Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Richard Branson outs Jeremy Corbyn lying about "ram-packed" train

Comrade Corbyn released a video a couple of weeks ago of him sitting on the floor at the back of a Virgin train from London to Newcastle.

The train was "ram-packed" according to the man of the people and shows why rail services should be privatised.

Unfortunately for Red Jez, Virgin trains have CCTV and Richard Branson took a personal interest. Virgin have released CCTV stills showing Jeremy Corbyn and his entourage walking through a half empty carriage of unreserved seats to shoot his video before taking seats 15 minutes later with the help of a member of staff.


Germans told to stockpile food and water in case of terrorist attacks

A "civil defence" plan is to be put before German ministers which advises citizens to stockpile 10 day's worth of food and drink for use in a national emergency.

The plan says that Germany is unlikely to face a "conventional" threat but a major security threat couldn't be ruled out so civil defence measures are necessary.

Germany, France and Belgium have suffered from a number of terrorist attacks since Angela Merkel invited an unlimited number of illegal immigrants to Europe. ISIS has used the open invitation to send terrorists into Europe who have then gone on to carry out attacks on the continent including bombings, shootings and knife and axe attacks.

There won't ever be another "conventional" war again where two countries make a formal declaration and the armies of one country fight the armies of another and civil wars are no longer confined to national borders. We are at war now, we've been at war for years and we'll be in a permanent state of war for decades to come at least.

A century ago there would now be a country called by Islamic State, their leaders would have been legitimised, their borders fixed and their leaders would be tied up with internal power struggles and international diplomacy. But now that military imperialism isn't acceptable any more western governments are trying to bring back a status quo that they undermined with the removal or serious weakening of the authoritarian leaders that were keeping the likes of ISIS at bay.

When your government is telling you to stockpile food in case of an attack from terrorists that they're knowingly allowing into the country it's time for a new government.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Racist MP Diane Abbott spent most of her charity's money on a party

Racist Labour MP, Diane Abbott, spent £29k of her own charity's money on a a party and just £2k on good causes according to accounts that she tried to withhold.

Abbott was threatened with £6,500 in fines if she didn't submit accounts for the Diane Abbott Foundation as well as a possible criminal prosecution. She eventually submitted the accounts for 2014 which show a £35k income and just £2k of it spent on good causes with £29k spent on a party in the Houses of Parliament.

The Diane Abbott Foundation is supposed to make awards to disadvantaged black boys to help them "achieve their dreams". The £35k in donations came from city law firm, Linklaters, which MPs have named as being "culpable" for the collapse of BHS and pensions company Prudential, which is facing strike action from its staff over a plan to outsource jobs to India. Diane Abbott didn't donate any of her own money to her charity.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Corbyn supporters change rules to allow violent conduct

Jeremy Corbyn's stormtroopers, Momentum, have dropped a non-violence clause from their code of ethics (£), leaving the door open for violent revolution.

During the Labour leadership election last year Jeremy Corbyn's supporters orgainsed themselves into the trade union-sponsored Momentum, a bizarre personality cult which has grown up around Red Jez. Until now they've kept the nasty side of their movement fairly low key - threats and lobbing bricks through windows - but now they've dropped their official ban on using violence in the name of "self defence".

The whole Momentum movement has echoes of the early days of the Nazi Party and this tacit endorsement of violence during campaigning will no doubt worry law enforcement agencies as much as the non-Corbynites.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

EU propaganda agency claims Team GB's medals

One of the EU's propaganda agencies have been widely slated for claiming the Olympic successes of member states for the EU in a medals table featuring the European Union in the top spot.

If the EU competed in the Olympics that would be quite an impressive tally but take Team GB's record medal haul off the EU and add it to the rest of the Commonwealth and the EU drops to second place.

Both medals tables are equally meaningless but the EU pales in comparison to the Commonwealth.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Rabbi stabbed in Strasbourg by Muslim shouting "Allahu Akhbar"

A Jewish man, identified locally as a Rabbi named Mr Levy, has been stabbed by a Muslim man who shouted "Allahu Akhbar" as he attacked him.

French police have said that the attack isn't terrorist related and ... wait for it ... the attacker "has a history of mental illness".

The standard response now to Islamic terrorism is to dismiss it as mental illness and it's not only farcical but dangerous to do so. Islamic terrorism is a very real danger and it needs to be taken seriously. Attempting to cover it up by describing every terrorist attack as the actions of a mentally ill person fools nobody and sends a message to Islamic extremists that no matter what they do there will be no wider consequences, no restrictions on their ability to import terrorism and radicalise.

UKIP win back majority in South Thanet by-elections

UKIP candidates took another two seats on South Thanet District Council in by-elections yesterday to secure a working majority again.

The council has been UKIP-controlled since last year's local elections although infighting over Manston Airport saw some UKIP councillors form an independent group, losing UKIP's overall majority. Last night's victories means 29 out of 56 councillors are UKIP, giving the party back its working majority.

As well as the district council wins, UKIP candidates won two vacant seats on UKIP-controlled Ramsgate Town Council which now has 11 UKIP councillors out of a total of 16.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Latest unemployment figures prove Project Fear wrong AGAIN

Figures out today show that unemployment is down, the number of people out of work and not looking for work is down and the percentage of working age people in work is at a record high since records began in 1971.

Project Fear told us that the economy would tank if we voted to the leave the EU, that millions of jobs would be lost and that companies would abandon the UK in droves. Instead, we see fewer people out of work, companies making big investments in the UK and investors putting their faith in our future prosperity.

If things are going this well during a period of economic instability and political uncertainty caused by David Cameron's refusal to plan for Brexit then just imagine what it's going to be like when there's an actual plan and some firm answers on our relationship with the EU and the rest of the world.

Sorry George, did you have something to say?

Nathan Gill resigns UKIP whip in the Welsh Assembly

Nathan Gill has resigned from the UKIP group in Welsh Assembly and will sit as an independent AM.

He made the decision to resign from the group after weeks of infighting which almost resulted in him being expelled from the party but group leader Neil Hamilton's reaction points to the root of the problem.
We'll have to do our best to survive without him - we don't see him much in the assembly so I don't think well notice much difference
There is a time and a place for hardballing rebellious members and this is neither the time nor is the Sennedd the place. Having won the EU referendum, we need to be showing voters that we are the party that can make Brexit happen and happen right. With the pointless infighting in Wales, the shambolic leadership election and a string of ridiculous decisions by the NEC we appear to be anything but competent.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Labour avoided tax on £4.3m profits last year

Today's personal attack on Bill Etheridge MEP is unacceptable

The invasion of +Bill Etheridge MEP's privacy by his ex-girlfriend today is not acceptable.

Lorraine Chew posted a picture of Viagra with a box showing that it had been prescribed to Etheridge on Twitter, accusing him of having an affair. She later deleted the picture along with tweets endorsing his rivals in the leadership campaign.

Bill is thick skinned but it was a very personal attack on him and goes far beyond what elements of their personal life a public figure should be expected to accept being made public. No matter how upset you are with someone, this sort of behaviour is unacceptable and the press should certainly have recognised that this simply was not a matter of public interest and shouldn't have been given the oxygen of publicity.

Jonathan Arnott withdraws from leadership election

Jonathan Arnott has withdrawn from the leadership election, saying that he could only finish second at best and urged fellow candidates to step down and reduce the number of candidates to help maintain some unity in the party.

Arnott's withdrawal leaves Bill Etheridge, Diane James, Elizabeth Jones, Lisa Duffy and Phillip Broughton still in the running.

Despite failing to attend any of the leadership hustings events organised by the party and listing her own leadership tour, Diane James remains the favourite to replace Nigel Farage. Her decision to go it alone with the hustings has attracted some criticism from members who have described it as disrespectful.

FTSE 100 & 250 approaching record highs

The FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 share indices are racing towards record highs, demonstrating strong investor confidence in the UK.

Despite the Bank of England's best efforts to derail the post-referendum boom, the FTSE 100 finished up 25.17 points at 6,941, fast approaching its record high of 7,089 points in April last year. Similarly, the FTSE 250 finished up 7.89 points at 17,929 which saw a record high in May last year of 18,192.

In a further show of confidence in the economy, the Bank of England failed to meet the bond buyback target it set itself because investors don't want to sell them. The BoE's latest intervention was to create £1.17bn of free money and use it to buy back bonds but they didn't bank on investors being reluctant to sell their bonds and ended up more than £50m short of their target.

The pound will increase in value as time goes on but at the moment the weak pound is a good thing. The Bank of England is pursuing a policy of devaluing the pound (hence it magicking £1.17bn out of thin air) to drive up exports and attract foreign investment. What we sell costs about 10% less to buy in the major currencies since the referendum which increases demand. This in turn creates jobs and new businesses as well as increasing the profile of UK goods and services around the world. Higher prices for imported goods means that it becomes cheaper to buy domestically produced goods and services which again creates jobs and new businesses. The weaker pound is putting us on a much stronger footing for when we eventually leave and the uncertainty of Brexit negotiations is behind us.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

British government guarantees funding for farming and science

The British government have announced a funding guarantee for science and agriculture to protect organisations and businesses in receipt of funding via the EU after we leave.

The EU makes money available to farmers and landowners via the EU Common Agricultural Policy. It pays them to farm certain things, not farm certain things and sometimes not to farm at all. They pay out about £3bn a year in susbsidies with the big money going to the largest and wealthiest landowners who can claim more than £1m each for their extensive land holdings.

Scientists and researchers can apply for funding from a pot of money called Horizon 2020 which mainly funds scientific research. Again, the big money goes to the large multinational corporations, pharmaceutical companies and prestigious universities.

The Treasury says it will guarantee to match and continue funding secured via the EU for the duration of the funding agreement as if we were still EU members for applications made before the autumn statement. Plans for future funding going forward will presumably be included in the autumn statement.

Because the EU redistributes more than half of what we pay in to its budget to other countries, the Treasury is able to guarantee current funding levels with a surplus that could be used to improve public services, reduce taxes or provide state aid to protect strategically important industries which is illegal under EU law. All the Leave campaigns - UKIP included - said that this sort of arrangement should be expected once we'd voted to leave and here it is. The Remainiacs said that farmers and scientists would be abandoned and driven to bankruptcy without EU handing our money out to them. They were wrong.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Welsh members will decide Nathan Gill's fate

Nathan Gill has been given a temporary reprieve by the NEC over his double jobbing as an AM and MEP. He will be allowed to keep both jobs until the membership in Wales are given an opportunity to vote on the matter.

The NEC had previously issued an ultimatum to Gill, instructing him to stand down from either the Welsh Assembly or the EU Parliament or face expulsion from the party. He refused as the only person left on the UKIP list who isn't now an AM resigned from UKIP to campaign against the Welsh Assembly meaning that his replacement as an MEP would either be someone who isn't a UKIP member any more or would have to be chosen in a by-election at a cost of about £5m to the taxpayer.

In deciding to refer the decision to the membership it would appear that the NEC want to be seen to be addressing complaints that they aren't involving the membership in the decision making process. It's a shame that it's taken a campaign to remove them all from office to remind them that they're working for the members and not the other way round.

I have every confidence that Welsh members will back Nathan Gill and appreciate the value that being an MEP can bring to Brexit planning in the Welsh Assembly in a way that the NEC apparently can't.