management buyout now!

I am not a fan of state intervention, but in a transition like this there could be advantages in our transition government providing assistance for these orphaned businesses to keep them on their feet through the transfer while they get re-established as new UK companies.

There will be companies that don't make it, there will be screw ups, there will be fraud! and this all needs to be minimised (if it can't be eradicated). But it is an opportunity not to be missed.

Any transition support must come to an end, it can't be allowed to run indefinitely creating a hodge podge of virtually nationalised businesses, and state assistance can't be allowed to damage genuine private businesses. But this is detail.

Welcome to the New UK.

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UKIP Thanet councillors to compulsory purchase Manston Airport

UKIP's Thanet councillors are to proceed with the compulsory purchase of Manston Airport.

Bringing the airport back into use was a key manifesto pledge for UKIP councillors in Thanet who took control of the council in a landslide victory earlier this month.

Manston airport is a former RAF base and has one of the longest runways in the country. Reopening the airport could boost the local economy and ease pressure on London's congested airports.

Monday, 18 May 2015

UKIP councillors take key positions on Norfolk County Council

UKIP councillor, Rex Parkinson-Hare, has been unanimously elected as chairman of Norfolk County Council.

The UKIP group on Norfolk County Council successfully abolished the undemocratic cabinet system in 2013 and replaced it with the cabinet system that ensures the views of the majority are represented rather than the biggest minority.

Cllrs Toby Coke, Paul Smyth and Jonathon Childs have all also been elected as chairs and vice chairs of committees.

JCB owners and chief executive say we should vote to leave the EU

The owners and Chief Executive of JCB have said that the UK should vote to leave the EU if meaningful reforms to the bureaucracy and red tape surrounding business can't be secured.

When asked if the UK should leave an unreformed, JCB Chief Executive, Graeme MacDonald, said:
I think it would be, because I really don’t think it would make a blind bit of difference to trade with Europe. There has been far too much scaremongering about things like jobs. I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to stop trade. I don’t think we or Brussels will put up trade barriers.
Lord Bamford, the Chairman of JCB, who has donated £2.6m to the Conservatives in the last 5 years said:
We could negotiate as our own country rather than being one of 28 nations in Brussels as we are today

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