Monday, 14 April 2014

Most Mirror readers want Nigel Farage as Prime Minister

The Mirror ran one of their usual articles slagging off Nigel Farage and UKIP following an appearance on Have I Got News For You but got more than they bargained for when they attached a poll to the article asking readers who they would rather have as the next Prime Minister.

Even the readership of the Labour-supporting Mirror want Nigel Farage running the country, with only 15% wanting Ed Miliband, 6% wanting David Cameron and a measly 1% for Nick Clegg. As many people (21%) wanted someone else as Ed Miliband and David Cameron combined.

British government censors Brexit essay author

The prize-winning author of an essay on the UK's exit from the EU has been censored by the British government.

Iain Mansfield works as Director of Trade & Investment at the British embassy in Manilla wrote the essay - which says that the UK economy will be £1.3bn better off outside the EU - for an IEA competition that was looking for the best analysis of a post-EU UK to inform the debate on our membership. Mansfield won the €100k prize but was banned from conducting any interviews and ordered to take down his blog on economic affairs, even though he had obtained permission for both.

The LabLabCon rely on misinformation and scare tactics to convince people that we have to stay in the EU. They claim that 3m jobs will be lose if we leave the EU even though the research they quote said 3m jobs were linked to free trade with the EU, not membership of the EU. They claim that without unlimited EU immigration we would run out of doctors and nurses and people to do menial jobs even though we have over 3 and a half million unemployed people already living here. They claim that the EU is responsible for half a century of peace in Europe despite there being a constant stream of conflicts, civil wars, invasions and even genocide throughout the EU's entire existence.

Mansfield has been "locked down" because the europhile British establishment is scared of people getting the facts and undermining the cosy conspiracy of misinformation and complicity that prevails in the three old parties and throughout the civil service.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tory councillor: When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it

A Tory councillor on Cheltenham Borough Council has compared developers dictating how much affordable housing they're willing to build to being raped.

In a debate about plans to build 30k houses in Gloucestershire, 77 year old Cllr Barbara Driver said "There is a saying and I am going to say it: When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it".

Three official complaints have been made about Cllr Driver and the council have launched an official investigation. Cllr Driver has apologised but refuses to resign.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

NUS vote to run political campaign against UKIP

The National Union of Students has voted to openly oppose UKIP at its conference.

Jack Duffin, the Chairman of UKIP's youth wing, Young Independence, says he is disappointed because it will alienate the students who are involved with UKIP and call it "bizarre, pathetic posturing". He's not wrong but the NUS is worse than bizarre and pathetic, it is an out-of-touch breeding ground for left wing extremists and Labour politicians.

In February the Telegraph took the NUS to task, describing them as "loony anarchists". The president of the NUS hasn't even been to university and some of the officers aren't even students. The NUS is seen as a stepping stone to becoming a Labour MP and those who cheered the news of Margaret Thatcher's death at their last conference are the ones who will no doubt rise through the ranks quickest.

Like all socialist organisations the NUS doesn't represent its members, it is a platform for left wing extremists that allows Labour to conduct arms-length campaigns of intimidation, violence and vandalism masquerading as grassroots protests.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Three defections to UKIP in Havering

The Conservative Mayor of Havering has defected to UKIP, losing overall control of the council for the Conservative Party.

Cllr Eric Munday is joined by two other former Mayors, Cllrs Lynden Thorpe and Peter Gardner, who recently left Havering Conservatives for UKIP and have been sitting as independents. This makes UKIP the third largest group on the council with 7 members, ahead of Labour and behind the ruling Conservatives and Residents' Group.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wolverhampton Lib Dem Councillor defects to UKIP

The former Lib Dem mayor of Wolverhampton defected to UKIP yesterday.

Picture: Express & Star
Cllr Malcolm Gwinnett was elected as leader of the three member Lib Dem group on Wolverhampton City Council in May last year but was deselected to fight for re-election after the local party decided to bring their selection process forward to coincide with his heart transplant operation.

Cllr Gwinnett said that the Lib Dems are out of touch with local people on subjects such as immigration and the HS2 white elephant. His defection leaves the Lib Dems with just two councillors on the city council with an expected wipe out in the elections next year when their seats are up for grabs.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Farage destroys Clegg in EU debte

Tonight's EU debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage was even better than last weeks with a cool, calm and collected Farage wiping the floor with a discredited, desperate Clegg.

Clegg made very few attempts to defend our membership of the EU, spending most of the hour-long debate making bizarre personal attacks on Farage.

The post-debate polls say it all:

YouGov: 68% Farage, 27% Clegg

Guardian: 69% Farage, 31% Clegg

Sky News: 76% Farage, 24% Clegg

We'll leave you with Nigel Farage's final words from the debate: Come and join the people's army. Let's topple the establishment who got us into this mess.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

It's almost time ...

Monday, 31 March 2014

UKIP now stand before two paths - and we must choose wisely

The drawbridge for a progressive Ukip is being lifted - so run for a leap

It has become clear to me that there is a silent battle taking ground in Ukip, between those who look to the past and those who look to the future. It’s now that the Party must decide its destiny – and I must say; only one option will provide Ukip a longstanding future. Party membership may have risen steadily over the years, but as days pass we lose excellent contributions because they believe that the party is not going the right way – and it rightly isn’t, with a group of boring old-Tories possessing greater influence in Ukip.

The fact is, no one joined Ukip to comply with the establishment; actually the complete opposite. Many of us are proud anti-establishment folk, seeing our leaders as relatively unaccountable, ineffective and inward looking spineless men who believe they can tamper with the country’s traditions and culture however they wish. The main reason I, like many, are in Ukip is because of the “I will not support the LibLabCon - I will not obey” mentality, which is a fair enough mentality. Like when an establishment politician explains that we should not support Ukip because they are a ‘smaller party’ and consequently has no future in British politics, it’s like a slave, who wants nothing more but freedom, to be told that he or she will never get hold of that freedom. Thankfully, we are getting strong determinism to see change; and many of the determined are currently being accommodated by Ukip, but the Party leadership must ensure that they are stuffing the pillows sufficiently.

Many activists are not finding comfort on the pillow, like I’ve heard from many in Young Independence. This is ultimately because the Party is currently taking the ‘love it or hate it’ approach, and as much as this may secure ground among boring Tories and some Old Labour, it’s not enough to secure the electoral success we hope for in the 2015 General Election. The 'bunker reality' is that only a Ukip talking about development, expansion, curry and the Commonwealth can really pierce into unknown territory. Moreover, it would prove significant to steal the far-left’s mantra  that the EU robs workers of their rights and centralises businesses with the multi-national cooperations, with their full-hearted dedication to this project going way back – because it does. And the fact is many joined the Ukip of the small man, the small business, the pub and so on. There are some overly nationalistic forces in the party which project mixed messages to the wider population, and could even come out as some dodgy Isolationism.

But we should be the party of the Global Britain – that’s where the money is. Goodbye to the shackles of EU laws and regulation and hello to a Britain freely trading with the world and establishing special ties with the Commonwealth, perhaps even establishing closer economic and military relationships in the long run. What the people of Britain really want to hear is that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the party of the world and everyone is invited*. The three main parties have ruined the party and British want a fresh alternative to be the DJ – a DJ that will probably play Rule Britannia and the James Bond theme tune quite often.

If Ukip manifest itself as the true progressive party of British politics, like the SDP-Liberal Alliance did in the 80s, anything is possible. But the difference is This is a party which has grown from the people and have a natural instinct to provide what the people want – and that’s a Britain men and women of all backgrounds can call home. So fix up Ukip. In 10 years we don’t want Ukip to be added to the list of grassroots political movements that eventually slipped over their own oil. In one sense, we are a party of proud opportunists, because we were blessed with an opportunity we should never neglect: to make a change for the future, not the past.

*very strict terms and conditions apply

Hope not Hate launch anti-UKIP leaflet for trade unionists

Fake charity Hope not Hate are selling an anti-UKIP leaflet marketed at trade unionists as part of their trade union funded political campaign against UKIP.

The leaflet comes a year after Hope not Hate asked readers of their UKIP attack blog if the supposed anti-fascist organisation should target UKIP even though the party isn't fascist and concluded that there was no mandate to do so. According to their accounts lodged with the Electoral Commission, tax dodging Hope not Hate is funded almost entirely by trade unions with most of their big donations coming at election times for political campaigning.

Earlier this month Hope not Hate sent out an email begging for money to pay for their anti-UKIP campaign. Presumably there wasn't enough money left from the donations after paying Nick Lowles' salary because they're charging prospective pedlars of hate £20 +P&P for 1,000 copies of their propaganda leaflet.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

New King Coal

The prospects for our natural resources providing Britain with an almost unlimited amounts of energy seem to just get better and better. News of potentially huge discoveries of coal beneath the North Sea that could potentially power Britain for centuries (H/T our very own dear Roger Helmer's twitter feed).

Shale gas....Coal.....Oil...even Thorium...we have potentially a wonderful new age of secure, cheap energy at our fingertips. Properly managed and with bold local devolution of resource rights, we could use this to power an industrial renaissance and rebalance our economy away from London and the South East.

How depressing it is that we are stuck with our effete, blinkered and timid Political Class, still infected with all the sanctimonious hypocrisy of "green crap", busy masturbating their MetroLib egos and polishing their CV's as the opportunities continue to slip through our fingers.

How depressing that they lack the guts to devolve mineral rights to individuals or at least local councils who could use them to rebuild local economies far more effectively than a greedy Treasury who will see them all as a short term cash-cow and squander then as assuredly as they squandered North Sea oil.

How depressing that we are stuck in the EU, with it's vested interests in outdated Uranium nuclear technology, leaving Norway and China to go for the much safer and much more plentiful Thorium option.

We will never be free to fulfil our potential as a nation until this wretched Political Class is utterly destroyed. Let us redouble our efforts to do precisely that.

Ukraine: A Sinister Method To The EU's Madness?

Ever since Nigel Farage's incendiary - and absolutely accurate - allegation during his LBC debate with Nick Clegg that the EU had blood on it's hands over Ukraine, we have had a predictable playground level of response suggesting that it shows that Farage - and by extension probably UKIP - supports Vladimir Putin's regime.

Granted, a few brave souls, most notably James Delingpole, has rallied to Farage's defence and pointed out the idiocy of the EU's actions in trying to bring Ukraine into it's orbit: after all, anyone who knew anything about Russian history and it's paranoia of encirclement would know how it would respond even in the most benign of circumstances, let alone when the country still feels wounded and humiliated after it's defeat in the Cold War.

However, a far more interesting question is: why the hell did the EU do it?

Those fews commentators who have bothered to look at the situation have concluded, perhaps correctly, that it is simply a mixture of vanity and arrogance. The EU's quasi-religious fervour towards the European ideal simply blinded it to the manifest dangers involved.

Another probably equally valid interpretation is the desperate need to keep forward momentum: with progress towards economic and monetary union currently stalled thanks to the grotesque consequences of the Euro, EU grandees may have reckoned that the need for progress in at least one area, enlargement, was paramount unless the whole project would start to slip into reverse. So blindly fanatical is the EU in support of it's goals that it would risk confrontation with Russia just to keep the ideal alive.

All perfectly plausible, but isn't there also a case that some kind of limited confrontation with Russia would suit the EU's purposes extremely well?

The fundamental flaw concerning the European project is, of course, the lack of a common European identity. In the immortal words of Enoch Powell: "Europe can never be a democracy because there is no European demos". 

Sooner or later the EU will have to address this fundamental flaw if the EU is to survive: somehow, we must all begin to think of ourselves as Europeans. A gradual introduction of European propaganda into schools and media may work, but only over the very long term. Instead, wouldn't it be easier to unite the people against a common enemy? It's a very old and successful trick, to be sure: Britain was cemented as a concept, for example, by it's constituent Protestant nations'  common fear of the continent's Roman Catholicism.

Here Russia fits the bill perfectly: it is geographically close, it's regime unquestionably sinister and it is just powerful enough to be seen as threatening but not powerful enough to make antagonising it not worth the candle. Moreover, there is still a widespread fear and hatred of Russia, particularly in the EU's eastern european member states, that stems from the memories of Soviet communism. 

Other potential enemies arguably don't work nearly so well. The far more real threat of militant Islam is simply too dangerous too confront, given the potential for sectarian conflagration that could result in scores of European cities. America is extremely powerful but a liberal democracy which no one seriously imagines has military designs on Europe. China is too geographically distant and is militarily still puny despite it's growing economic clout.

So a Russian bogeyman works best, but could it still really be the case that the EU would be so reckless, and so cynical, to deliberately poke the Russian bear with a stick? 

In life, it is generally best not to believe conspiracy theories, and to suggest that the EU's primary motive for it's idiotic Ukrainian policy was to resurrect the Russian bogeyman may well be going too far. Then again, the construction of the European Union has been a giant conspiracy against the people from the start. One cannot entirely rule out the idea that the EU did factor in the benefits, as well the risks, of provoking Russia into taking action against Ukraine, and moved accordingly.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

DUP Cllr John Montgomery defects to UKIP

DUP Councillor John Montgomery has defected to UKIP, criticising the DUP for being "dictatorial".

Cllr John Montgomery
He was welcomed into the party by Cllr Henry Reilly and David McNarry MLA.

Cllr Montgomery sits on North Down Borough Council and will seek re-election this year as a UKIP candidate.

UKIP now has two councillors in Northern Ireland and one member of the Stormont Assembly and hopefully UKIP's increasing presence in the province will help to drive the normalisation of Northern Irish politics and bring about an end to sectarian politics.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Farage put Clegg in his place last night

Last night's LBC leaders' debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg went brilliantly for Nigel with every opinion poll showing that he won the debate hands down.

The media were desperately spinning for Clegg last night but even the Guardian and Huffington Post - both avowedly anti-UKIP publications - had to agree that Farage put Clegg in his place and emerged as the most credible of the two.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to the debate last night then the good news is you can watch the whole thing on YouTube and we heartily recommend that you do because it'll show you why Cowardly Cameron and and Meek Miliband were too scared to debate Nigel Farage.

The Lib Dem press office have been trying to spin the results of the YouGov snap poll by cherry picking comments by YouGov's boss Peter Kellner about the audience for their poll having a disproportionate number of UKIP supporters to suggest that the odds were stacked against Nick Clegg. Guido points out that what they forgot to pick out of Kellner's comments was the bit where he said that if they hadn't adjusted the figures to take into account the UKIP bias then instead of 57% of respondents saying that Nigel Farage won the debate against Nick Clegg's 36%, it would have instead been 65% to 25% in Farage's favour.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Clegg -v- Farage tonight on LBC

You can watch the debate live on the LBC website, listen to it on LBC radio and follow it on Twitter with the #LBCDebate hashtag.

The poll on the LBC website asking who's going to win the debate currently says 77.3% Nigel Farage, 22.7% Nick Clegg.
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