Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Labour MEP says people from white, rural backgrounds are racists

I came across a video today of a speech by UKIP MEP Louise Bours in the EU Parliament and the rather bad-tempered reaction to it from Labour's Julie Ward MEP.

Normally I would just chuckle to myself at the silly reaction of the Labour MEP but one thing that she said actually offended me. After listening to the video again I felt compelled to send her a message.
Dear Julie,

In the interests of full disclosure I will first tell you that I am a UKIP councillor in Shropshire but I hope you won't use this as a reason to avoid addressing my concerns about your comments in the EU Parliament about the artists co-operative you are involved with.
It works every summer with young people from across Europe using arts and culture as a means of bringing young people together so that they will understand why it's important that we are together, not apart and the young people who take part in these things have come from a white, rural monoculture you might think that they would be racist, that they would have opinions about their neighbours which are negative.
I grew up in Much Wenlock. You may have heard of it as the birthplace of the modern Olympics and it lent its name to one of the London 2012 mascots. Much Wenlock is a white, middle class rural town. There were two half caste girls who went to my school and for most of my childhood they were the sum total of my exposure to other cultures. When I was 14 or 15 a black family moved in to our street. They weren't there for long but we got on well with them while they lived there. This was the first black person I had ever spoken to. When I started working at the age of 17 whilst at college I had my first encounters with Asian people. This was my white, rural, monocultural upbringing.

When I was first able to vote I voted Labour like my parents. I helped Tony Blair sweep to power in 1997. I have never voted Conservative in my life and don't see myself ever doing so. I have some great black and Asian friends and have never felt a prejudice against anyone because of their colour, religion or ethnicity (not even the French). I resent the implication that because I had a white, rural, monocultural upbringing that I would be expected to be racist. I have encountered far more racism and prejudice since moving to an urban area with people who grew up with ethnic minorities in urban areas than I ever did in Much Wenlock. I find your comments offensive and I would like you to take back what you said.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Election promises turn to painful reality

Re-posted from our UKIP Hillingdon site, Labour campaigned extensively in Heathrow Villages and put out smear leaflets against our two candidates - Candidates who really do have a track record of campaigning for local issues and actually live in the ward that houses the UK's busiest airport.

Last Saturday (12th July) saw one of the first important Resident’s meetings in Heathrow Villages after the local elections on 22nd May, which returned sitting Councillor June Nelson in Heathrow Villages and saw Peter Money and Manjit Khatra join her as Labour took all three council seats.
UKIP ward representatives Bryan Tomlinson and Christine Taylor both regularly attend Resident’s meetings, and turned out on Saturday to see what ideas the new councillors would bring to the area. Below are their reports, which contrast the campaigning we saw before the elections with the reality we see now
Christine’s View
After being exposed as totally ignorant of important local issues, Heathrow Villages Councillor Manjit Khatra has offered to resign saying, “I’ll go away if you wish and you can get someone who knows.”

Cllr Khatra showed she was out of her depth at a public meeting on Saturday 12th July that she co-hosted with fellow newly-elected Labour Councillor, Peter Money.  The third Labour councillor, June Nelson, had booked St Mary’s Church Hall in Harmondsworth but did not turn up.

The congenial gathering turned into a Baptism of Fire when it became apparent that neither councillor could answer any of the residents’ questions.  The councillors’ responses left residents open-mouthed with disbelief.

Harmondsworth is one of the villages that would be destroyed if a third runway were built and the Labour councillors had been elected after their Heathrow-focused campaign  described them as “proven campaigners” and “Your Labour team lead fight for better not bigger Heathrow”, yet neither councillor could explain what these statements meant.  They were also clueless about basic information on the impact of Heathrow expansion.

Cllr Money said that “Better not Bigger” meant “more efficient”.  He is an airport worker and member of UNITE, which supports a third runway, but could not elaborate.  Neither councillor had ever heard of the 60-year-old Cranford Agreement, the ending of which is likely to significantly increase aircraft noise in the villages next year.
Labour disgrace.....Back Heathrow
One resident had sent an informative letter to the councillors but this must have been ignored as both were mystified by the simplest questions on a topic such as pollution.

When asked what the councillors would do to help residents if a third runway was given the go-ahead, Cllr Khatra said there was nothing they could do as the decision is made higher up.  So much for being proven campaigners!

Cllr Khatra insisted she had attended a recent anti-runway meeting.  In fact, the confused councillor had actually attended a Neighbourhood Planning event that had nothing to do with runways.  Later, Cllr Khatra boasted that she is on a Hillingdon Council Planning committee, even though she cannot recognise a planning meeting even when she is sitting in one!

Uxbridge resident Cllr Khatra offered no explanation for her total lack of knowledge or interest in the area and became defensive, making derogatory comments about the residents.  Her fellow Councillor attempted to subdue her but, after losing all credibility,  Cllr Khatra offered to stand down to make way for someone who understands the issues.

At a crucial time when Heathrow Villages face the threat of mass destruction, it is vital that residents have representatives who can speak up for them.  After Cllr Khatra’s disgraceful performance at this meeting, residents should take up her offer to go – The sooner the better.

Bryan’s View
The new Labour councillors received a baptism of fire at their first residents meeting at St. Mary’s Church Hall in Harmondsworth . June Nelson did not turn up as usual and left Peter Money and Manjit Khatra to take all the flak.
The stormy meeting started amicably but descended into farce when residents questioned the Labour councillors’ support of Heathrow expansion and possible increased jobs at the expense of 950 homes in Harmondsworth, Longford and Sipson. *
After intense but fair questioning, the new Labour councillors admitted that they knew nothing about the effect on our community by Heathrow expansion. This caused uproar as the Labour councillors had been elected as “proven campaigners that will stand up for local residents”.
Labour leaflet H Villages
As pressure on the Labour councillors increased, Manjit Khatra offered her resignation as a councillor. Manjit Khatra accepted her lack of local knowledge was a hindrance to real No Third Runway campaigners and agreed we need better representation on the council. . We support Manjit’s resignation but her immediate promotion on to a Planning Committee sums up her priorities. No one ever got to live in a gated community in North Uxbridge by helping Heathrow Villagers.
I guarantee that Manjit Khatra and her Labour Party insist she stays on her Planning Committee and continues to alienate herself from half of the Heathrow Villages ward.

Peter Money admitted that he was a member of Unite and that he wanted to get on the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee. Christine asked Peter some easy questions concerning pollution levels and it was obvious that Peter isn’t qualified to represent Heathrow Villagers on HACC.
Unite openly support Heathrow expansion and a third runway so Peter Money will be representing the airport and not representing his constituents. No thanks Peter.
Unite disgrace....Back Heathrow
Manjit and Peter have been asked to clarify their position on Heathrow expansion and report to us next month. Are they representing Heathrow Airport or representing Heathrow Villagers ?
Will Manjit disappear back to Uxbridge and will Peter resign from Unite ? Will June Nelson turn up or accept £200 in allowances for nothing ?
The first residents/councillors meeting offered more questions than answers.

* The official Heathrow figure is that 750 would go immediately. (By cutting the number by 200 and therefore “saving them”  they are saving the cost of giving them the top rate of “compensation”) In reality it would be 950 or more as you can’t reasonably expect to leave people in streets cut in half or without usable facilities.  Ultimately, many of those remaining would find it impossible to live between the two runways but might only qualify for assistance in moving – at best.  Many more people would feel forced to leave the area than is being estimated.  Many of these will have jobs in the area but they are not being considered.  There is no point having an airport-related job if there is nowhere to live.  

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Common EU car number plates proposed

The EU Commission is considering proposals by a Dutch MEP to harmonise car numberplates across the EU and include ID tags on them.

The leader of the eurofederalist Tories, Syed Kamall, said that he will oppose the plans:
We aim to keep our number plates just as they are, thank you.

You can bet your life the common design would incorporate the EU flag. The eurocrats have failed to force us to put their symbol on our sports shirts or to fly it above our public they are trying make it compulsory on our cars.
The Tories have shown how ineffectual they are in the EU, no matter how much grandstanding they do. Jean Claude Juncker has just been appointed president of the EU Commission despite David Cameron promising to block his appointment. David Cameron is telling the public that he's negotiating "reform" of the EU and will take back powers but in November 43 national vetoes will be abolished and the Home Secretary recently opted back in to 35 common justice and police measures.

Kamall and his fellow eurofederalist Conservative MEPs can oppose the plans all they want but they'll go ahead regardless and they'll be implemented by a compliant, nodding dog British government. The only way to stop things like this happening is to leave the EU and with yesterday's appointment of eurofederalist peer, Lord Hill, as EU Commissioner the Tories have jumped even further into the pro-EU camp. The only way we will leave the EU is with UKIP MPs in Westminster.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Farage says pay MPs more if they do more work

Nigel Farage has sparked controversy by telling LBC that he would be happy for MPs to be paid as much as £100k if we leave the EU.

Most of the controversy has arisen from deliberate misrepresentation by the left wing papers who are telling readers that Farage says MPs deserve a pay rise which isn't actually what he said.

What he said was:
Given that 75% of our laws are now made in Brussels and actually apart from the weekly theatre of Prime Minister's questions... I see no argument for increasing MPs' pay at the moment because they haven't got the responsibility.


If we had a sovereign parliament that actually ran this country and was directly responsible for the rules and regulations that controlled our industries, that determined whether we succeeded or failed in the world, I would have no problem in paying MPs more.

If we paid MPs the same as the local headmaster of the local comprehensive, that would be about right. It would be £90,000 to £100,000.
What he says is absolutely right and certainly not at odds with UKIP's small state, anti-troughing politicians philosophy. Nor is it likely to be linked to Farage's intention to stand as an MP next year given that he has stood in every general election since 1997 with no mention of increasing MPs' salaries. If he was only interested in the money he wouldn't have swapped his well paid city job for the rather more modest salary of an MEP (roughly the same salary as a British MP, not this mythical £2m figure the papers like to throw about) and spent a small fortune on political campaigning and elections. Contrary to the rich banker on the gravy train image that the media like to portray, Farage is actually a very generous man who spends a lot of his own money supporting good causes and UKIP members. He's also never been a banker, incidentally.

What Farage actually says (as you can see for yourself above) is that MPs don't deserve to be paid any more money while the EU makes three quarters of our laws but if we leave the EU and an MP's workload quadruples then he would have no problem with MPs getting a 33k pay rise in return for the 300% increase in the amount of work they do. And who can argue with that logic?

Monday, 7 July 2014

UKIP Rotherham councillor offers to give up allowances to save children's centres

The leader of the UKIP group on Rotherham MBC has offered to give up nearly £12k of his allowances to help save children's centres.

Cllr Cavan Vines said he would give up the £10,723k allowance he gets as leader of the opposition and £1k from his councillor's allowance to help fund the 10 children's centre faced with closure if other councillors would do the same. They all refused.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

UKIP committee members in the EU Parliament

One of the reasons why it's so important to form a group in the EU Parliament is that it increases the number of inside men (and women) we have on committees, seeing first hand what is working its way through the bureaucratic mess that passes for a legislative system and having the opportunity to filter out some of the more dangerous and outrageous suggestions before they get to the puppet parliament.

Here are the committee appointments for UKIP members of the EFDD group:

CommitteeMember 1Member 2
Foreign AffairsJim Carver
DevelopmentNathan Gill
International TradeWilliam Dartmouth
BudgetsJonathan Arnott
Budgetary ControlJonathan Arnott
Economic & Monetary AffairsPatrick O'FlynnSteve Woolfe
Employment & Social AffairsJane Collins
Industry, Research & EnergyRoger Helmer
Internal Market & Consumer ProtectionAmjid BashirMargot Parker
Transport & TourismJill Seymour
Regional DevelopmentBill EtheridgeJulia Reid
Agriculture & Rural DevelopmentStuart Agnew
FisheriesDavid CoburnRay Finch
Culture & EducationLouise Bours
Civil Liberties, Justice & Home AffairsGerard Batten
Women's Rights & Gender EqualityMargot Parker
PetitionsTim Aker
Human RightsAmjad Bashir
Security & DefenceMike Hookem

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Green councillor calls soldiers "hired killers"

Green Councillor, Ben Duncan, issued half an apology at the weekend for making offensive comments on Twitter on Armed Forces Day.

On Armed Forces Day on Saturday, Cllr Duncan - a Green Party councillor in Brighton - tweeted:
Armed Forces Day has certainly brought the hired killers onto the streets of Brighton today. Hard to explain to my son!
He apologised after his comments attracted widespread criticism but only for being "insensitive" to families who have lost relatives, not for branding all soldiers "hired killers" which he apparently still stands by.

UKIP MEPs turn their backs on the EU flag and anthem

Whilst MEPs from across the continent stood in reverential silence facing the EU flag while a live orchestra played the EU's national anthem, UKIP MEPs stood with their backs turned in an act of defiance against the corrupt, illegitimate federal superstate.

Conservative MEPs merely sat in silence wishing they had the balls (and permission from Dave) to do something that people would notice.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Plaid Cymru council threatens disciplinary action for not speaking Welsh

Gwynedd Council have threatened Leisure Centre staff in Bangor, Tywyn and Dolgellau with disciplinary action if they can't speak Welsh.

The Plaid Cymru-run council's Language Committee have threatened disciplinary action against staff who don't speak "the customer's language of choice".

The Welsh Language Measure 2011 places a duty on public bodies to provide services in Welsh to Welsh speakers but has no such provision for English speakers and no protection for people who choose not to learn to speak Welsh.

The 2011 census showed that Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK and almost as many people in Wales speak Polish as speak Welsh.

Labour councillor in London under investigation for electoral fraud

A Labour councillor for Chadwell Heath in London is being investigated by the police for alleged false statements on his nomination papers.

UKIP London referred Cllr Sam Tarry's nomination papers to the police after consulting with the nominating officer for Barking & Dagenham. He is believed to be living in Brighton with his girlfriend and renting out his flat in Barking for the last year but claimed to be living in the aforementioned flat on his nomination papers.

Making a false statement on your nomination papers is punishable by up to 6 months in prison.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

David Cameron's utter humiliation

The former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, has been appointed president of  the EU Commission.

David Cameron made a big noise about opposing Juncker's appointment in an attempt to convince people of his eurosceptic credentials. He even said at one point that if Juncker was appointed president he would consider thinking about contemplating possibly maybe suggesting on a strictly non-committal and equivocal basis that he might possibly consider sort of suggesting that we might in the fullness of time and in the right circumstances consider possibly leaving the EU.

He was, of course, lying. Juncker's mission as president of the EU Commission will be to drive closer integration and remove more of our sovereignty. National vetoes and opt-outs will be abolished wherever possible and the drive for a United State of Europe will be made a priority. David Cameron was powerless to stop Juncker's appointment and he's powerless to change the direction of the EU. Any talk of leaving the EU is as empty as the promise he made to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and as empty as his promise to hold a referendum on our membership of the EU in 2017.

Enough is enough

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tory think tank predicts 12 seats that will fall to UKIP

Tory think tank, the Bow Group, has named 12 seats it believes UKIP could win in the general election next year - 6 from the Tories, 5 from Labour and 1 from the Lib Dems.

The seats they identify are:

Cambourne & RedruthGeorge Eustice66
ThurrockJackie Doyle-Price92
Newton AbbotAnne-Marie Morris523
Great GrimsbyAustin Mitchell714
WaveneyPeter Aldous769
TelfordDavid Wright981
Walsall NorthDavid Winnick990
Plymouth Sutton & DevonportOliver Colvile1,149
Newcastle-under-LymePaul Farrelly1,552
Plymouth Moor ViewAlison Seabeck1,591
St IvesAndrew George1,719
Halesowen & Rowley RegisJames Morris2,023

H/T: Breitbart

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Chuka Umunna says UKIP supporters are too thick to use email or internet

Labour MP Chuka Ummuna says that UKIP supporters are disengaged because they can't do things like send and receive emails or browse the internet.

Chuka's email address is if you want to explain what a patronising pillock you think he is. We were going to put together a guide to sending emails as UKIP supporters are all too thick to figure it out ourselves but then we realised that UKIP supporters are all too thick to browse the internet as well so you wouldn't be able to read it. A real time saver thanks to Chuka's word of wisdom.

The UKIP Supporters Group on Facebook have got some Labour supporters to help them do some number crunching on the average interactions - ie. likes, shares and comments - per post from each of the mainstream political parties (plus the Lib Dems, Greens and BNP) because obviously, as Chuka says, UKIP supporters are too thick to use the internet. Interestingly, despite UKIP supporters being too thick to use the internet, the UKIP Facebook page gets nearly five times as many interactions as the BNP page which gets more interactions than Labour, the Tories, the Lib Dems and the Greens. In fact, each post on the UKIP Facebook page gets more than double the interactions on average of Labour, the Tories, Lib Dems and Greens combined.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Disgraced Lib Dem MP Hancock admits "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship

Disgraced independent Lib Dem MP, Mike Hancock, has admitted having an "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship with a mentally ill teenager.


The CPS decided not to charge Hancock when the complaint of sexual assault was made four years ago and again when Portsmouth City Council referred the results of their investigation to them. Hancock denied the sexual assault at the time and still hasn't admitted it, resulting in the victim of this "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship taking out a civil case against him in the High Court which he continued to deny until yesterday.

Hancock has admitted to having an "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship with the mentally ill woman who was a teenager at the time and apologised for falsely claiming that the case she brought against him was financially motivated. He's also apologised for the distress it caused her and her son and the worsening of her psychiatric condition that occured as a result. He tried to avoid going to court because of his own mental state as a result of the case which saw him checking in to a Priory clinic where he remained during his election campaign last month but the judge forced him to face justice.

Hancock lost his seat on Portsmouth City Council last month to UKIP's Cllr Julie Swan. The Lib Dems did a deal not to put a candidate up against him but that wasn't enough to save his skin. The people of Portsmouth don't want this lying sleaze representing them and if he had any honour he would resign. Hancock should be the poster boy of the campaign to introduce voter recall for MPs that would have allowed the people of Portsmouth to rid themselves of this leech long ago.
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