Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sandwell and Castle Point racing to open first UKIP social club

The Sandwell and Castle Point branches of UKIP are battling each other to open the first UKIP social club in the country.

UKIP Castle Point announced two days ago that they were in talks to open their social club whilst Sandwell Young Independence tweeted today that theirs was about to open any day now. The signs are already up in Sandwell so it looks like they might just pip Castle Point to the post!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Conservative councillor who resigned over "personal problems" is under investigation for child sex offences

A Conservative councillor who resigned suddenly in May has been under investigation for child sex offences.

Matthew Lock resigned as leader of the Conservative group on Hastings Borough Council in December and then as a councillor last month citing personal problems and ill health. However, it transpires that he was arrested on suspicion of inciting a 15 year old boy to commit sexual activity last year and is on police bail until August.

He has been suspended by the Scout Association with whom he was a volunteer.

Conservative ex-councillor ordered to pay back just £290 to pensioners she conned out of over £26k

A Conservative ex-councillor on Wycombe District Council has been ordered to pay back just £290 of the £26,350 she stole from two vulnerable elderly people.

Jeanette Mann befriended the elderly residents so she could steal from them, emptying the bank accounts of one woman and pilfering from the account of another.

Mann lost all but £290 of the money she stole which the courts have confiscated to give back to her victims.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Internet troll Bonehill-Paine charged with inciting racial hatred

Convicted internet troll and former Conservative candidate, Joshua Bonehill-Paine, has been charged with inciting racial hatred.

Bonehead was arrested in a joint operation by the Met Police and Avon & Somerset Police over anti-Semitic posts on his racist hate blog, the Daily Bale.

Finally learning from past mistakes, the courts have denied bail and Bonehead will spend a couple of weeks at Her Majesty's pleasure where hopefully his fellow guests will knock some sense into his stupid head.

M5S present 200k signature to Italian Senate calling for €uro referendum

UKIP's partners in the EFDD group in the EU Parliament, the Five Star Movement, have presented a 200k signature to the Italian Senate calling for a referendum on membership of the €uro.

The petition calls for a referendum by January next year.

Less than 24 hours for Greece to take the first step down the road to freedom

Greece has one more day left to pay the IMF £1.6bn of instalments for a loan that a Greek Debt Committee commissioned by the Greek government have declared "illegal, illegitimate, odious and unsustainable".

The IMF's creditors don't go into default if they don't pay up on time, they go into arrears. Greece won't be in default unless it fails to pay out on the €3.49bn of bonds and €2bn of Treasury bills that mature in July. Most of the T-Bills are owned by banks and will be rolled over but the bonds will need to be paid in just a few weeks if Greece is to avoid a sovereign default.

Greek banks are closed today and capital controls put in place to limit withdrawals and transactions to try and prevent capital flight. The Greeks have lost faith in the €uro and it's looking increasingly likely that they'll vote no to the bailout terms the EU and IMF are trying to force onto them in a referendum due to be held on Sunday.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Alexis Tsipras calls bailout referendum

The Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has called a referendum on what describes the "unbearable" bailout plan the EU and IMF are offering.

Greece is due to make a consolidated payment to the IMF at the end of this month but doesn't have the money to so. Even if the Greeks vote to accept the bailout terms on July 5th, there's no guarantee they'll get the money as they'll have already gone into arrears with the IMF.

There is no hope of the Greeks ever paying their debts and recovering from their current financial crisis whilst they remain members of the EU and the €urozone. The best thing the Greek people can do is vote no to the bailout and leave both the single currency and the EU and pursue an Icelandic-style recovery.

Almost 650k people moved to the UK last year

The UK population officially increased by 491,100 people last year with immigration accounting for the bulk of it. That's the population of Southampton and Derby combined moving to the UK, placing extra demand on housing, hospitals, schools, public services and jobs.

Official net immigration was responsible for 259,700 people whilst population growth was responsible for 226,200. A quarter of the babies born in the UK last year were to immigrant parents. This obviously doesn't include illegal immigration which is conservatively estimated at 18k per year.

But the net immigration figure isn't the most important one, it's the gross immigration figure that gives an idea of the true scale of immigration - a whopping 624,000 were tracked moving to the UK last year. That's the population of Warrington, Swindon, Reading and Blackburn combined moving here in 12 months, most of them being entirely unfamiliar with our way of life, our language, etc. and requiring public services to teach them how life works in the UK.

Controlling immigration was one of David Cameron's "demands" for his failed renegotiation of our relationship with the EU and in 2010 he promised to reduce net immigration to 100k a year, a target that is being missed by an increasingly wide margin year on year.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Cameron wants us to vote for another Cast Iron Guarantee™

David Cameron has accepted that he's not going to get the treaty changes he says that he needs for the "reforms" to the EU that he's asked for and will instead rely on a Cast Iron Guarantee™ that EU treaties will be changed to meet his demands at some time in the future if we vote to stay in.

The plan now is to get the leaders of the other EU member states to promise to agree to treaty change in a few years' time if:

  1. They're still in charge;
  2. Their electorate vote to treaty changes in referenda and;
  3. They want to
People voted for the Conservatives earlier this year on the same premise with Cameron's "renegotiation" so it's easy to see why he would think the electorate are stupid enough to fall for worthless promises made by people who don't have the power or inclination to deliver them.

Cameron has already been told that there will be no treaty changes, no limits on immigration and that the free movement of people is not open to negotiation yet still he persists in promising changes that he knows he can't deliver. He is utterly impotent in the EU, having already told them that he will campaign to keep us in no matter what they say to his shopping list of superficial tweaks to the way the EU works.

The EU is unreformable and it will never be run with the interests of nation states at heart. That is why we must vote NO to the EU.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Standards Commission receives complaints about 20 Aberdeen councillors

Twenty councillors in Aberdeen have been referred to the Scottish standards board over their handling of planning applications.

The complaint centres around councillors not responding to queries regarding the planning application for a hotel, offices and shops and in one case, a councillor "inadvertently" emailing a copy of the council's legal advice to a campaigner.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wirral Labour councillor suspended for using special needs kids to deliver election leaflets

A Labour councillor in the Wirral has been suspended by the Labour Party after complaints were made about him using special needs children in his care to deliver party political leaflets during the election campaign.

Cllr Jim Crabtree is a tutor at Meadowside special school in Woodchurch. While he was supposed to be taking a group of children to some allotments he instead set them to work delivering leaflets for his colleague, Brian Kenny, who was standing for election for the Labour Party.

Labour candidate fined and sentenced to community service for fraud

Labour election candidate for Wellingborough & Rushden, Richard Garvie, has been fined and sentenced to community service for committing fraud.

Garvie fraudulently used a closed bank account to buy train tickets knowing that the account was closed and that he was spending the bank's money. He was ordered to pay £894 to the bank, £400 court costs, a £60 victim surcharge and sentenced to 60 hours of community service.

The outcome of the police investigation into inappropriate messages he sent to a school girl after a hustings is unknown.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Tory councillor who assaulted 72 year old UKIP candidate being sued for cost of replacing dentures

A Conservative councillor who assaulted a 72 year old UKIP candidate in 2012 has avoided paying for replacement dentures for the ones she broke when she hit him in the face for the last three years, forcing her victim to take legal action.

Cllr Penny Jackman, a Conservative councillor on New Forest District Council and Lymington & Pennington Town Council, got into an argument with Mike Beggs after taking exception to him handing out leaflets quoting her saying "let's shut the buggers down" in reference to a local cricket club the council were trying to evict from their home of 175 years and struck him in the face, breaking his dentures.

The real reason purdah has uniquely been abandoned for the EU Referendum.

The 'for Britain' grouping are reformers. They don't want 'out' they want 'associate membership' that hasn't yet been publicly defined and can't be implemented in the time available before a referendum.

Matthew Elliott, leader of the 'for Britain' groupings, saw the 'Yes2AV' campaign fail because it was led by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) who were *against* AV, they wanted (and still want - the now obsolete) STV.

Matthew Elliott now wants to recreate this in the EUout campaign - by leading it to fail, by leading it as badly and half heartedly as ERS led Yes2AV.

Just before the referendum, if  the in campaign have not already clearly won, then the EU will offer 'associate membership' they will promise it as a 'vow' (as per the Scots independence 'vow' - the promise of Devo Max if scots voted 'in') and the reformers led by Elliott and 'for Britain' will switch from EUout to EUin - this is what they wanted all along (see

The reason purdah has uniquely been abandoned for this referendum is precisely so this last minute Damascene moment can be stage managed - in the last week or so this offer will be made and hugely publicised - and the UK public will be expected to vote 'in' in a promise (cast-iron no doubt). With (but this time) only UKIP still speaking up for out!

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Bury Labour Councillor charged with making child porn

A Labour councillor in Bury has appeared in court to face 16 charges of making indecent images of children.

Cllr Simon Carter has been charged with making child porn from 2011 to this year. He has been released on bail pending a future court appearance.

He has been suspended from the Labour Party pending the outcome of the investigation.

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