Monday, 22 December 2014

EU court rules that Turkish workers must get the same UK benefits as EU citizens

The British government has lost another court case aimed at preventing EU rights being extended to people who aren't EU citizens.

Last week the EU Court of Injustice ruled that it was against EU law to impose immigration controls on the partners of EU citizens even if they aren't EU citizens themselves. It transpires that they also ruled that every Turkish worker in the UK is entitled to the same benefits as EU citizens, including the right to transfer their state pension benefits back to Turkey.

Earlier this month, David Cameron pledged to fight for Turkey to join the EU and give 75m Turks the right to live and work in the UK.

Theresa May considers repatriating non-EU students

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, is considering changing immigration laws to force non-EU students to go back to their home country and apply for a visa if they want to work here after they graduate.

Whilst it is obviously important to make sure that students wanting to remain in the UK should have to apply for a visa, it makes no sense to force them to fly back home and then fly back again when their visa application is approved. It could cost them thousands of pounds with no benefit to either side.

When you hear someone talking about repatriation of foreigners, it's usually the BNP or the English Democrats not the Tories but such is their desperation to appear to be tough on immigration that they'll resort to BNP rhetoric.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Conservative Councillor says being "brown and a woman" is a handicap

A Tory councillor for Bexhill & Battle has described being brown and female as a "handicap".

Cllr John Barnes, who is President of Bexhill & Battle Conservative Association, responded to Suella Fernandes' disappointment at not being selected to contest the Conservative safe seat in May by saying "The double whammy of being brown and a woman probably handicaps her still".

The Conservative Party are a bit miffed and are considering taking action against him for suggesting that race or sex plays a part in the decision making process.

Round-up of LibLabCon, SNP and Green racists, fraudsters, sex offenders, perverts, drink drivers and general crooks in 2014

The "News Reporter" responsible for a series of anti-UKIP articles on the BuzzFeed website published an article yesterday entitled "24 Times UKIP Went Too Far In 2014".

In the interests of balance, here is a round-up of the various racists, fraudsters, sex offenders, perverts, drink drivers and general crooks in the LibLabCon, SNP and Green parties that the national media mostly ignored this year:






Friday, 19 December 2014

Former Lib Dem Mayor of Horncastle convicted of animal welfare offences

A former Lib Dem Mayor of Horncastle, Pamela Ann Crisp-Beard and her daughter, Maria, have been found guilty of animal welfare offences by Skegness Magistrate's Court.

An RSPCA inspector found that the carpets in Crisp-Beard's house were so soaked with urine that her feet squelched when she walked. Rabbits were kept in such filthy conditions that they had dug tunnels in compacted faeces. Countless other animals were kept at the house and in the garden in filth and cages that were too small.

Crisp-Beard and her daughter kept 22 chickens, 15 rabbits, 5 mice, 4 ducks, 2 guinea pigs, 2 rats, 2 dogs, a golden pheasant, a cat, a goose, a parrot and 2 ferrets at their home in squalid conditions.

Hollande says "non" to David Cameron's repatriation of powers

The French president, Fran├žois Hollande, has told David Cameron that he is obsessed with his own problems and that he will veto any attempts to change EU treaties that Cameron asks for for his mythical renegotiation of our relationship with the EU.

David Cameron promised a whole raft of repatriations of power from Brussels if he wins the next election, including immigration, employment law and criminal justice. Repeated public statements by French, German and Polish politicians that they will veto any of these attempts has downgraded his renegotiation demands to an opt out from the legally binding requirement to support ever closer union and even that has been shot down in flames.

From day one the promise to renegotiate and repatriate powers from the EU has been a deception. Changing anything in an EU treaty requires the unanimous agreement of all member states of the EU. David Cameron knows this, every MP knows this, every civil servant knows this and all the media know this. It doesn't matter how many times someone says that the Tories will repatriate powers from the EU, it just isn't possible - power flows one way to the EU, it can't come back.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

ECJ rules that UK can't control free movement of non-EU citizens either

The EU Court of Injustice has ruled that the British government isn't allowed to restrict the free movement of partners of EU citizens even if they don't have citizenship of an EU country themselves.

A test case was brought by a British citizen who also holds Irish citizenship living in Spain whose Columbian wife had to apply for a family visa every 6 months to be allowed to enter the UK. The ECJ ruled that because she has a Spanish residency permit she should also be allowed free movement across the EU and that the British government's visa system is illegal under EU law.

A spokesman for the British government says that they are disappointed with the outcome but they won't comment further because the High Court has yet to rule on it. This is clearly a cop-out though because the EU courts have primacy over UK courts, making the High Court's decision an irrelevance.

We can't control immigration from EU citizens and now we can't even stop non-EU citizens from coming here and yet David Cameron and Ed Miliband still try and con the public into thinking that they are capable of controlling immigration whilst remaining members of the EU. It's just not possible and anyone - politician or otherwise - who tells you that it's possible is either stupid or dishonest. Or, as far as politicians are concerned, probably both.

Three Conservative MPs address London Swinton Circle

Conservative MPs Owen Paterson, Christopher Chope and Liam Fox have been found to have addressed the Tory fringe group, London Swinton Circle.

Members of the London Swinton Circle have some pretty extreme views such as the deportation of immigrants to Africa, blaming floods in New Zealand on gay marriage and unmarried women being a sexual object to be shared around. These views have been published as articles in their magazine.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Rochester Tories suing Mark Reckless for cost of leaflets they had to throw away

The Tories in Rochester still haven't got over the fact that Mark Reckless defected to UKIP and then mauled them at the ballot box and have issued a claim against him for costs relating to campaign leaflets they've had to throw away.

Reckless' agent, Chris Irvine, has also been named on the claim for £3,000 to cover the cost of election material that they say was authorised by both Reckless and Irvine as recently as two days before he announced his defection.

It's unlikely that they'll be successful because the principal is quite absurd but it'll make an interesting (and expensive) test case for an ambitious lawyer. You'd think they'd be saving up for the £5,000 fine for exceeding the election spending limit with their postal primary publicity stunt that's surely coming their way once the Electoral Commission have received their election expenses return.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

UKIP forms Pan-European Political Party

UKIP have formed a Pan-European Political Party three years after the membership voted against it.

When the idea was first mooted it was met with opposition in some quarters and started former MEP Nikki Sinclaire's war against Nigel Farage and later, against the party. UKIP's economic advisor and world renowned economist, Professor Tim Congdon, was also opposed to the idea and it formed one of the central pillars of his failed bid to become leader of the party when Lord Pearson stood down.

The current Pan-European Political Parties, all of which promote EU integration

At the time myself and others wrote on this blog about the arguments being put forward both for and against the idea of UKIP forming a Pan-European Political Party without any real consensus. The membership as a whole were less ambiguous and voted against it in an internal referendum by 2:1. That was three years ago though and membership of the party has doubled in that time with running costs going through the roof as the party has professionalised. A lot has changed since the poll conducted three years ago and the £1.5m of funding available is badly needed to take the pressure off party finances which are paying for campaigning not just here in the UK but across the EU.

I made the point more than once that there is £10m of funding available to Pan-European Political Parties that is currently all going to federalist parties and unlike the EFDD ground (then just the EFD) it can contain delegates from political parties that don't have MEPs, thus supporting the eurosceptic movement across the EU and incubating future partners for UKIP in the EU Parliament. Leader of the EFDD group, Roger Helmer, makes the same point that the same amount of money is going to be spent - the budget isn't increased when a new group is formed - so it makes sense for UKIP to take a share of the cash which is currently going exclusively to promoting further EU integration.

A further internal poll of the party membership could have been held prior to the formation of the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe and the associated think tank, the Initiative for Direct Democracy in Europe, but with more than 40,000 members these things are starting to get pretty expensive for the party. Whilst there is a certain irony to not practising direct democracy within the party on the subject of forming the Alliance for Direct Democracy, it's a common sense move that will benefit both UKIP and the eurosceptic movement across the EU and allow the party's money to be spent on the upcoming elections.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Don't mention the war immigration

The Telegraph has been leaked a private strategy document circulated to Labour MPs and parliamentary candidates on how the party intends to deal with the threat from UKIP.

Their strategy is don't talk about immigration and if someone tries to talk to you about immigration, change the subject.

Tony Blair : Haunted And Hunted

So now we can guess why Tony Blair has been looking so out of sorts lately. Recently at the cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday he looked ashen and haunted, and that was followed by his truly weird Christmas card with that ghastly rictus grin.

Some optimistic souls may speculate that Blair's conscience is finally struggling with the weight of his terrible past deeds. However, isn't a more likely explanation that he was tipped the wink that the American report on government torture was going to come out, excoriating the American government and by extension heavily implicate the British, and therefore himself and Jack Straw in particular?

In a better world, Blair and Straw would already be called to account for their wicked acts during their times in office, and perhaps they may still be. However, we can comfort ourselves that whatever the truth of these latest developments, Blair's reputation in particular is now trashed in perpetuity and beyond all hope of redemption: the so-called christian will not only be seen by history for the lying, money-grubbing charlatan that he is, but as a man who prostituted both himself and his country in the pursuit of fame and fortune, descending to the absolute depths of moral squalor in the process.

This time there must be no prevarification, no establishment cover-up - a swift judicial enquiry into the extent of the British government's complicity with torture is essential.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Iain Duncan Smith talks down food banks with some dodgy maths

Iain Duncan Smith says that the number of people using food banks in the UK is "tiny" and isn't a result of changes to the welfare system because Germany has far more generous benefits and they have more people using food banks.

The Trussell Trust, which runs a nationwide network of food banks, says it has fed 913,138 in a year. Add in the independent and church-run food banks all over the country and over a million people have used food banks. Germany has a population of nearly 86.7m compared to the UK's 62m which works out at roughly the same percentage of the population.

There is a huge difference between the German and UK unemployment benefit system. In Germany you have to pay into the system to get out of it and you have to pay into it for two years for every year you can take out. There's none of the nonsense we have here with some people being entitled to as much as £50k in benefits either - a couple in Germany would need to have 12 children to be entitled to more than £50k in unemployment benefits. If you have savings in Germany then you will be expected to spend those before you get benefits - no protecting your nest egg and using taxpayers' money to pay your bills there. Yet despite the much stricter benefits system, Germany still has roughly the same percentage of the population using food banks as we do here in the UK with what is still, despite the punitive changes the Tories and Lib Dems have brought in, a very generous welfare system.

The more millionaire Tories trying to talk down the vital role that food banks play in feeding the people that they've let down the better, we need more UKIP MPs working for people in need instead of Tories like IDS working against them.

Image: Street Democracy

Breaking: Kerry Smith resigns

The BBC are reporting that Kerry Smith has resigned as PPC for Basildon South so that UKIP can win the seat in May.

Conservative councillor in Tendring becomes sixth defector to UKIP this week

A sixth councillor has defected to UKIP this week following the defection of five Kings Lynn councillors earlier in the week.

Cllr Anthony Calbourne has defected from the Conservatives to UKIP. He has been a councillor on Tendring District Council for 12 years.

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