Monday, 20 October 2014

Further complaint to BBC about Panorama bias

The BBC received over 800 complaints about bias related to the Panorama hatchet job on UKIP and Nigel Farage. Their response to those complaints is that they believe the programme was balanced and that they were just submitting UKIP to the same scrutiny other parties have been subjected to for the last two or three decades. So they'll be happy to provide evidence, right?
Like over 800 other people I complained about the BBC's hatchet job on UKIP and Nigel Farage. The programme was entirely one-sided and Farage's refusal to cooperate with a programme that he had warned months ago was a hatchet job clearly riled the producer and presenter. The programme was almost entirely critical and any positive comments about UKIP's performance were right at the start so the programme came across as "UKIP are getting popular but look at what they're really like ..."

The BBC's excuse is that they are putting UKIP under the same scrutiny as the LibLabCon parties or other parties of government. I don't believe this is the case and would like evidence. I would like details of similar BBC programming where one of those parties has been subjected to the same kind of negative reporting a month before a Westminster by-election and less than 8 months before a general election at which they are expected to make a breakthrough or significant gain.
Until the BBC provide the evidence or admit to their bias, I'm going to keep the complaint going.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Basildon Labour councillor storms out of meeting shouting racist at UKIP councillor

A Labour councillor in Basildon stormed out of a council meeting on housing on Thursday night after accusing UKIP councillors of being racist.

The meeting was looking at housing shortages and UKIP councillor Linda Allport-Hodge pointed out that we only need to build such high numbers of new houses because of mass immigration. Labour councillor Pat Rackley stood up and accused UKIP of being racist and then stormed out of the meeting.

Cllr Rackley could have just been playing political games but it's quite likely that she actually believes the Labour Party's propaganda that immigration doesn't cause housing shortages, unemployment and strain on public services. It's hard to believe such people exist let alone manage to get elected.

EU Commission risks bankrupting the North Devon fishing fleet

The Marine Management Organisation has removed nearly all fishing rights from the Bristol Channel over fears that the EU will fine them if they continue to allow fishing of Skate and Rays.

The ban will bankrupt the North Devon fleet which relies on Skate and Ray fishing in the channel and will cost hundreds of jobs. Belgian and French fishing boats are continuing to fish for Skate and Rays outside the 6 mile inland fisheries boundary where the British government has given up its sovereignty to the EU.

UKIP's Fisheries spokesman, Ray Finch MEP, has requested a meeting with the EU Fisheries Commissioner to demand action be taken to save the North Devon fleet and stop Belgian and French fishermen from exploiting fish stocks.

Barroso throws Tory plans in the trash

Tory lies and spin laid to bare on the Marr show this morning 19/10/2014.
When will people wake up and realise that the government and opposition parties are pro EU and can not change anything so are happy to go against the will of the people rather than listen to the taxpaying voters.

They need to remember they work for us not the EU machine.

"Freedom of movement is a fundamental principle of the EU"

David Cameron can not negotiate an immigration cap. End of story.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

ComRes poll puts UKIP on 24%

UKIP is on 24% in the latest ComRes opinion poll which is a great result but what makes it so interesting is that it's a survey where UKIP is prompted alongside the LibLabCon parties and the difference that makes is quite startling.

Here's what the opinion polls say when UKIP is in the "Others" section ...

UKIP in "Others"
Lib Dems7%

... and here's how it looks when UKIP is prompted alongside the LibLabCon parties ...

UKIP Prompted
Lib Dems7%

That's a whole 5% difference and at the expense of both Labour and the Tories.

These polls are just a snapshot of public opinion and vary by a couple of percent from week to week but they're important because they aren't just a snapshot of public opinion, they influence public opinion as well. When a party does well in opinion polls it gives the public more confidence in them but when a party does badly in opinion polls it perpetuates the "wasted vote" myth (no vote is wasted, whoever you vote for). Success breeds success.

Some of the polling companies - and YouGov in particular - like to use this influence to further their agenda (YouGov's CEO is Baroness Ashtray's husband) and protect their business. Polling companies get paid to predict elections and the last thing they want is an interloper like UKIP upsetting the status quo and making their lives difficult so they do what they can to undermine voter confidence in the party by suppressing voting intention.

Contrast YouGov, who don't have a very good record at predicting UKIP's performance, with relative newcomers Survation, who do. Survation don't have an axe to grind and being a new polling company they're more interested in predicting results rather than influencing them. They've always prompted for UKIP and as a result, they've had a degree of success in predicting UKIP's performance. It's time the other pollsters - YouGov, Opinium, ICM, ComRes - followed suit and concentrated on making predictions that reflect reality instead of trying to make reality fit their predictions.

Second attempt at passing an EU referendum bill looks set to fail

David Cameron is trying for a second time to get a law through parliament to force himself to keep his own promise of an EU referendum.

We all know Dave has problems keeping promises so he wants to pass a law that he can pretend forces him to hold a referendum on our membership of the EU. The first attempt was voted down by his own peers as well as Labour and the Lib Dems and this second attempt is almost certainly going to go the same way.

Because no parliament can bind its successor, passing a law requiring a referendum to be held is completely meaningless. There is no law that can't be repealed and if by some miracle this latest EU referendum bill became law it would be repealed by Labour if they come to power and if Cameron manages to hold on to power he'll find an excuse to repeal it as well.

Labour Mayor of Hartlepool survives suspension vote

The Mayor of Hartlepool, Cllr Stephen Akers-Belcher, has survived a vote to suspend him after he was sacked for gross misconduct from his council day job.

Cllr Akers-Belcher was sacked from his job as a team leader in Newcastle City Council's social services department for gross misconduct and then went on holiday with his partner, council leader Cllr Christopher Akers-Belcher when it hit the headlines. The local radio station also called in the police after he allegedly tried to exert undue influence over their reporting of the situation.

The vote to suspend him fell by 19 votes to 11.

St Albans Conservative councillor assault trial date set

A St Albans Conservative councillor charged with common assault of a council employee has pleaded innocent.

Cllr Salih Gaygusuz was released on conditional bail and will stand trial on December 19th.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Cameron bottles leaders' debates

David Cameron is trying to bottle out of appearing on leaders' debates with Nigel Farage before next year's elections.

Cameron is using the excuse that it's not fair that the leader of the third largest party in the UK that won this year's EU elections and has elected representatives in all four home nations and at every level of government should get a place in the debates when the leader of the Green Party doesn't.

Whether the leader of the Green Party should get a place in the debates or not is debatable. They're challenging the Lib Dems for fourth place but that's more of a reflection on the Lib Dems than the Greens.

Cameron is pretending he's standing up for principals but really he's just scared to share a stage with Nigel Farage. We've had Bottler Brown, now we've got Decanter Dave.

Remember when David Cameron accused Gordon Brown of being a bottler in 2009?

Big win in Sheppy Central for UKIP's David Jones

UKIP had a big by-election win yesterday in Swale, taking the Sheppey Central seat off the Conservatives with a big majority.

David JonesUKIP83158.3%
Tina BoothConservative32422.7%
Alan HenleyLabour24016.8%
"Mad" Mike YoungMonster Raving Loony241.9%

Conspicuously absent are the Lib Dems who presumably didn't want the embarrassment of losing the battle for last place with the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Lord Freud to keep his job despite saying disabled are worth less than able-bodied people

Conservative Welfare Minister, Lord Freud, is to be allowed to keep his job after saying sorry for saying that disabled workers aren't worth as much as able-bodied workers.

Lord Freud was recorded at a Conservative Party conference fringe meeting telling a Conservative councillor:
You make a really good point about the disabled... There is a group – and I know exactly who you mean – where actually, as you say, they're not worth the full wage and actually I'm going to go and think about that particular issue, whether there is something we can do nationally, and without distorting the whole thing, which actually if someone wants to work for £2 an hour, and it's working can we actually...
UKIP has said many times in the past that the minimum wage costs jobs and takes away the individual freedom to choose what wage you are prepared to work for but there's a world of difference between giving people the choice whether or not they want to work for peanuts and targeting disabled people by abolishing the minimum wage just for them.

Disabled people can and do work just as well as able-bodied people and to suggest that they should be paid £2 an hour just because they have a disability is degrading and discriminatory. It's frankly astounding that David Cameron has allowed Lord Freud to keep his job after demonstrating a complete lack of empathy and understanding of the job that he's supposed to be doing.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Belfast UUP councillor defects to UKIP

The former Lord Mayor of Belfast, Cllr Bob Stoker, has defected from the Ulster Unionist Party to UKIP.

UKIP Northern Ireland chairman, David McNarry MLA and Deputy Chairman of the national party, Paul Nuttall, welcomed Bob to the party in Belfast yesterday.

EFDD group dissolved after Schultz bribes member to resign

The Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group that UKIP formed in the EU Parliament has been forcibly dissolved after the supposedly-neutral president of the EU Parliament, Martin Schultz, bribed Iveta Grigule MEP to leave the group.

Grigule told EFDD staff that Schultz told her she had to resign from the group to get the presidency of the EU delegation to Kazakhstan.

Dissolving the EFDD group is a big prize for Schultz. UKIP and other EFDD group members have been denied seats on committees that they should have had under the D'Hondt system since the start of the parliament and every effort was made to try and prevent the group from being formed in the first place. Unless another MEP from another country not currently represented in the EFDD group can be convinced to join, Nigel Farage will get less talking time in the EU Parliament and a valuable source of funding for all the members of the EFDD will be lost, along with the jobs it creates.

National Union of Students votes to boycott UKIP and turn a blind eye to ISIS

The National Union of Students have refused to back a motion condemning ISIS terrorists because it's "Islamophobic" but happily passed a motion to email all their students on election day next year telling them not to vote UKIP.

The motion condemning ISIS also condemned American military aggression using ISIS as an excuse, called for support for Muslim unity and a boycott of people who fund ISIS but the hard left leadership of the NUS mobilised a bloc vote against it. They instead voted for a motion to boycott UKIP and email all their students telling them not to vote UKIP on polling day.

So the NUS has decided to use its considerable resources and influence not to help fight against terrorism and extremism but to help the Labour Party at the next election. Good call, comrades.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Conservative's Rochester "postal primary" gimmick is an election expense

UKIP have written to the Conservatives asking how they will keep within spending limits for the Rochester & Strood by-election if they go ahead with their "postal primary" publicity stunt.

The Conservatives are planning to send promotional material out to every household in the constituency inviting them to choose from two Conservative candidates to be the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the by-election. They don't plan on taking the estimated £40k cost of promoting the successful candidate through this gimmick out of the £100k limit on election spending. UKIP have taken legal advice and been advised that the cost of the primary is an election expense.

Rather than answer the question the Conservatives have described it as "yet another media stunt". The Electoral Commission will no doubt be taking an interest in this one.

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