Saturday, 23 July 2016

President Hollande confirms commitment to Le Touquet agreement

Teresa May has met French president Francois Hollande and reaffirmed both sides' commitment to keeping the Le Touquet agreement which moves border controls to the other side of the channel.

Under the terms of the treaty, French officials control the French border in England whilst UK officials control the UK border in France. The juxtaposed border controls allow immigration officials to prevent undesirables crossing their border and then abusing the legal system to prevent deportation.

France has been on lockdown since last week's terrorist attack in Nice and it is currently taking around 90 minutes to clear French border security in Dover. Without the Le Touquet agreement the checks would be carried out on French soil which is a bit like shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted.

The Remain campaign told us that the agreement would be ripped up as soon as we voted to leave the EU but it was obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that the Le Touquet agreement is of huge benefit to both the UK and France. The French Minister of the Interior confirmed more than once during the referendum campaign that the Le Touquet agreement would not be cancelled and now President Hollande has confirmed that the agreement is here to stay.

German-Iranian terrorist murders children in Munich

An 18 year old German-Iranian has killed and injured a large number of people in Munich in the latest terrorist attack in mainland Europe.

Authorities say that the man shouted "Allahu Akbar" three times during his killing spree and it appears that he may have created a fake Facebook page to lure children into a McDonalds with the promise of free food before shooting them.

In the last fortnight we have seen a terrorist drive a truck through crowds of people in Nice killing 84 people, a terrorist attack a number of people on a train in Bavaria with an axe and knife and now this terrorist attack in Munich. We've also had the attempted abduction this week of an off-duty soldier in England by two men of middle eastern appearance.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Afghan "refugee" attacks train passengers with axe in Germany

A 17 year old Afghan "refugee" has been shot dead after going on the rampage with an axe on a German train.

The teenager came to Europe as an unaccompanied minor a few months ago and had been living with a foster family. He attacked passengers on a train he was travelling in with an axe before running away from the train where he was intercepted by police and shot dead. He was found to be carrying a knife as well as the axe.

One witness claims that the Afghan shouted "Allahu Akhbar" during the attack, suggesting it was an Islamic terrorist attack. It is believed that 21 people have been injured in the attack.

Commentators have been warning that the majority of so-called refugees coming to Europe are young, fit men of fighting age and that they look more like an army than refugees. But Angela Merkel was desperate to fill Germany's factories with cheap labour so she threw open the doors and made a whole continent a dangerous place to live. Terrorist attacks, rapes and physical attacks are a far too regular occurrence in cities with large populations of so-called refugees. Europe is a far more dangerous place than it was a few years ago and Angela Merkel shoulders most of the blame.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Reed Group sees 8% increase in job adverts since Brexit

The Chairman of recruitment company, the Reed Group, says that 150k more jobs were added to their website compared to the same period last year. This represents an 8% increase over last year.

Research by Reed Group shows that 83% of firms have no plans to freeze recruitment following the Leave vote in the EU referendum and for most it is business as usual. The research doesn't appear to say whether this is more or less than before the referendum but if it was more it would have been headline news given that James Reed supported the Remain campaign.

Reed expects the weaker pound to increase jobs in tourism and hospitality and says that jobs growth is across all sectors.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Turkey coup is over, Erdogan back in control

The coup in Turkey has failed overnight despite a section of the military taking control of Ankara and Istanbul.

Troops controlling the bridges across the Bosphorus in Istanbul surrendered and President Erdogan flew into the city to appear on TV.

The coup leaders underestimated the support for Erdogan who used an independent TV station to call for his supporters to take to the streets and defy the curfew. Thousands of people climbed on tanks and faced down troops, undermining the authority of the troops.

For now at least Erdogan is back in control but it remains to be seen how long the military top brass will stand by while he eats away at Turkey's secular state.

Friday, 15 July 2016

[UPDATED 22:19] Military coup in Turkey

The Turkish military have announced that they have deposed President Erdogan and are running the country.

People started reporting a military presence in Ankara about an hour ago and the closure of bridges across the Bosphorus. Tanks are on the streets and helicopters and jets are patrolling the airspace above the city. Skirmishes between the police and army have been reported whilst the police guarding the presidential palace are said to have been disarmed. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been blocked in the country.

The Turkish Prime Minister denied there had been a coup shortly before the military's announcement.

The coup appears to have been successful and Erdogan is reported to have left the country in his private jet. Major airports are closed, TRT (the Turkish equivalent of the BBC) has been taken over by the military and a curfew has been imposed.

Top German companies employ just 54 of Germany's 1.1m "refugees"

The wheels are falling off Angela Merkel's immigrant wagon after research has shown that just 54 "refugees" have been given permanent jobs with Germany's big employers and 50 of those are with Deutsche Post.

Germany newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung contacted the top 30 listed companies in Germany to find out how many so-called refugees they were employing and the reason why they didn't employ more, or any at all. The reasons they gave were that the illegal immigrants were just too poorly qualified - even those who were doctors and engineers at home - by German standards.

To encourage German employers to give jobs to illegal immigrants the German government is proposing to allow companies to pay them less than minimum wage and has just introduced laws that will provide 100,000 taxpayer-subsidised jobs.

Immigration has put an enormous toll on German society. Over a million so-called refugees illegally travelled across Europe to Germany last year and a quarter of a million have travelled there this year so far. They don't speak German and are largely unemployable. There are too many people to integrate and large areas of the country are being ghettoised as a result.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Terrorist drives truck into crowds at #BastilleDay celebrations in Nice

A terrorist has driven a truck through crowds leaving a Bastille Day fireworks display in Nice killing at least 60 and injuring 100 more.

French officials have confirmed that it is a terrorist attack and that the driver is known to security services. There are unconfirmed reports of gunmen on the streets.

The EU political class have invited terrorists, rapists and murderers into Europe and denounced anyone who has warned of the danger as a racist or extremist. So successful have they been at this criminally irresponsible social engineering that women have lied about the identity of their rapists rather than admit that they were middle eastern. We are at war and the politicians who are supposed to be protecting us are leaving us defenceless. Serious action needs to be taken to stop the flow of people into Europe and to identify and remove those who are known to pose a risk to the public. No compromises, no human rights lawyers, just get them out and make us safe.

It's time to stand with our friends and neighbours in France against terrorist scum once again.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Judge rules violent paedophile illegal immigrant isn't risk to the public

A violent Somali paedophile has been awarded £105k compensation for unlawful detention.

The illegal immigrant was detained for 20 months after claiming asylum in the UK which the judge ruled was unjustified as he didn't pose a risk to the public.

The unnamed man is currently serving a 21 month sentence for sexually assaulting a child and has previously served a 16 month sentence for slashing someone in the face with a broken mirror. He can't be deported to Somalia because he claims to be gay and to have converted to Christianity.

Mr Justice Jay, the judge that said being a violent paedophile isn't a risk to the public

Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to the UK

Microsoft has reaffirmed its commitment to the UK after the Brexit vote despite scaremongering before the referendum that it might impact on jobs and investment.

The UK accounts for 6-7% of Microsoft's global revenues and its UK datacentres allow the company to tap into hundreds of millions of pounds of lucrative UK government business where strict rules prevent the transfer of data outside the UK.

During the referendum campaign the Remainiacs were spinning that Microsoft might cut jobs and investment if we voted to leave despite Microsoft signing a new 15 year lease on its Reading campus in 2013.

Hungary to hold referendum on relocation of illegal immigrants

Hungary is holding a referendum on whether to accept the EU's quotas for relocating illegal immigrants.

The Hungarians built a big fence across their border to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country, much to the anger of the EU's ruling elite who despise anything that looks like a border in the EU. They have refused to accept the EU's relocation of illegal immigrants which went through on the nod under the Qualified Majority Vote system.

The question will be:
Do you want the European Union to be entitled to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of parliament?

PwC reports £500m new investment from banks

Around 20 banks and finance companies are planning to invest up to half a billion pounds in the UK following the EU referendum.

PricewaterhouseCoopers - one of the Remain campaign's corporate backers - says that £200m of investment has already been confirmed by a mixture of UK, European and non-EU companies with another £300m in their business plans.

Before the referendum PwC were spinning economic meltdown for the government.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Steve Crowther steps down as UKIP chairman

Steve Crowther has resigned as Party chairman today.

He has been planning his resignation for 12 months regardless of the result of the referendum.

Steve can be as much a Marmite character as Nigel Farage at times but he's the man who gets to translate all the policy decisions that Nigel and others make into action. Sometimes he even gets to know what those decisions are before they're broadcast live on TV!

Party Director, Paul Oakden, is stepping into the Chairman's role until a new leader is elected in September.

Here is Steve's statement in full:
I gave notice to the Party Leader some weeks ago that I would resign from the Chairmanship in July, following the Referendum, regardless of the result. Yesterday the NEC received my resignation and approved Nigel’s appointment of Paul Oakden to fill the role from the first of August until the new Leader is elected in September.

I agreed with Nigel a year ago, when it became clear that the Referendum would be coming sooner rather than later, that I would stay on until after the Referendum, to do whatever I could to help him achieve the great task of getting our country back.

It has been an enormous privilege to serve one of the towering political figures of our age, and play a small part in the Brexit win. I will now return to the party’s grassroots and do what I can to help rebuild the public’s confidence in our country’s future, which has been seriously damaged by the destructive narratives of the Remain campaign.

The UK is a great country, a world leader in many fields and a beacon of independence, tolerance and civil and human rights. We have an even brighter future ahead of us, now that we are once again able to chart it for ourselves. I hope that everyone – especially the young – will soon start to see the possibilities ahead, and embrace the future with the hope and enthusiasm it deserves.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Life after Nigel: Nuttall or Woolfe?

When the dust settles on Nigel Farage's resignation the big question will be who will take his place as leader of the UK's third largest party.

With Suzanne Evans currently serving a suspension she is unable to stand which leaves it as a two horse race between Paul Nuttall and Steven Woolfe.

Paul Nuttall is the current deputy leader and leader of the UKIP delegation in the EU Parliament. The working class boy from Bootle has done well for himself, working his way up through the ranks to be Party Chairman, Deputy Leader and getting elected as MEP for the north west of England. Paul is from an old Labour background, supports an English Parliament and campaigns for stronger ties with the Commonwealth.

Steven Woolfe is UKIP's economics spokesman and a criminal law barrister. Steven was born in the notorious Moss Side estate in Manchester and brought up not far away in Burnage. He was introduced to the party by Lord Pearson in 2010 and was quickly appointed economics spokesman by Nigel Farage. Steven is UKIP's highest ranking ethnic minority official and a campaigner for an ethical immigration policy based on merit.

Whoever takes over will have big shoes to fill. Nigel Farage took a single issue protest party and turned it into the UK's third largest party with elected representatives at all levels of government, the largest group of UK MEPs and made an EU referendum a reality.

Breaking: Nigel Farage steps down as leader

I have never been and never wanted to be a career politician.

I now feel I have done my bit.