Saturday, 18 April 2015

Fodder for thought!

These have been quite popular on twitter, so thought I'd circulate them - cut paste, and post anywhere you think it might be good for UKIP!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Opposition Leaders' Debate

Nigel Farage put in a superb performance on last night's opposition leaders' debate on the BBC in the face of an extremely biased audience.

Farage got the first applause of the debate but it quickly became clear that the cheering and applause was largely reserved for the SNP, Greens, Labour and even Plaid. At one point Farage said that the audience was biased and was met with heckling from the audience and an unexpected admission from David Dimbleby that the audience had been "carefully selected" by a polling company to reflect the political balance of the panel which was, of course, all socialist with the exception of Nigel Farage.

It's a little difficult to get any real meaning from Survation's snap polling after the debate because of the presence of the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon who is only relevant in Scotland but whose Tory bashing and magic money tree economics made her very popular. It's clear that Nigel Farage came out very well from the debate, even with the SNP skewing things, it's just not possible to tell how well because of the inclusion of the Scottish and Welsh nationalists. What we needed was an England-only leaders' debate like the Scottish and Welsh only debates they're having in Scotland and Wales but the BBC would never do that.

Although Farage did very well in the polls he would undoubtedly have done better if it was an England-only panel and only people in England were surveyed. The Survation and other polls make interesting reading but they were a bit irrelevant.

UKIP, 5,000,000 votes 1 MP - SNP with 1,000,000 votes 45 MPs.

Not sure I need to add any thing on this blog post - the image says it all.

The figures are approximate from polls etc - but the underlying message is 100% clear - our democracy is broken. The UKIP vote will be about the size of the entire Scottish electorate! But that will still probably lead to UKIP getting one or two MP's while on one fifth of that vote SNP are expected to get over 40 MPs.

As long as voting is based on geographic regions having support focused in specific areas rather than spread will give an unfair advantage in getting representation. This will be true even with an alternative method of counting votes (like AV - which was rejected in a nation wide UK referendum a few years back).

Changing the way MPs are selected (moving away from or adding to the geographic element) has some merit - there used to be non-geographic constituencies so it is not a totally new idea.

However PR (proportional representation) is not a solution. PR means you are voting for a party - not a person - if your candidate is not elected your vote goes towards supporting the party - which basically means supporting the party leader. How would you feel if you voted for a decent local candidate who didn't get in then their party leader used your 'mandate' for some nonsense your candidate would have opposed tooth and claw?

I believe 'liquid democracy' is the way forwards (in one of its various forms) - you don't 'elect' a representative, you simply have the right to nominate a proxy for your vote in parliamentary divisions. Each 'MP' votes with the weight of the proxy's they have been given - you could give different people your proxy for different issues - so Farage on EU matters, someone else for devotion matters etc - and at the end of the day, if you really want, you can vote yourself, directly if you so wish.

But right now, if this result comes to pass and one million (rabidly pro EU and anti English) Scots get to decide the government of the UK, while many times that number of UKIP supporters get almost no representation at all there is going to be a revolution.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

UKIP Manifesto 2015

Suzanne Evans launched UKIP's 2015 manifesto today with a surprise gift from the president of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, whose office confirmed that there will be no renegotiation of EU treaties until 2019 at the earliest, putting paid once and for all to David Cameron's promises of a renegotiation by 2017.

UKIP's manifesto has been incredibly received, not least because it is the first time a party has had their manifesto independently assessed for economic sense rather than marking their own homework. UKIP's manifesto has been inspected by the Centre for Economics & Business Research, an organisation that provides independent economic forecasts to business and government.

There were some unexpected policies in the manifesto such as an intermediate 30% tax rate for earnings between £45,300 to £55,000, stopping companies from offshoring their profits to avoid paying tax, no means testing of free TV licences or winter fuel payments for pensioners and abolishing the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.

I started to pull out the best bits (in my opinion) from the manifesto but Suzanne did such a great job, the best bits turned out to be most of it so rather than reinventing the wheel, you can either read the summary on the UKIP website or download the full manifesto.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Conservative former leader of Cambridgeshire County Council defects to UKIP

Former leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, Nick Clarke, has defected back from the Tories to UKIP.

Clarke was a UKIP parliamentary candidate many years ago who defected to the Conservatives and went on to become leader of the council. He lost his seat in the 2013 local elections when UKIP routed both the Conservatives and Lib Dems, taking 12 seats on the council.
UKIP has the clarity of vision and drive to sustain the Britexit argument over the longer term, not just for one election, or one referendum but for much longer if necessary.

This is absolutely necessary if we are to protect our way of life for our children and our grandchildren.

In my lifetime the UK population has been in the 40 millions. Today according to  the ONS figures it is 64m and rising. In 2012 we had 498,000 long term migrants resulting in net migration of 158,000. Where does it end.

UKIP celebrate migration. Attracting the very best people from around the world is a great thing.
But unrestricted migration from the EU is a bad thing, placing sever demands on our public services and needing ever more houses to be built.

We need a points system like Australia. To  get this we need to leave the EU. This is not about race, creed, sex, politics but about numbers. Our small island is filling up.

Cambridge would benefit from a points based system allowing the very best to study here, from around the world, and then go on to stay and run successful companies.

But it is not just about Europe.

I'm Frustrated with the Conservative party – A feeling that the political classes based in London are increasingly out of touch with real people.
You can read the rest of his very eloquently put reasons for joining UKIP on his blog.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Three Lib Dem councillors defect to UKIP

Three Lib Dem councillors in Somerset have defected to UKIP.

Cllrs Adrian Dobinson, Sharon Snook and Derek Tanswell will stand for re-election to Somerset County Council, Mendip District Council and Frome Town Council next month as UKIP candidates.

Cllr Dobinson, who will lead the UKIP group on the council, said:
The Liberal Democrat group is dysfunctional and unable to co-ordinate an opposition group on the council, let alone run the council if it should win.

Mendip is an appallingly-run council and we have been shocked at some of the things we are uncovering in the council.

Bradford East candidate Owais Rajput assaulted at hustings

UKIP's Bradford East parliamentary candidate, Owais Rajput, was assaulted at a hustings at Bradford Cathedral last night.

Owais Rajput was at the hustings to support Harry Boota, UKIP's candidate for the neighbouring Bradford West constituency. He was verbally abused and then physically assaulted. Rumours have been circulating on social media that the attacker was from the Respect Party but an eyewitness has identified him as a Labour Party activist.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

English Democrats candidate defects to UKIP

An English Democrat candidate in Kettering has defected to UKIP.

Kevin Sills has represented the English Democrats at a number of elections but realised that he wants "our country to be free and independent and now realise that UKIP offers the best pathway for this ambition".

The English Democrats switched from supporting an English Parliament within the union to English independence a couple of years ago. At one time they had a very active membership in the north of England and were able to secure the mayoralty of Doncaster with Peter Davies. A huge influx of BNP members and a significant lurch to the far right drove Davies and most of their active campaigners out of the party.

The chairman of the English Democrats, solicitor Robin Tilbrook, launched a vexatious defamation case against me for a blog post written on Bloggers4UKIP calling the English Democrats racist in light of the influx of BNP members into the party. The case was thrown out as it made no reference to him, either express or implied. At the time he called it "a technicality". The judge called it the law. His number two, Steve Uncles, is currently awaiting trial for 10 counts of election fraud relating to last year's local elections where a number of fake candidates and false nominations were submitted, including one that supposedly lived at the house that was demolished to build the house he currently lives in.

Kevin Sills joins a long line of former English Democrats who have joined UKIP and will be seeking election under the UKIP banner this year.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Welsh Labour candidate's racial abuse hypocrisy

A Welsh Labour candidate has been exposed as a racist hypocrite after calling on a Plaid Cymru opponent to resign over remarks he made 14 years ago.

Labour's candidate for Ceredigion and Cardiff councillor Huw Thomas called on Plaid candidate Mike Parker to resign over an article he wrote in 2001 comparing rural Wales to the American mountains "inhabited by a sprinkling of paranoid conspiracy theorists, gun-toting Final Solution crackpots and anti-government obsessives". Thomas said "There should be no place in our politics or our society for such divisive and hateful language".

However, it turns out that Huw Thomas was responsible for a torrent of racial abuse in 2006 against English people, calling for cars bearing English flags in Wales to be vandalised and describing people who have English flags as chavs, simpletons and casual racists.

Swale Conservative borough councillor defects to UKIP

A Conservative borough councillor in Sheppey has defected to UKIP.

Cllr June Garrad has become "disillusioned" with local politics under the Conservatives and had decided not to stand for re-election. She then spoke to her local UKIP branch and realised that "things didn't have to continue in the way they were".

Local councillors putting their residents before party, without a party line controlling the way we vote, and seeking to win discussions through good arguments rather than simply forcing votes through by use of a party whip.

It is an exciting and democratic approach to local politics that is totally missing at the moment, and has encouraged me to stand again under the Ukip banner.

Cllr Garrad is standing for re-election as a UKIP candidate next month.

Internet trolls attack UKIP candidate Colin Mair

The UKIP parliamentary candidate for Louth & Horncastle, Colin Mair, has been targeted by fraudsters who have set up a fake Twitter account and website to post offensive material in his name.

Party officials have managed to get the Twitter account suspended but taking down the website is taking longer.

There is evidence that this is the work of convicted internet troll and former Conservative Party activist, Joshua Bonehill-Paine who was recently spared jail after being convicted of malicious communications and harassment.

Chairman of Waveney District Council joins UKIP

The Chairman of Waveney District Council has joined UKIP.

Cllr Peter Collecott made the announcement yesterday and is standing for re-election as a UKIP candidate in May.

Cllr Collecott is a popular councillor in his ward of Ouleton and well respected on the district council. He was voted Chairman of the council for the third time in 2013 which is unusual for an independent. He has been a councillor since 1975.

Labour caught out in Thurrock

With the UKIP campaign gathering momentum, Ed Miliband's candidate resorts to some distinctly unorthodox methods to try and shore up their shrinking vote.

She hadn't expected a canvassing team headed up by our Parliamentary candidate to uncover the truth

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Don't make our heroes beg for more

I spent most of today following Jill Seymour and Nigel Farage around the West Midlands to campaign against HS2, support UKIP in Cannock and then watch the unveiling of UKIP's defence policy at Himley Hall near Dudley.

We started the day in Marston in Staffordshire, a village that will literally be ripped apart by HS2. I saw first hand the impact that HS2 is going to have on our green and pleasant land. The farm that we met at is going to be cut in half by the railway line. The farm buildings are going to be knocked down and the farm house will be no more than 100 yards from the track. The lovely big house over the road is going to be demolished.

UKIP's new anti-HS2 ad lorry supporting the +STOP HS2 n alliance
I can't remember which candidate this car belongs to but it's certainly a statement!

The turnout in Cannock was fantastic. Loads of encouragement from local residents and when Nigel Farage arrived he was mobbed by supporters. He made a sharp exit when a couple of known Hate not Hope agitators were spotted and who can blame him after the physical attacks he's received at the hands of HnH thugs?

After Cannock it was on to Himley Hall for UKIP's defence policy announcement with Paul Nuttall, Bill Etheridge, Nigel Farage and Mike Hookem. Most of the guests were former armed services personnel and Mike Hookem received a standing ovation.

You can find details of UKIP's new defence policy on the UKIP website or just read the salient points from our Twitter feed for today.

Sorry, Dave, Most Of Us Are Never Coming Back

Agent Cameron has been turned! After years of acting as our best recruiting sergeant, our intrepid hero has decided to stop driving Tories into the arms of UKIP. He has decided he is, after all, a true conservative, and he wants those of us in UKIP who were once Tory supporters (by no means a majority of Kippers) to return to the Tory fold.

It might be a bit more convincing if Cameron had apologised before an election came around for the continuous stream of insults and condescending attitudes we have had to put with down the years of his time as Tory leader: now it just adds further insult to injury - as well as being 'pretty strange people' and 'closet racists' etc he plainly thinks we are just stupid to believe so transparent a ploy.

The thing is, for most of us who were once Tory supporters it wasn't an overnight decision, or the result of one issue such as gay marriage. It was a slow realisation down the decades stretching to times way before Dave and the Cameroons took power that the Tories really weren't interested in the issues conservatively-minded people cared passionately about: the family, the nation etc. Protection of these institutions should be the bedrock of any truly conservative offering, but the Tories had not only nothing to say on them and more often than not actively undermined them.

We slowly realised that the Tory party was nothing but 'an Old Whore', as the Tory historian and diarist Alan Clark once described them: far from being truly conservative, it's primary driving force is it's sense of entitlement to office and the preservation of elite power, at all costs.  A Vicar Of Bray that more often than not just goes with the flow in return for a quiet life and a guaranteed place at life's top tables: economically socialist after WWII, Thatcherite in the 80s, now fashionably MetroLib - tomorrow it will be something else again.

The truth is we like our new home. Unlike the reactive, cynical culture of the Tories, for all it's faults UKIP is brave, principled and driven. For those of us not to the manor born, it feels much more like home than the Tory party ever did.

Thanks for the offer Dave, but we can not "come home". We are already there.
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