Monday, 27 February 2017

Theresa May - Tyrant in Waiting.

  • A 'remainer' becomes Prime Minister to take the UK out of the EU.
  • A 'Conservative' Prime Minister get plaudits for supporting Big Government Socialism.
  • A PM leading Brexit decides to incorporate all EU law into UK law as we leave.
  • An absolute failure as a protector of UK borders leads immigration control.
  • Having overseen a man imprisoned and dying over 'bacon on a mosque', and not acted on the rapes of 1400 little girls by a 'muslim community' - she now leads 'anti terrorism'.

Tyrants do not gain and keep power just by their own efforts - it requires a set of overwhelming circumstances that make their authority all but enevitable, often despite thier own actions. Tyrants come to power because it seems there could have been no other way.

Theresa May has been in government since the first days of the Conservative rule - first in coalition with the now defunct Liberal Democrat party from 2010, and then as a Conservative only administration since 2015. Before she became Prime Minister in 2016 (following David Camerons ignoble rush from office once his Brexit referendum went against him) she had been Home Secretary, one of the Great Offices of State.

As Home Secretary Theresa May had an long record of repeated failures on many projects but sometimes with an eventual success. For instance, taking many, many years and costing many millions of pounds to deport terrorist. Among some she had a reputation for doing, very, very little and doing it very, very slowly - often put down to a 'control freak' streak of wanting to consider every single possibility and doing so personally.

Theresa May's most notable failure was on migration for which she was responsible as Home Secretary. All through her tenure she made speeches saying that migration to the UK was too high by orders of magnitude (it was hundreds of thousands and should at most be tens of thousands), and on each occasion giving guarantees that she would fix the issue and had plans and tools in place. Of course on each occasion she failed to fix the issue, migration figures growing ever higher in just about every year she has been in government.

Her dishonesty is highlighted by her later admission that she could not control EU migration while the UK remained a member of the EU (so she had knowingly been lying when she promised to reduce the figures), but worse even the non-EU migration figures (of which she did have control) rose under her rule. So she lied about what she could do and then lied about what she actually did too as well. To compound this all, when the EU referendum was called she declared her support for remaining in the EU - so wanting to ensure that she never could control migation to the UK.

That Theresa May a plodding, single threaded operator who has failed and lied and wanted to remain in the EU, that she has become the Prime Minister to lead the UK out of the EU is a demonstration of the 'circumstances' I referred to at the start of this piece. Looked at without prejudice she would be one of the last people suited to this job, but somehow has taken it.
Other marks of her tyranical streak are given in relation her support for Big Governemnt Socialism and her position on Human Rights.

As the leader of the 'Conservative' party, she got plaudits for calling for Big Government intervention in social issues - the antithisis of everything that a Conservative would appear to want. That she could not only say this, but get her party cheering her for it is another demonstration of the 'circumstances' I referred to at the start.

For Theresa May's record on human rights, one demonstration is her 'snoopers charter', - It is to long to examine fully here (do a websearch for it) but it makes ISP's responsible for recording all of their uses internet activity (your activity) and then gives just about every civil servant access to those records on demand - so don't go upsetting any state bod, they have access to it all. While such officiousness is more typically Conservative, the additional budern of the admin and its cost is not.

Also on human rights, and more seriously, Theresa May is planning on taking it upon herself to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, and implement a British Bill of Rights. This is wrong headed on many levels:

Firstly the ECHR is designed to protect the public from an over-reaching government, clearly we cannot trust the government to protect us from itself - it would never consider its own actions wrong, so would never act against itself to protect us, this rules out the government writing any replacement and rules teh government out of administering any replacement.

Secondly, the British way is not to give people rights/permission, it is for individuals to be free and for the Government to be restrained - a bill of rights should (like the American Constitution) set out what government is permitted to do (starting from an assumption of nothing), not what people are permitted to do, so banning anything not specifically permitted.

But despite all this Theresa May is riding high in the polls - she is more trusted (by quite a way) than any alternative - this is where Tyranny comes from.

An independent UK is at risk of being led by a leader as bad, nast, officious and authoritarian as De Valera was in taking on an independent southern Ireland, and the SNP would be taking on an independent Scotland.

Under Theresa May, tyranny awaits.

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Sir Gerald Kaufman MP dies

The father of the house, Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, has died aged 86.

After a number of failed attempts Kaufman was elected as MP for Manchester Ardwick in 1970 and held the seat until it was abolished in 1983 when he won the seat of Manchester Gorton.

Kaufman was a member of the Labour Jewish movement but was a vociferous critic of the Israeli government's occupation of Palestine and its treatment of Palestinians.

Labour has a massive majority in Manchester Gorton with Kaufman increasing his vote share by 17% at the last election. This big Remain-voting seat will be way down UKIP's target list but with local and mayoral elections being held in May there is likely to be a very long by-election campaign to educate voters.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Lib Dem candidate tells Shneur Odze being an Orthodox Jew makes him unsuitable to be Manchester Mayor

UKIP's candidate for Manchester's metro-mayor, Shneur Odze, has been told by Lib Dem candidate Cllr Jane Brophy that he shouldn't be allowed to be a candidate because he's an Orthodox Jew.

Cllr Brophy took issue with the fact that Odze is unable to shake the hand of a woman due to his observation of Orthodox Judaism. She told a hustings that he was unsuitable for the mayoralty because of his religion.

It is an unusual religious observance in this country but it is a religious observance nonetheless. If Cllr Brophy was invited to the local mosque would she refuse to cover herself up? If she was invited to a gurdwara would she sit on the men's side of the Diwan Hall? Of course she wouldn't. So what is it that makes those religious requirements something she can tolerate but not Shneur Odze's?

If politicians are going to allow someone's religion to influence their morals then they need to be consistent. You either respect all religious intolerances or none of them.

Aaron Banks demands to be made party chairman

UKIP's second largest donor, Aaron Banks, has made yet another threat to stop supporting UKIP if he doesn't get his own way. This time he wants to be made Chairman so he kick Douglas Carswell and others who disagree with him out of the party.

Banks hasn't made a cash donation to UKIP for 3 years and according to Paul Nuttall last week he isn't even a member of the party yet he still thinks he can use his money to try and get his own way. If he wanted a say in how the party is run he should have stood for election to the NEC.

Should donors be allowed to rewarded with influential positions in the party?


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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Another Conservative councillor defects to UKIP in Spelthorne

A fifth Spelthorne Borough Councillor has defected to UKIP following Thursday's defection of four other councillors.

Cllr Kevin Flurry joined UKIP yesterday after the Conservative group leader kicked him out of their group. He becomes the fifth member of the new official opposition UKIP group on Spelthorne Borough Council.

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Four Spelthorne Borough Councillors defect to UKIP

Four councillors publicly defected to UKIP at a meeting of Spelthorne Borough Council on Thursday.

Conservative councillors Denise Saliagopoulos and Joanne Sexton and independent councillors Quentin Edginton and Penny Forbes-Forsyth used Thursday's council meeting to make their announcements and laid the blame squarely at the feet of the Conservatives.
We cannot tolerate the way in which Spelthorne Borough Council is now being governed by the Conservatives, which we consider to be undemocratic, lacking in transparency and against the interests of our residents.
Back in 2014 a Spelthorne Conservative councillor was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and a few months later the Conservative leader of Spelthorne Borough Council hit the deadlines for laughing during a speech by the father of a 7 year old boy killed in floods. Then in 2015 the Conservative administration voted to allow a Conservative councillor living in India to keep his seat even though he should have been barred for not attending meetings for 6 months. It's a wonder that only two of their councillors have defected!

The Spelthorne UKIP group will now replace the Lib Dems as the official opposition on Spelthorne Borough Council.

UKIP Spelthorne

Colwyn Bay Conservative councillors defect to UKIP

Two Colwyn Bay Conservative councillors have defected to UKIP.

Cllrs David and Lindsay Griffiths currently represent the Llandrillo yn Rhos and Eirias wards on Colwyn Bay Town Council but defected to UKIP this week. They said they were impressed by the determination and ambition of UKIP and how members are more involved in the local party.

Both councillors will contest Conwy County Borough Council seats in May for UKIP.

Friday, 24 February 2017

English Democrats regional leader Steve Uncles convicted of election fraud

The south east of England regional leader of the English Democrats has been convicted of 9 counts of electoral fraud and is facing a prison sentence.

Steve Uncles invented people to put forward as candidates for the 2013 local elections, even writing up fictitious personal profiles for them. When he was caught he made up a story about it being a plot by UKIP to discredit him. As well as making people up he forged signatures for people who do exist.

He has been granted conditional bail with a curfew and told to put his affairs in good order because he's probably going to prison.

Boeing to invest £120m in new facilities in Sheffield and Lossiemouth

Boeing is building a new £20m manufacturing facility in Sheffield to build complex wing parts for their 737 and 777 airliners.

The multinational aerospace company is also building a £100m facility at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland as part of a £5bn contract to service the RAF's fleet of Apache helicopters.

In March last year Boeing committed to locating its new European headquarters in London regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

Still no sign of Project Fear's 3m job losses ...

Boeing plant sheffield

Lidl announces 360 new jobs as part of multi-million pound investment in Scotland

German supermarket chain, Lidl, is creating 360 new jobs in North Lanarkshire with the opening of a new Scottish regional distribution centre.

The discount retailer is moving its Scottish headquarters from Livingston in West Lothian along with 400 existing jobs to the Eurocentral industrial estate in Holytown.

This follows Lidl's announcement in December of a £1.5bn investment in a new headquarters in Kingston, a new distribution centre in Southmpton and 250 new stores in London.

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Labour hold Stoke and Tories win Copeland

Labour retained Stoke Central and the Conservatives gained Copeland in yesterday's by-elections.

The Labour vote held up despite a low turnout for postal votes and their candidate being a misogynistic Remoaner with anger issues. The illegal religious campaigning by muslim Labour supporters will have helped no end, as will the campaigning by the trade unions who have offices in Stoke. But the biggest two factors are probably the terrible weather discouraging voters from turning out on the day and the dirty tricks campaign waged through the left wing media against Paul Nuttall. His response to the dirty ticks campaign - or more likely his staff's response - did him no favours but there's really very little anyone can do to counter the likes of the Guardian, the Independent and the Huffington Post when they're prepared to lie and deceive to undermine the democratic process.

In Copeland UKIP were pushed into fourth place after the Conservatives pulled off a historic win to become the first incumbent government in nearly 40 years to win a parliamentary by-election. In Copeland the Labour Party's negative campaigning was directed at the Conservatives rather than UKIP with one leaflet claiming that children would die if the Conservatives won.

The Electoral Commission surely has to act soon to regulate partisan political campaigning by these organisations to prevent them having such undue influence over elections. It's one thing to endorse a candidate or party and another thing entirely to engage in dishonest negative campaigning against a rival.

The results were both disappointing but it's worth remembering that Stoke Central was 72nd on UKIP's target seat list. If it wasn't for the size of the Leave vote in Stoke it would have been written off as a dead loss. What we've learnt from these two by-elections is that a Leave vote doesn't equate to a UKIP vote. These were the first by-elections UKIP contested following the referendum and it's something to be reflected on. What it absolutely doesn't mean is that Paul Nuttall is a failure as either a candidate or the leader of the party.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Latest figures show Nigel Farage was right on Romanian and Bulgarian immigration

Nigel Farage has been vindicated once again with the release of the latest immigration figures showing record immigration from Romania and Bulgaria.

Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria was up 19k over last year at 74k. Net immigration for the year was 273k so that 74k accounts for 27% of total net immigration to the UK.

When Nigel Farage warned of tens of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians moving here he was derided by the left, accused of racism and called a fantasist. Those left wing politicians, newspapers and hate groups that attacked him seem strangely reluctant to admit he was right and apologise for the vitriol that they directed at him just a few years ago.

The focus in the media is on net immigration which has fallen by 49k and the fact that more EU citizens came here than non-EU for the first time. Very little attention is given to the possibly more important statistic of gross immigration: an estimated 596k people. Gross immigration is an important statistic because it highlights the degree of displacement of the incumbent population.

Last year we received enough people to fill a city the size of Southampton and Havering combined whilst 128k British citizens (roughly the population of Exeter) left the UK. That's nine immigrants moving here for every two British citizens that left the country last year. How can we assimilate and integrate that many people? How can we embrace and adopt parts of their culture like we did after the Windrush generation arrived here when they come in such numbers that their culture replaces rather than compliments our own?

The UK undoubtedly benefited from immigration before it spiralled out of control. We treated immigrants badly by today's standards back in the day but they worked hard, earned the respect of their neighbours and a great many success stories came out of it. The West Midlands is the curry capital of the world with chefs coming from India to Birmingham to learn the craft. Who'd have predicted that 60 years ago? Some of our most successful sportsmen and women are the descendants of those original immigrants from the Caribbean. Black men and women as English as warm beer and spotted dick - an idea that Alf Garnett would have laughed at. We integrated and adopted the immigrant population as our own and they became part of our society but things are different now than they were 60 years ago and that's a real shame because it will take decades to undo the damage that uncontrolled immigration has done to community cohesion.

If you don't vote UKIP in Copeland and Stoke Central then nothing will change

Voters are going to the polls today in Stoke Central and Copeland in two hugely important Westminster by-elections.

Stoke Central is, of course, the big one where 7 out of 10 people voted to leave the EU and the Labour Party have decided to stand a sexist, potty mouthed, Remain-supporting councillor from Suffolk as their candidate. UKIP's new leader, Paul Nuttall, is the UKIP candidate to replace Labour's Tristram Hunt as MP Stoke Central.

But let's not forget Copeland where UKIP's Fiona Mills is hoping to cause an upset in a seat that has been held by the Labour Party for almost a century. Contesting a by-election on the same day as the UKIP leader means you're never going to get the publicity or resources but a strong third is expected nonetheless.

As Einstein may or may not have said, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Voting for the same people and parties means nothing will ever change and every election they win is an endorsement for their failed policies. Labour and the Conservatives have been letting down Stoke, Copeland and the whole country for more than a century, it's time for change.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Stoke man charged with 8 terrorist offences

A man arrested in Stoke on suspicion of terrorist offences has been charged with 8 terrorist offences.

Kamran Sabir Hussain has been charged with 6 offences of publishing statements that could encourage terrorism 2 of encouraging support for ISIS.

The charges relate to Hussain's sermons at a mosque in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.

He will appear before Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Luton Labour councillor suspended for praising Hitler and calling for Iran to nuke Israel

A Labour councillor in Luton has been suspended after comments glorifying Hitler and calling for Iran to wipe Israel off the map were found on her Twitter account.

Aysegul Gurbuz's tweets date back to 2011, before she was elected as a councillor. She described Hitler as the "greatest man in history" and called for Iran to build a nuclear weapon to "wipe Israel off the map".

Cllr Gurbuz claims that other people had access to her Twitter account and that one of them must have posted the tweets in her name but has resigned nonetheless.