Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Labour suspends four members over Rotherham child abuse

The Labour Party have suspended four members in Rotherham over their part they played in the cover-up of the systematic abuse of 1,400 children over a 16 year period.

Three councillors - Roger Stone, Gwendoline Ann Russell and Shaukat Ali - have been suspended along with former councillor Jahangir Akhtar. The Labour Party says that the four will be investigated for the part they played in letting down the abused children. They have also said that the Police & Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright, will have to apply to their NEC before he will be allowed to rejoin the Labour Party.

Jahangir Akhtar was investigated by the police last year over allegations that he knew about a relationship between a 14 year old girl in care and a known child abuser. He denied the allegations and the police cleared him of them. Does that case feature in the independent report into child abuse?

Roger Stone resigned as leader of Rotherham Borough Council when the damning report into child abuse came out. When Rotherham Social Services hit the headlines last year for taking two children off their foster parents because they were UKIP members, Roger Stone said "If the professionals give advice, we take it. We are going to investigate — we always would if somebody complains". Except the independent report into child abuse in Rotherham clearly shows that they don't take the advice and they don't investigate when someone complains. Quite the opposite in fact - they discredit the victims and cover up the abuse because they don't want to tell people that almost every child abuse allegation is against Pakistani and Kashmiri men.

Gwendoline Russel and Shaukat Ali were present at a meeting of Rotherham Borough Council in 2008 when sexual exploitation of children was discussed. The report (page 33) said that the council had been contacted 118 times in 2007/08 expressing concerns about child sexual exploitation. The action plan shows that the council was well aware of sexual exploitation of children.

There is more to this Rotherham case than meets the eye. The scale of the abuse, the minutes of council meetings showing they were aware of the abuse happening, the botched police investigations. It all points to more than incompetence and fear of accusations of racism. I think that in time we will find that some people at Rotherham Borough Council - councillors or officers or both - have done more than turn a blind eye.

Monday, 1 September 2014

UKIP MEP calls for Ashya King's parents to be released immediately

UKIP MEP, Janice Atkinson, has called for the parents of 5 year old brain cancer patient Ashya King to be released by Spanish police immediately.

Spanish police have arrested Brett and Naghemeh King after doctors reported them to the police for taking their son out of hospital without their permission. South Hampshire Police issued an EU Arrest Warrant and Spanish police arrested the couple. Ashya is now in a Spanish hospital with no friends or family to support him and his parents locked up in a Spanish prison awaiting a court hearing on their extradition.

Ashya's parents took him from hospital in Southampton because they weren't happy with the treatment he was getting or the doctors' willingness to listen to their opinions about his treatment. They bought specialist equipment and food to safely take him to Spain so they could sell their holiday home to pay for Proton Beam Treatment which is not available on the NHS. Their son has posted details and video footage on YouTube to counter what he says is misinformation by the hospital and the police.
I am appalled that Ashya's parents have been arrested. This little boy needs his mother at this time," she said.

He is five years old, probably doesn't speak Spanish, and will be lying in a hospital bed in distress.

I call on the Home Secretary to contact the Spanish authorities so that Ashya's parents are released immediately. Then she should ask the assistant chief constable of Hampshire, Chris Shead, why he 'made no apology for the police being proactive' to find Ashya.

Then I would ask her whether she now thinks that pernicious European arrest warrant works in the hands of over-zealous policemen in the interests of British citizens?

Surrey Conservative councillor appealing prison sentence for assault

A Conservative councillor in Surrey convicted of 5 counts of assaulting his ex-girlfriend is appealing against his 22 week prison sentence.

Cllr Asif Ayub was sentenced to 22 weeks in prison for the assault by Ealing Magistrates' Court but isn't happy with the conviction or the sentence. His appeal will be heard shortly at Isleworth Crown Court.

Conservative councillor to stand trial for assault in December

A Conservative councillor charged with assaulting a woman days before the local elections is standing trial in December.

The 77 year old former Leicestershire County Council chairman, Cllr Tony Kershaw, was cabinet member for waste and chairman of the environment and transport overview and scrutiny committee until he was suspended after being charged with the assault.

Eurosceptic Alternative Für Deutschland enters Saxony's regional parliament

The German eurosceptic party, Alternative für Deutschland, has entered Saxony's regional parliament for the first time after winning around 9.6% of the vote.

Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat Party got 39% of the vote and remain the largest party but the liberal Free Democrats got a trouncing, securing just 3.5% of the vote and losing all their representation. The Neo Nazi National Democratic Party looks to have lost all its representation in the regional parliament as well but it's close to the 5% threshold.

The success of a eurosceptic party in German is something that would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago but there is a trend across the EU of eurosceptic parties challenging the europhile status quo. In some countries the refusal to listen to the legitimate concerns of citizens about the advance of the EU superstate has resulted in extremists hoovering up that eurosceptic support but mostly it has seen liberals and fascists take a beating in the polls just as it has here in the UK.

As a committed europhile, Angela Merkel will be disappointed at the thought of sharing power with a eurosceptic party but what she values more than anything else is power so don't be surprised to see some concessions to the eurosceptics from Frau Merkel and the Christian Democrats.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Survation poll for Mail on Sunday predicts "UKIP by-election bloodbath" in Clacton

Tomorrow's Mail on Sunday has the results of some astonishing Survation polling in Clacton following the defection of Tory MP, Douglas Carswell.

With the headline "Cameron faces UKIP by-election bloodbath" the Mail reports that 64% of voters in Clacton intend to vote UKIP and 91% of those because they like UKIP or Carswell. The Tory spin that voting UKIP will let Miliband become Prime Minister has failed to resonate with Clacton voters with 69% saying it makes no difference to their voting intentions.

Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and William Hill all have UKIP and Douglas Carswell odds on favourite to win the Clacton by-election:

Ladbrokes: UKIP 1/10

Paddy Power: UKIP 1/7

William Hill: UKIP 1/4
The full results in tomorrow's Mail are as follows:

Lib Dem Mayor and Lib Dem and Labour councillors resign over sex offender taxi drivers

The Lib Dem Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Subhan Shafiq, has resigned after personally vouching for a convicted sex offender to allow him to become a taxi driver.

Two other councillors - Lib Dem councillor Stuart Burke and Labour councillor Gladstone McKenzie - have also resigned from their posts for their part in allowing sex offenders drive taxis in the city but will remain councillors.

A number of sex offenders and people who "caused the council concern" were found to have "inexplicably" been given taxi drivers' licences during a review of taxi drivers by the council. It was subsequently found that the three had been involved in the decision to grant the licences.

Broxtowe Labour councillor urged to resign over racist remark

A Labour town and borough councillor in Nottinghamshire has been urged to resign after calling a German resident "Eva Brown".

Cllr Andy Cooper, who sits on Kimberley Town Council and Broxtowe Borough Council, made the comment in an email to fellow councillors. One of them was so disgusted with what he said that she resigned. The German resident that Cllr Cooper was referring to was a Labour town councillor until last month and says that she is offended by him calling her by the name of Hitler's mistress which she feels are made against her because of her race and heritage - a criminal offence that carries a maximum sentence of 7 years in prison.

Friday, 29 August 2014

UKIP Crawley councillor resigns

Crawley's only UKIP councillor has resigned today as he no longer has the time to commit to the job.

The surprise announcement comes just 24 hours after Cllr Karl Williamson, who defected from the Conservatives, informed the leader of the UKIP Crawley branch of his decision.
It is with regret to announce that I will be resigning from my position as councillor for Southgate with immediate effect.

I have tendered my resignation to the Head of Legal & Democratic Services at the town hall.

Lately, my full time work schedule has become increasingly busy, which has resulted in me spending a lot of time out of the country.

Southgate deserves a councillor who can commit a large percentage of their time to the town, and I am no longer in a position to do that.
We often hear of LibLabCon councillors refusing to resign their seats even if they move hundreds of miles away so it's great to see this great example from a UKIP councillor.

Guildford Conservative councillor charged with fraud, deception and pretending to be a barrister

A Conservative councillor in Guildford has been charged with forgery, fraud by false representation, obtaining monetary advantage by deception and wilfully pretending to be a barrister.

Cllr Monika Juneja claimed that the investigation into her falsely claiming to be a barrister was a racist campaign against her to undermine the council's local plan. She had used forge letters and qualifications to obtain legal roles at several councils over a 14 year period.

Juneja will appear before Guildford Magistrates Court next Tuesday to answer all seven charges.

Labour activist threatened with expulsion over homophobia named as one of their top activists

The Labour Party activist threatened with expulsion from his party for making homophobic comments about one of his Lib Dem rivals and eventually reported to the police over his offensive remarks has made number 9 on Labour North West's leaderboard for making political capital.

This slightly juvenile leaderboard gives points to Labour activists and politicians whenever they make political capital out of something. Ed Miliband is of course at the top of the list which says a lot about the political prowess of Labour politicians but it was surprising to find Stephen Poulson on the list at all with his behaviour over the last couple of years, let alone having his prehistoric attitudes glorified by putting him on a top 10 list of political activists.

Leicester Labour councillor in trouble again

The Leicester Labour councillor and former Lord Mayor convicted of firearms offences earlier this year has been found guilty of breaching the councillors' code of conduct by having five parking fines from 2010 cancelled by officers.

Cllr Robert Wann was investigated by the council's standards committee after a whistleblower reported him. The standards committee found him guilty of bringing the council into disrepute by getting the parking fines cancelled and securing a parking exemption for himself that he wasn't entitled to.


Sevenoaks politics just became more interesting with the announcement that Conservative Councillor Chris Neal, who represents Cowden and Hever on Sevenoaks District Council has joined UKIP.
Mr Neal said, “On a whole range of issues, both at a local and national level I feel that the Conservatives no longer have the interests of ordinary people at heart. UKIP is, today the party of hope and aspiration.”
In his letter of resignation to his former party he highlighted the way in which the Conservative Council had raised local taxes which have hit local small businesses. The way in which it has allowed development on the Green Belt and the way it interferes in people’s private life.
On the bigger national picture Mr Neal said that the Tories position on an EU referendum, by kicking the can down the road to 2017 is “an outrage and an insult to democracy”. He was also disappointed in the party’s failure to stick to its manifesto commitment to reform blamed on coalition with the Lib Dems.
“Was the capitulation on so many good policies worth it just to occupy No.10?”
He went on “I had thought of staying quiet until next May but after witnessing Douglas Carswell (in my opinion a man of great integrity, one of the most erudite, loyal, intelligent, clear thinking and effective Conservative back benchers) resign and join UKIP today I believe I should make my views known.
I am happy to continue serving the citizens of Cowden, Four Elms, Hever and Mark Beech until next election at which point I will step down.”
Nigel Farage the UKIP leader and Kent MEP said, “I am delighted to welcome Chris to the party. I am sure he will, with Cllr Stephen Lindsay work hard to represent his constituents and UKIP in Sevenoaks”.

Wigan Lib Dem porn councillor censured by standards committee

A Wigan Lib Dem councillor who resigned from the party in the new year after being caught with porn on his council laptop has been found guilty of breaching council rules over an incident in April where he altered the contents of an email to try and jeopardise the jobs of two council employees.

Cllr Robert Bleakley was censured by the Wigan Council's standards committee, ordered to attend one-to-one training sessions and will have his council emails monitored for 12 months, reduced to 6 months if he co-operates.

Bleakley has previously been investigated by the police and the now-defunct Standards Board for England and was disqualified from being a councillor for a period of time.

Hounslow Labour councillor applies to have indecent assault charge dismissed

Hounslow Labour councillor, Gurpal Virdi, has applied to have an indecent assault charge against him dismissed.

Virdi was suspended by the Labour Party just before the local elections in May after he was charged by the Metropolitan Police with the indecent assault of boy under the age of 16 in 1986 and misconduct in public office. The offences date back to when he was a Police officer in the Met.

His case will be heard on September 29th.
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