Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tories have given up on Stoke and expect a UKIP win

Far left rag, the Huffington Post, is reporting Tory sources saying that they have conceded Stoke Central and are putting all their resources into Copeland instead.

Apparently, the Tories believe that it is "inconceivable" that they could take Stoke Central from Labour and "UKIP will win Stoke". They are reportedly concerned about "the embarrassment factor" of putting the effort in in Stoke and losing the seat to UKIP.

Labour's tax dodging trade union-funded hate campaign, Hate not Hope, has been distributing leaflets in Stoke making false claims about UKIP. They're scared that they're going to lose the election so they're using some of the money they got from the memorial fund for murdered MP, Jo Cox that was intended to promote community cohesion and fight fascism to produce political material for the Labour Party.

The bookies still have Labour as odds on favourite to win Stoke Central but well over half the bets placed through the Odds Checker website have been for UKIP. The longest odds you're going to get for a UKIP win is 8/5 at the moment which is good news for the election campaign but not so good if you were hoping to make a killing at the bookies!

Monday, 23 January 2017

McKinsey & Co take new offices in London in "renewed commitment" to the UK

The world's post prestigious management consultancy firm, McKinsey & Co, have reiterated their commitment to post-Brexit UK by taking 100,000ft² of office space in a new development in London.

US-based McKinsey has 11,000 employees spread across 110 locations worldwide. McKinsey's UK & Ireland Managing Partner, Vivien Hunt, said the new office "represents a renewed commitment to London and the UK".

More than six months on from the referendum and we're still waiting for the 3m job losses, global economic apocalypse and mass exodus of big employers the Remainiacs predicted. Instead we've seen unemployment go down, the UK was the fastest growing advanced economy in the world last year and big names are investing significant amounts of money in their UK operations.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Why Labour lies show UKIP can win in Stoke

Following the resignation of Labour MP Tristram Hunt in Stoke-on-Trent, UKIP announced yesterday (21st January) that new party leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, will be our candidate in the subsequent byelection.
The seat is historically a Labour stronghold but their majority was down to 5000 at the 2015 General Election and, significantly, it registered one of the highest Leave votes at last year’s referendum.
The poor turnout at the General Election (Just 49%) shows how disillusioned local voters are with the party that has represented them in the past.
If Labour lose this seat (Plus the other byelection in Copeland, another former stronghold with an even slimmer majority) then Labour could be consigned to a spot in a museum similar to the one that Mr Hunt has left his constituency to take up a post with.
With this in mind, it was no surprise to see Labour Shadow Chancellor and my old sparring partner, John McDonnell, go on the offensive during this morning’s Marr Show on the BBC. However, both his body language and his line of attack show why the Labour High Command are terrified of the UKIP challenge in the seat and must be contemplating the possibility of an embarrassing defeat.
Spin, smear and downright lies
Once again, McDonnell trotted out the standard lie about UKIP wanting to privatise the NHS – this has never been a part of any UKIP manifesto.
Paul Nuttall spoke a number of years ago about making the procurement arm of the NHS more competitive – common sense when we see some trusts paying £25 for a lightbulb and issuing costly prescriptions for painkillers that you can buy for as little as 30p at the pharmacy. Yet in Labour’s eyes, this is ‘privatisation’.
So, let us look at the reality.

Labour in government between 1997 and 2010 saddled the NHS with £80bn of debt via PFI projects – projects that carry the kind of interest rates that are enriching the private firms involved at levels a loan shark would be embarrassed with. Some sources claim that the total cost to the taxpayer over the next 35 years could be as much as £350bn.
Labour also brought privatisation in to the NHS, with 5% of it being outsourced during the Blair/Brown years. Our own hospital in Hillingdon saw the cleaning services outsourced to Pall Mall services and the wages of the staff reduced by such an extent they came out on strike, an action that was debated at Westminster in May 1999 and is on record in Hansard. Mr McDonnell makes a big thing of workers rights and wages yet his party in power degraded the services to such an extent that workers pay and the hygiene of the wards suffered. (The hospital has had outbreaks of both MRSA and Norovirus)
ambulance image rear
It was Labour who introduced the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and gave the contract to French firm ATOS medical. This act has led to the persecution of thousands of genuinely disabled people and withdrawal of their benefits by staff who are not clinically trained. In some cases they passed terminally ill cancer patients fit for work – challenges to their verdicts overturned almost half of all decisions and led to the current government finally taking the contract away from the company but not before many were hounded to their graves.
Labour also introduced the GP Surgery contracts that have tied up those centres in additional paperwork, taking GP’s off of the front line to fill in forms and contributing to the extra pressures seen at A&E for non urgent cases. The only beneficiaries of this legislation have been those senior GP’s who own the practices – GP’s such as Labour GLA Assembly member and NHS spokesman on the assembly, Dr Onkar Sahota. He owns a company called Healthcare 360 that operates surgeries in Southall and Greenford that billed the NHS £1.368mn in financial year 2013-2014 despite claiming to want to fight for the NHS on all his literature (Although if you were making over £1mn per year from the service, you would probably want to fight for it as well!).
He also refused to open a new surgery in Heathrow Villages for residents who currently have to travel to Hayes because he stated it was ‘not viable’ – showing that Labour’s legislation now means that profitability is put before patient care, even by their elected representatives.
Mr McDonnell may bleat that this was all done under Blair but he took up his seat as Hayes & Harlington MP on the same day that Blair became Prime Minister – he was a part of the ruling party at Westminster for 13 years when this was going on and is currently in the Shadow Cabinet that has allowed candidates such as Dr Sahota to carry on his business practices on their watch.
Insulting the electorate
John McDonnell was interviewed by Sophy Ridge of Sky News on January 15th. (Below)
Part of the interview was regarding the Leave vote in the EU Referendum – Hillingdon as a whole voted 57% to Leave but his Hayes & Harlington constituency registered the highest opposition to staying in the EU, nearly 60%.
Responding to Ms Ridge, McDonnell stated that the vote was a register of dissatisfaction with people’s current conditions but, more tellingly when pressed on immigration, said that people look for others to blame when things aren’t going well – effectively, that the vote was in part down to a ‘scapegoating’ of migrants.
My team was out on the streets every week from January 2016 discussing the referendum with residents, including very busy street stalls in Hayes Town. We have a very diverse community in the area but it was made clear by the BME Britons and migrants we spoke with that there were a range of reasons for them voting to leave – indeed, one South African gentleman who I spoke with had fought against Apartheid in that state and said he couldn’t understand anybody giving up their right to sack those in power at the ballot box, a right he had fought hard to gain, which we would be doing should Remain be victorious.
It is also interesting to note that McDonnell, through his position as the Parliamentary spokesman for the RMT Union, backed a series of demonstrations that they ran under the late Bob Crow highlighting ‘social dumping’ – the undercutting of their members by cheaper migrant workers. So it is OK for Mr McDonnell to ‘scapegoat’ migrant workers but those in his constituency who voted leave because they had seen their wages and conditions degraded were wrong to look at their circumstances and come to the same conclusion? Indeed, the RMT themselves backed a ‘Leave’ vote and were part of the Trade Union Against the EU (TUAEU) group who campaigned alongside us – are they ‘scapegoating’ migrants John?
Uncontrolled migration has put massive pressures on infrastructure and is acknowledged by a number of organisations, including the Bank of England, to have compressed wages for those at the lower end of the pay scale. This is not a form of bigotry, it is about numbers and the economics of supply and demand. McDonnell talks of the pressures on affordable housing in Hayes but refuses to face up to the fact that we can’t build fast enough to keep up with a population increase of 330k per year through open door migration, or a new city the size of Hull every 12 months.
This affects not just current UK citizens but those coming to the country as well in higher rents, poorer services and lower pay – something that UKIP would address through an ethical points based migration system that treats everybody equally, not the uncontrolled model that Labour continue to promote and ironically only helps the big corporations in cheaper wages and unscrupulous landlords who hike prices way above inflation.
It is a mark of how out of touch Labour are when left wing firebrands such as John McDonnell are on the same side as the big investment banks and corporations and UKIP are the party championing the cause of the working classes, small businesses, exploited migrant workers and the squeezed middle.
That is why Labour and their fellow travellers on the ‘regressive left’ have had to resort to smears and lies in the Stoke byelection – it is also why a forward looking, optimistic and proudly patriotic UKIP will win.
UKIP Hillingdon members at conference

UKIP’s Real Policies on the NHS and Social Care (Taken from the 2015 manifesto)
UKIP is fully committed to keeping the NHS free at the point of delivery and at time of need for UK citizens.
We will spend a total of £12bn more on the NHS in England by 2020 to make sure it stays that way.
We Will –
Fund 20,000 more nurses, 8000 more GP’s and 3000 more midwives
Invest an extra £1.5bn in to mental health and dementia services over the next 5 years
Scrap hospital parking charges
End ‘Health Tourism’ by making sure those ineligible for free NHS care pay for treatment
Replace Monitor and the CQC with powerful new county health boards to drive up standards
Care for the Elderly
There is a national crisis in elderly care. According to Age UK, 900,000 older people between the ages of 65 and 89 have social care needs that are not met.
Residential care, nursing care, home care and day care have had their budgets cut, meaning one million hospital bed days are now lost every year because patients cannot be discharged.
We will –
Integrate health and social care and bring both under the control of the NHS
Increase Social Care funding in total by £5.2bn between 2015 and 2020
Promise to invest any tax profits from ‘fracking’ in to setting up a sovereign wealth fund to pay for elderly care.
Protect services such as day care centres, home care and Meals on Wheels.
Abolish the practice of arranging home care visits in 15 minute windows
Keep the current free bus pass, winter fuel allowance, free TV license and free prescriptions and eye test schemes for all pensioners, without means testing.

It is also worth noting that only UKIP have had their manifesto independently audited and found to add up so we can afford to make these changes

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Paul Nuttall will contest Stoke Central for UKIP

Paul Nuttall has been selected as UKIP's candidate for the Stoke Central by-election, putting him smack in the middle of the biggest test of his leadership so far.

Stoke is one of UKIP's strongest areas and one of the most eurosceptic parts of the country. This is a real opportunity to gain a seat.

In his acceptance speech, Paul said that Labour will be telling lies about UKIP wanting to privatise the NHS. He said that in 2011 he said he wanted to bring some privatisation to the NHS but after seeing the effects of Labour's part privatisation of the NHS he had changed his mind. He then said something that very few politicians ever have: "I was wrong".

The Lib Dems have selected Dr Zulfiqar Ali as their candidate, pretty much guaranteeing the weaponisation of the NHS in this election. Ali is an anti-Brexit candidate (obviously) which isn't going to endear him to the almost 70% of voters in Stoke who voted to leave the EU.

Labour and the Tory vote-splitters have yet to announce their candidates for this by-election but Labour have already been out on the streets telling people that UKIP want to privatise the NHS so it looks like we can expect a dirty campaign from them.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Fiona Mills announced as UKIP candidate for Copeland by-election

Fiona Mills has been unveiled as UKIP's candidate for the Copeland by-election.

Mills has worked in the NHS for 24 years and helped write UKIP's health policy. UKIP was the only party to have an independently verified, costed plan to put more money into front line health services.

In an interesting twist, Labour are standing the same candidate in Copeland that Fiona Mills stood against in Carlisle in 2015. She's worked as a junior doctor for just over a year in 1991 and on that basis claimed to be a doctor and surgeon in the 2015 general election.

The Lib Dems have selected Rebecca Hanson as their candidate. She desperately wants us to stay in the EU and hopes that Remoaners will vote for her to "send a strong message" against Brexit.

The Tories have yet to announce their candidate to replace John Stevenson who resigned to take a job in the private sector.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of America

He's more Marmite than Nigel Farage but Donald Trump managed to do something that's never been done before and become the first President of the United States who wasn't a professional politician or high ranking military officer.

A few hours ago Trump took the oath of office and became the 45th president before delivering a speech that could have been from one of his campaign rallies. A sour faced Michelle Obama looked every part the petulant, sulking socialist, trying to avoid even looking at Trump let alone engaging with him. The outgoing president, by contrast, was polite and friendly to his replacement as grown-ups should be.

While Donald Trump's inauguration was getting underway, lefties were out on the streets of Washington breaking windows and damaging street furniture in protest at the democratic process.

Donald Trump isn't everyone's cup of tea and he's said encouraging and worrying things in equal measure but one thing we know for sure is that he's different.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Martin McGuinness won't stand for re-election

The Leader of Sinn Féin, former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and IRA commander, Martin McGuinness, will not stand for re-election in the elections he prompted by resigning as Deputy First Minister.

No details have been released by Sinn Féin but he's not standing because of a serious illness. He is rumoured to have a rare heart condition.

We won't lose any sleep over one less terrorist in a position of power.

Mark Reckless AM calls for legal action to block Severn Bridge tolls

UKIP's Mark Reckless AM has called for the Welsh government to sue the British government if they press ahead with plans to continue charging tolls on the Severn bridges beyond 2019.

The tolls on the Welsh side are devolved to the Welsh government and they were abolished some time ago. The British government continues to charge for using the bridges when travelling from England but as the law stands will have to stop when it has collected £80m of tolls which is estimated to be some time in 2019.

Storm Desmond EU flood relief fund money will be used to pay £15m EU fine

A £15m grant from the EU's flood recovery fund to help repair the damage caused by Storm Desmond in 2015 will be used to pay a £15m fine from the last time the UK got a payout from the fund rather than helping the storm's victims.

The UK rarely draws down on any disaster funds because as one of the few net contributors to the EU budget we have to pay a big chunk of whatever we're give ourselves making it easier and cheaper to just spend our own money ourselves rather than launder it through the EU. However, the Tories decided to use the fund for the 2015 storm and were granted £15m but because Labour misspent money from the same fund the last time it was used in 2007, the whole lot is going to pay the £15m fine the British government has been given for misspending the funds.

The Labour and Lib Dem politicians who kicked up a big fuss about the British government not wanting to apply for the grant are all strangely quiet over this.

Welsh Language Society snowflakes try to no-platform UKIP and get no-platformed themselves

The Welsh Language Society's attempt to no-platform UKIP in the Welsh Assembly have backfired after they were no-platformed themselves in return.

The Welsh nationalist snowflakes were invited to give evidence to the Welsh Assembly's culture committee but responded saying that they would only attend if they could refuse to answer questions from UKIP's Neil Hamilton AM because "UKIP has promoted and tolerated prejudiced attitudes against a number of groups in our society - gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people, ethnic minorities, migrants, people with HIV - and the Welsh language".

The chairman of the committee, Plaid Cymru's Bethan Jenkins AM, told them that they didn't get to choose who asked the questions and withdrew their invitation. Neil Hamilton said that he supported their aim of making Wales bilingual but that they should just grow up.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

West Midlands Police investigating Sandwell councillors

Sandwell Council has referred a damning report into the conduct of some of its councillors to West Midlands Police's Regional Organised Crime Unit.

UKIP councillors have been pushing for investigations into dodgy dealings at Sandwell for some time. The Deputy Leader of the council and cabinet member for regeneration resigned in 2015 over allegations of wrongdoing relating to the sale of council property. The Deputy Leader failed to declare a financial interest in a company that got a large council contract, sold a council-owned property to his son on the cheap and then allegations of vote rigging were made.

Allegations of conspiracy to defraud and misconduct in public office are being investigated by the police.

Oh, the irony ...

Tory councillor that was found guilty of domestic violence back in local Tory Group

Cllr Connor Furnival has been accepted back into the Conservative group on Telford & Wrekin Council.
He was kicked out of the group after pleading guilty to domestic violence against his girlfriend and mother of his two children last January.
At the time Lucy Allan MP who was only the Tory PPC then dismissed it as just a bit of shoving. She was a trustee for Women's Aid, a domestic violence charity.
Lucy Allan has had lots of negative press of course for allegedly abusing her staff and social media rants.

Sounds like a lovely woman to be around.

Only last week she wrote of him: “He’s a great guy, loads of potential, bright, hardworking – will go places, for sure.”
In a further message urging his selection as a council candidate, she wrote: "Hollinswood and Randlay needs a strong team of hardworking community representatives."

Should she be a trustee of Woman's Aid if she overlooks domestic violence against women?
It begs the question of her role as a trustee at least.

Labour won a by-election recently which took the council from being hung to a slim Labour majority. A cynical person might think this was an attempt to balance it out again.
I have been told by a local source that some local Conservative Party activists are very unhappy at what's happened and are threatening to resign.

Lets hope they do, things like this should never be taken lightly.

"Meantime ambitious Furnival, who was expecting to hear within days if he had been selected as a local Tory council candidate, has played a central role in Telford ­parliamentary candidate Lucy Allan’s bid to beat Labour in the marginal Shropshire constituency"

So as it stands the council is could be hung again and the local Tory party have overlooked the guilty charge for abuse. Councillor Furnival got 80 hours community service for the attack.

This seems to be the face of the local Tory party in the Telford and Wrekin area.

Full article in  link below.

Tory wife beater pictured with Osborne

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Key points from Theresa May's Brexit speech

Theresa May has delivered her speech on the British government's approach to Brexit.

The key points are:

  • MPs and peers will get a vote on the final EU deal
  • Ministers from devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and NI will get a seat at the negotiating table but nobody representing England's interests
  • EU law will all be transposed into domestic legislation
  • The UK is prepared to guarantee the rights of EU immigrants in the UK now but some EU member states are refusing to agree to do the same for UK immigrants in the EU
  • Keeping the Common Travel Area with the Republic of Ireland is a priority
  • Free trade agreement with the EU but not membership of the single market
  • Payments into the EU budget will end
  • Retain parts of the EU customs union but not those parts that prevent the UK making its own comprehensive trade agreements
  • Continue to collaborate with the EU on crime and terrorism
  • Transitionary period of disengagement rather than a hard stop of EU membership
The Prime Minister talks a good talk but this is just a shopping list. We voted to leave half a year ago and we are no closer than we were then. She has refused to commit to introducing the same immigration controls on EU citizens as we do on non-EU immigrants and she is aiming to drag out our membership for some time after Brexit is supposed to happen on the pretext of limiting disruption. There is a serious risk that this Brexit-lite will become a strategic, rather than tactical solution - especially if Labour get rid of Corbyn and get the Tories out of power - and we won't actually leave.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Elections to be held in Northern Ireland on 2nd March

Snap elections are to be held on 2nd March in Northern Ireland after Sinn Féin brought down the government by refusing to nominate a Deputy First Minister.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness - a convicted IRA terrorist - resigned a week ago supposedly over a botched renewable heating scheme that is costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions. Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement either the First Minister or Deputy First Minister's party can bring down the Northern Irish government simply by refusing to nominate a candidate for either post.

Sinn Féin won't have done this if they don't think they stand to gain. Reliable opinion polling is scarce in Northern Ireland so presumably they've got access to some private polling data that looks favourable.

Convicted terrorist and IRA Council member turned politician, Martin McGuinness

Labour MP John Healey has a go at grieving UKIP councillor

Labour MP for Wentworth & Deane, John Healey, has been called on to apologise after claiming that a UKIP councillor in Rotherham "walked away from [his] job".

The offending tweet is referring to former UKIP councillor, Ian Finnie, who recently resigned from the council because he refused to take public money when he couldn't put in the hours. He lost two of his brothers last year and another has serious health problems which has itself brought on health problems of his own.

Numerous people have told Healey the circumstances around Ian Finnie's understandable and entirely honourable decision to stand down but he has yet to apologise.