Saturday, 18 February 2017

Two men arrested in Stoke on suspicion of terrorism

The police have taken time out from their busy schedule of harassing people for being English to arrest two men in Stoke on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

The men were arrested as part of a counter-terrorism operation which also saw three men arrested in Birmingham and a number of properties in Birmingham and Stoke searched.

Campaign for an English Parliament told English flag and anthem are offensive by Stoke police

Two police officers in Stoke have told the Campaign for an English Parliament's Eddie Bone that the English flag might offend some of Stoke's "diverse population".

The CEP have been driving their customised flatbed truck with advertising hoardings calling for an English Parliament around Stoke throughout the election campaign. The truck was pulled over this week by two police officers who told Bone that the English flag calling for an English Parliament and playing Jerusalem might be offensive to some people.

Despite the exchange being videoed, Staffordshire Police are claiming that Bone was only pulled over so officers could speak to him about loud music playing from the truck.

Bone has made a formal complaint to Staffordshire Police over the incident whilst UKIP's Home Affairs spokesman, Jane Collins, said " would like to ask the police what they could possibly view as offensive about a hymn and a flag which is used across the world not just in England".

Paul Nuttall is a long-time supporter of an English Parliament and published a policy paper a few years ago calling for devolution for England. He used his first speech as UKIP's candidate for Stoke Central to call for an English Parliament to represent England's interests.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Stoke Labour activist illegally exerting spiritual influence over Muslims

The Chairman of Hanley Park Residents Association and Stoke Labour activist, Navid Hussain, has been illegally exerting spiritual influence over Stoke's Muslim community to secure their votes for Gareth Snell.

Hussain has been sending text messages, Whatsapp messages and posting messages on Facebook telling Muslims that they will go to hell if they vote for UKIP which he describes as an anti-Muslim racist party.

This has echoes of Tower Hamlets where the Tower Hamlets First party told voters they would go to hell if they didn't vote for their man. They won the elections but a special election court removed their mayor and councillors, banned them from standing for election again and struck the party off the register. If Labour sociopath Gareth Snell wins then Hussain's actions are grounds to annul the election and force it to be re-run.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tim Farron draws in just 11 supporters in Stoke

So, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron went to Stoke today to support their candidate, Dr Zulfiqar Ali. They even found some old "Lib Dems winning here" posters. More posters, in fact, than the 11 Lib Dem supporters who turned out to greet their spiritual leader. There are more people collecting leaflets from the UKIP office on a weekday lunchtime.


YouGov poll finds Labour now has less working class support than UKIP

A YouGov poll for the Times has revealed that UKIP has more support amongst working class voters than Labour and is only 10% behind Labour overall.

The poll highlights just how far Labour's support has declined nationally with the Tories the most popular party amongst working class voters with 39% supporting them. UKIP is the second most popular party amongst working class voters on 23% and Labour trailing in third with 20% support. Overall, the Tories are sitting on 40% for a general election with Labour trailing a distant second on 24% and UKIP in third on 14%.

It gets worse for Labour because even though Jeremy Corbyn is hugely unpopular with voters, experts believe that replacing him would do very little to shore up the Labour vote with the party fatally divided between the hard left Corbynites and the middle class Blairites who want social justice for all as long as someone else is paying for it.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Labour supporting journalist describes UKIP voters as bike stealing toe-rags

Labour-supporting former BBC and Channel 4 journalist, Paul Mason, has described UKIP voters as "toe rags" who would steal your bike.

In a speech at a Novara Media event alongside the Green Party's London Assembly Member and suspected domestic extremist Sian Berry, he said of UKIP voters "They are toe-rags, basically. They are the bloke who nicks your bike".

When his embarrassed audience failed to greet his comments with rapturous applause he ploughed on regardless: "No, seriously, that’s who it is, it’s the bloke who does all the anti-social things who are made into heroes by Thatcherism and they kind of got sidelined".

Mason says he is planning to hit the campaign trail in Stoke to help Gareth Snell which should do wonders to galvanise the UKIP vote.

Labour's Gareth Snell tells Paul Nuttall to "sod off to where he came from"

Labour's candidate for the Stoke Central by-election, Gareth "I'm still a Suffolk boy at Heart" Snell, has taken some time out from abusing journalists and Tories to have a pop at Paul Nuttall, telling him to "sod off to where he came from".

Of course, if Paul did decide to "sod off to where he came from" it would be a relatively short 40 mile trip up the road from Stoke to Merseyside. If Gareth Snell decided to take his own advice and "sod off to where he came from" he'd be looking at a 178 mile journey back down to Stowmarket in Suffolk which he only left around 5 years ago to get himself onto the waiting list for what was (at the time) a safe Labour seat.

I'm not sure that ranting like that other Labour fascist, Oswald Mosley, is the way to win an election but Labour seem to have forgotten how to do anything but scream abuse and attack their opponents.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Labour supporters admit to assaulting UKIP supporters in Stoke

Breitbart have a video of Labour-supporters admitting to assaulting UKIP activists in Stoke.

Can you identify the fascists in this video? If so, please get in touch so the offenders can be brought to justice.

SNP select IRA terrorist sympathiser as Glasgow council candidate

The SNP have chosen an IRA supporter as a candidate for the upcoming local elections in Glasgow this May.

Allan Casey praised the IRA and Sinn Féin on Facebook and glorified IRA terrorists whilst describing the soldiers who killed two IRA terrorists "undercover SAS scum". In another post he wrote "fuck the Brits, remember bloody Sunday".

The SNP make no secret of their dislike of the English or British but selecting an IRA terrorist sympathiser as an election candidate is a new low.

Casey, who is an assistant to Ivor McVee MSP, has now deleted the offensive posts and locked down his Twitter account.

Merlin Entertainments plan new Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham

Europe's largest entertainments group, Merlin Entertainments, is planning a new Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham if the city council approves their plans next week.

Legoland Birmingham will be only the fourth Legoland Discovery Centre in Europe, the other three being Manchester, Berlin and Oberhausen. Merlin expect to create 40-50 new permanent jobs with the new attraction alongside seasonal workers.

Those 3m job losses Project Fear told us would be caused by Brexit still haven't materialised yet.

Legoland Discovery Centre in Mancester

Paul Nuttall forced out of his Stoke home by Labour activists

Paul Nuttall has been forced to move out of his Stoke home for safety reasons after being targeted by warm and cuddly Labour supporters trying to break into his house, wandering around his garden, taking pictures through the windows and posting hate mail through his letterbox.

The police have taken their usual stance toward the safety of UKIP representatives targeted by fascists which is to pretend there isn't a problem. Nigel Farage asked for a police security detail after a series of physical and verbal attacks on him, his family and his home but was refused. Now Paul Nuttall is being threatened the police won't even step up patrols in the area.

It's sad that Labour supporters are so intolerant and predisposed to violence and harassment but until they learn how to behave like decent human beings, the police need to step up and protect their victims.

UKIP gain Tendring District Council seat

UKIP won an important by-election on Tendring District Council on Thursday to bring the local UKIP group within one seat of the ruling Conservatives.

Cllr Mike Bush took the previously independent-held seat of Great & Little Oakley and brings the tally to 22 UKIP councillors. The Conservatives are clinging to a precarious grasp on power with 23 councillors.

Mike BushUKIP21636.8%+14.1%
Andy ErskineConservative17129.1%+1.5%
Robert ShephardLabour11719.9%+5.5%
Matthew BensilumLib Dem8314.1%+14.1%

Friday, 10 February 2017

Gareth Snell's potty mouth

Here's a selection of tweets from Labour's "local man" for Stoke Central, Gareth "I'm still a Suffolk boy at heart" Snell. Such an articulate and well mannered person, just what Stoke needs in an MP.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

English Democrats regional chairman Steve Uncles will be tried in his absence for electoral fraud

The Chairman of the English Democrats Party in the south east of England will be tried for electoral fraud in his absence this week after failing to attend court to defend himself.

Steve Uncles is well known in political circles for his personal attacks on opponents and generally offensive and obnoxious personality. Many a pint will be consumed in celebration if this stain on humanity is finally convicted.

Uncles has been charged with 10 counts of electoral fraud relating to the 2013 local elections. He allegedly submitted false nomination papers for 7 non-existent people. Despite one of the fake candidates - Anna Cleaves - having the house that was demolished to build his own as her address on her nomination papers he claimed at the time to have been the victim of a dirty tricks campaign.

The prosecution will present their case tomorrow in his absence.

McLaren invests £50m in new purpose built facility in Sheffield

More terrible news for the economy: McLaren are investing £50m in a new facility in Sheffield to produce chassis for its new supercar.

The new facility is expected to be completed by 2020 and create 200 new jobs. It will be the first purpose built facility McLaren have built outside of their Austrian campus.