Friday, 29 May 2015

Thurrock UKIP vote against Tory mayor so Tory MP accuses group of racism

The leader of the UKIP group in Thurrock has spoken out against accusations by the town's Conservative MP that their decision to reject the Conservative mayoral candidate was racist.

On hearing that that UKIP councillors had backed the Labour candidate Cathy Kent, Jackie Doyle-Price MP tweeted:
Take the view that anyone who has served as deputy mayor should become Mayor whatever party. Bad luck to Tunde #everydayracism
Cllr Graham Snell, the leader of UKIP 13 councillors in Thurrock, has dismissed the lazy accusation of racism and explained that the Conservatives were informed on a number of occasions prior to nominating Cllr Tunde Ojetola that UKIP would not back him due to his repeated hostility toward the party. Rather than select a new candidate, knowing that Cllr Ojetola would fail to be selected, the Conservatives kept telling Cllr Snell that they hadn't selected a candidate and eventually stopped answering his emails.

There was nothing racist about the decision to back Labour's mayoral candidate and it appears that Cllr Ojetola is the victim of a pathetic attempt to give the Conservatives an excuse to call UKIP racist.

City region "devolution" means the end of England

The most important policy in Wednesday's Queen's Speech wasn't the EU Referendum Bill, it was the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill which finally marks the end of the English nation.

The British establishment has defiantly held firm on its policy of denying any recognition of the English nation and is now using the increasing demand for an answer to the West Lothian Question to break England up into artificial regions and wipe the country off the map.

The Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill will see local government in England reorganised around city regions with powers and investment sucked out of rural areas and urban areas outside of the sphere of influence of the city regions. Town hall empire builders will be able to choose to dismantle the local government system in large swathes of the country and replace it with a "metro mayor" who will have executive powers over their city region.

There will be very little decentralisation involved in the city region plan with most of their powers being centralised on the city region from local government but there will be very limited powers handed down from the British government to the city regions. Unlike in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where local government answers to their national governments, the British government will still control English local government and set an agenda that benefits the interests of Big Britishers rather than those of 50m English people.

With its economic and industrial heart ripped out, there will be very little to keep England together and we will become West Midlanders, North Easterners and Bristol City Regioners. Within a generation, English will be replaced with made-up regional identities as the British government, the BBC and the British education system unite to put the final nail in the English coffin.

City regions will never be able to compete against countries on the international stage, they won't even be able to compete against Scotland, Wales and NI within the UK. They will give the illusion of localism and prosperity but it is just centralisation on a regional scale and prosperity for cities at the expense of the rest of the country.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Racist, sexist, heterophobic "diversity officer" keeps her job

Despite over 21k people signing a petition to have her removed from office, Goldsmiths University student union are keeping their racist, sexist, heterophobic diversity officer in post.

Bahar Mustafa calls white people "white trash" and tweeted using the hashtag #killallwhitemen. She has also banned white people and men from university "diversity" workshops but says that she can't be racist because she's an ethnic minority woman.

Douglas Carswell targeted by far left extremists in Westminster

Douglas Carswell had to be led to safety by police after far left extremists targeted him outside Parliament today.

Many of the far left fascists had their faces covered with ski masks and scarves and attacked police officers who were trying to keep the peace. A 45 year old man was arrested in connection with violent disorder at a protest on 9th May, a 17 year old was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer during today's anti-democracy protest and another was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and carrying an offensive weapon.

Carswell deserves a big pat on the back for the restraint he showed when one piece of scum stood in his way saying "don't come this way fascist" and then "go on, go on, I'll f**king get ya". If he'd been stood in front of me saying the same thing he'd have ended up on his backside on the pavement.

Can you identify this violent anti-democracy protester?

Conservative councillor suspended over offensive tweets

A Conservative councillor in Kent has been suspended after telling his Twitter followers that he told a Big Issue seller to "f**k off back to Romania".
Cllr Bob Frost is a Conservative councillor for North Deal on Dover District Council. He last hit the headlines in September when a Labour colleague called for more powers for councils to hold rogue councillors to account after Cllr Frost called French people "frogs", black people "jungle bunnies" and asian people "rag heads" and "sons of camel drivers" on Twitter.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Two Red Lines - whether we are in *or* out of the EU.

If the UK liberates itself from the EU, there are many options open to the UK.

Other treaty arrangements with the EU include 'EEA' (European Economic Area') and  'EFTA' (European Free Trade Area). I have a little knowledge of what these other treaty arrangements cover, and some of the bits I do know, I don't like - I dislike them enough that they are no more acceptable than full EU membership.

...provides for the free movement of persons... adopting almost all the relevant EU legislation other than laws regarding agriculture and fisheries.
Except for Switzerland, the EFTA members are also members of the European Economic Area (EEA)
Further Switserland (the only non EEA member) is also part the EU single market (meaning EU rules apply to all products/services even if produced and sold internally) and a signatory of the Schengen Agreement allowing undocumented movement of people between members (

My Red-Lines include:-

1) UK Border Control
No entry to the UK for foreign nationals unless they have first been given specific permission. And certainly no entry for work or settlement without further qualification.

2) Domestic production/trade to be regulated only by UK domestic law, with no input from external, foreign authorities.
The UK will decide or itself it is wants to limit the power of vaccum cleaners, or sell products in metric or imperial measures etc.

Neither EFTA nor EEA pass either of these tests, so neither is an acceptable alternate should we leave the EU.

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There is no time for real renegotiation with the EU - so what was the plan - to trust a promise?

The public cannot be asked to vote on a promise that would have to be honoured by all UK governments, all EU commissions and all governments of all EU member states (and the populations of those member states if they require their own referenda), even if those governments/commissions etc change between the promise being made and it being delivered!

To genuinely change the UK's relationship with the EU there must be treaty changes (scrapping most if not all of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution).

Any 'change' that doesn't require treaty change can be reversed (or 'reinterpreted') by the EU commission at any time.

However there is no way that any serious treaty change could be made in the time that David Camerons's Conservatives have allowed.

A treaty change requires the unanimous consent of all EU members - and some of the members require their own referenda on treaty changes(!).

So, in truth, all that Cameron can offer will be a *promise* of change - and the UK public will go into a referendum voting on whether they really understand what has been promised (how often has a politician said one thing, done the opposite and claimed they didn't 'lie' the public just misunderstood?) and even if they do believe they understand, voting on whether they believe it will ever be delivered (by the UK government, the EU commission and all EU member governments).

For the referendum to be meaningful the treaty changes must be in place, the UK must have its 'new relationship' already in place, and then the public vote on 'in/out'.

The public cannot be asked to vote on a promise that would have to be honoured by all UK governments, all EU commissions and all governments of all EU member states (and the populations of those member states if they require their own referenda), even if those governments/commissions etc change between the promise being made and it being delivered.

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France and Germany agree ever closer union in response to Cameron's demand for an end to ever closer union

France and Germany has agreed to further integrate €urozone countries, making a mockery of David Cameron's demands for an end to the doctrine of ever closer union.

Not only have they gone behind his back and agreed to enhance and accelerate ever closer union, they will be announcing the detail of their deal at the same EU summit Cameron will be using to present his list of renegotiation requests.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Tories announce people not eligible to vote in EU referendum won't be eligible to vote in EU referendum

The Tories are madly spinning that Dave has put his foot down and shown he's serious about an EU referendum by announcing that only people eligible to vote in parliamentary elections will be allowed to vote in it.

This is a propaganda at its finest because there was no suggestion that citizens of other EU countries would be allowed to vote in the referendum prior to this announcement. In fact, it's a reasonable expectation that only people who are eligible to vote in national elections would be allowed to vote in a national referendum. In one press release the Tories have both created and fixed a problem that didn't exist until it was written!

#EURef what does #EUIn and #EUOut actually mean?

There is no option to stay in the EU as it is today - The EU is on the fast track to become a singe country. In/Out is a choice to dissolving the UK and becoming a small part of that country, or leaving the EU and the UK continuing as one of the words top 10 independent nations.

The UK is to have an in/out referendum on its EU membership.

These options will be presented as staying in meaning staying as we are vs leaving and undergoing some significant changes.

However this is not the case. What people must be made aware of is where the EU is already heading since the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution was signed. This treaty passed huge powers from EU member states to the government of the EU - the unelected government of the EU - the EU Commission.

The Lisbon treaty has already legally transferred these powers, but they are so wide ranging it will take many years for the EU commission to have all the institutions, systems and people in place to actually take these powers on...

The EU as it stands is already destined to change immensely, change as set out in the Lisbon treaty. The EU is to effectively be a single country with a single government, single army, navy and air force A few changes have been made, a few are being made, but many, many more are planned, agreed and signed up to.

There is no option to stay in the EU as it is today - The EU is on the fast track to become a singe country. In/Out is a choice to dissolving the UK and becoming a small part of that country, or leaving the EU and the UK continuing as one of the words top 10 independent nations.

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

UKIP Bournemouth East are preparing for the EU Referendum Campaign already!

I got this email:

We in UKIP Bournemouth East have decided that it is imperative to keep our shop open in Pokesdown to use as a hub for this campaign, but to do this we need funds. One of our members has kindly donated a months rent (£450) which gives us a good start.

Whatever you can donate is going to make a difference. Our bank details are: UKIP Bournemouth East sort: 30-92-02 account no. 02617223. Alternatively cheques made payable to UKIP and addressed to David Hughes, 73 Lowther Rd, Bournemouth BH8 8NW with ref: GBO (Get Britain Out).

Thank you for your support,

I spoke to the local branch in Bournemouth and they are keen for this resource that is already set up etc to be used as a resource for themselves and surrounding branches/areas etc - both for UKIP and the wider campaign to get an 'out' vote in the referendum.

Friday, 22 May 2015

UKIP councillor appointed Mayor of Ramsgate

UKIP councillor Trevor Shonk has been appointed Mayor of Ramsgate.

Cllr Shonk's nomination was unopposed at last night's meeting of Ramsgate Town Council.

Thirteen of the 16 councillors on the town council are UKIP councillors.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Desperate Mail spin 30 contracts ending as UKIP sacking half of staff

Having failed to make the coup against Nigel Farage and rift in the party leadership they made up a reality, the Daily Mail are now reporting that UKIP has sacked half its staff because Douglas Carswell won't take the full £650k a year short money the party is entitled to.

The party took on a number of staff on fixed term contracts running to the end of May to provide the party with professional support during the election campaign. Had UKIP won more than one seat in the general election then there may have been jobs for some of those people and they may have had their contracts extended. As it happens, despite securing almost 3.9m votes there is just one UKIP MP so there are no extra jobs for them to do.

It's unfortunate to lose experienced campaigners but they were employed to do a job, they've done the job and now their contract is finished. The fact that Douglas Carswell isn't taking all the short money has no bearing on the number of staff the party needs outside of a campaign or the end date on a staff contract.

Immigration increased by almost half last year despite Tory promise to get it below 100k

Despite promising to cut immigration to below 100k, immigration instead rose by 109k to 318k under the watchful eye of the Tories last year.

The announcements today about a crackdown on illegal immigrants and demands about controlling EU immigration and access to benefit for EU immigrants are just bluster. None of these things can change without treaty changes and treaty changes are off the table.

UKIP Derby group leader criticises decision to pay more councillor allowances

The leader of the UKIP group on Derby City Council has criticised the decision to pay more money out in councillors' expenses.

Cllr Alan Graves says that the council is spending money that it hasn't got at a time that it is sacking staff to cut costs.
I don't understand how a personnel committee chair can sit in front of our staff, knowing they are going to sack them, knowing they are getting extra money
The decision was made to create two new cabinet positions on the council with a special responsibility allowance and to award a special responsibility allowance to the chair of the personnel committee responsible for cutting staff.

Whenever they are able to, UKIP councillors abolish the cabinet system in councils that allow decisions such as this to be taken undemocratically and replace it with the committee system that gives all councillors an equal say on decisions.

Cllr Graves attempted to reduce the number of councillors by a third last year which would have saved a quarter of a million pounds but was thwarted when his motion to the council was illegally amended by members of the ruling Labour cabinet to remove references to cutting the number of councillors and turn it into an attack on government cuts.

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