Thursday, 26 February 2015

Nigel Farage requests police protection for general election

Nigel Farage has been forced to request police protection for the general election campaign in response to the escalating campaign of violence and intimidation from left wing anti-democracy campaigners.

The Home Office normally only authorises police protection for the prime minister, deputy prime minister and leader of the opposition but the police have had to give him protection at public events several times and one left wing extremist with links to the Green Party was convicted of assaulting Farage during last year's election campaign.

As well as providing personal protection, Special Branch also gather intelligence on threats towards the VIPs that they provide protection for.

EU court rules that mobility scooters and lawnmowers must be insured

The EU Court of Injustice has ruled that all motor vehicles should be insured, even if they are never used on public land.

EU judges ruled that a tractor that knocked a Slovenian man off a ladder should have been insured even though it was an agricultural vehicle that was only ever used on private land. The ruling means that member states must now force citizens to insure anything classed as a motor vehicle, including sit on lawnmowers, golf buggies and mobility scooters.

Jill Seymour MEP, UKIP's spokesman on transport, said:
This ruling by the European Court of Justice is absurd.

This is yet another example of the way an EU court filled with foreign judges can overturn established and democratically-enacted British law.

These judges legislate from the bench, in this case by digging up an obscure clause in a 1972 directive to force us to change our laws to suit their philosophy of relentless interference in British law and British private property.
The Conservative transport minister, Robert Goodwill, said he was "disappointed" at the ruling whilst a Tory spokesman said "Two legs bad, four legs good only with David Cameron as Prime Minister will British people get a referendum on our membership of the EU". Clearly the only way to stop this nonsense is to get out of the EU, remove the EU courts from our justice system and take back control of our country. The only way that will happen is with a UKIP government,

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Labour PPC for Truro forced to stand down for overclaiming benefits

The Labour PPC for Truro has been forced to stand down after accidentally claiming too much housing and other related benefits.

Hanna Toms says she thought that telling HMRC of changes to her income (presumably for tax credits) would filter down to her local council who administer housing benefit. Such joined up thinking is unheard of in the public sector, Ignorance is no defence, Toms should have known better.

Conservative councillor in Lancing defects to UKIP

A Conservative councillor on Lancing Parish Council has defected to UKIP, losing the Conservatives their wafer thin majority.

Cllr Leslie Sampson's defection means that the Conservatives and UKIP both have 7 councillors each on the council whilst the Lib Dems have two, paving the way for a challenge to the Conservative Party's leadership of the council.

The current Chairman of Lancing Parish Council, Conservative councillor James Butcher, said that Cllr Sampson should resign and stand for election as a UKIP candidate. Both of UKIP's MPs resigned after defecting and were re-elected under a UKIP banner. None of the UKIP councillors or MEPs who have defected to the Conservatives have ever resigned.

David Cameron's porn adviser charged with possessing child porn

David Cameron's former chief adviser on internet porn filters has been charged with making and possessing child porn. The pictures of children as young as 10 were found on his iPad last year.

Patrick Rock was the British government's chief adviser on online porn filters until he was caught with the porn on his iPad. He didn't resign until 3 weeks after being caught and the Daily Mail had found out.

Oxford-educated lifelong Conservative and a member of the Norman aristocracy, Patrick Rock de Besombes was widely expected to be given a peerage before his arrest.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Flo Lewis voted in as new chairman of LGBTQ* in UKIP group

Brighton & Hove member, Flo Lewis, has been voted in as chairman of the LGBTQ* in UKIP group after the previous chairman, Tom Booker, stepped down from the role.

Flo has stepped down as campaign director for the LGBTQ* group to take on the role of chairman. She will be ably assisted by the current vice chairman of the LGBTQ* group and PPC for Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford, Nathan Garbutt.

The LGBTQ* in UKIP group aims to ...

  1. To operate as a social and support Society for all Members, and to provide these services.
  2. To provide a welcoming safe space, encouraging all Members to feel comfortable with their sexuality and/or gender identity.
  3. To promote the policies of UKIP to the wider LGBT Community and to encourage LGBT people to join UKIP.
  4. To represent the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (etc.) members of UKIP within the Party.
  5. To organise meetings, speakers and social events which promote both the Society and highlight issues facing the LGBT Community.
  6. To act, if requested by the NEC or the Policy groups, as an advisory body or to provide an opinion on a policy proposal that involves the specific interests of the LGBT Community.
  7. To function in accordance with and abide by the UKIP Constitution, and to support UKIP in its aims.

Tory MP for Bosworth says NHS should use astrology

The Conservative MP for Bosworth, David Tredinnick, has told the Astrological Journal that he thinks astrology and homeopathy could solve the problem of overcrowding and underfunding in the NHS.

Tredinnick says that he has done astrological charts for his fellow MPs and that doctors could use astrology to tell them what patients' weaknesses are to help with diagnosis. In 2011 he said that cancer drug money should be given to aromatherapists and distance healers.

Remember, this is one of the 650 men and women running the country!

Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind suspended over cash for access

Former Conservative minister, Sir Malcolm Rifkind and former Labour minister, Jack Straw - both sitting MPs - have been suspended by their respective parties after being caught in a sting by the Telegraph offering to sell contacts and lobby foreign governments.

Both MPs have insisted that they've done nothing wrong and have referred themselves to the Parliamentary Standards Committee.

Jack Straw, who has already announced that he is standing down as an MP this year, bragged to undercover reporters about securing a change in the law on commodities in Ukraine for a company paying him £60k a year and changing EU sugar regulations.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind bragged that he could put the undercover reporters in touch with any British ambassador in the world and has now decided to step down as both chairman of the Parliamentary Intelligence & Security Committee and as an MP.

Nigel Farage said "MPs should not and must not act as lobbyists for any commercial interests whatsoever".

Whitby Labour councillor claims aliens are guiding Putin in Ukraine

A Labour councillor in Whitby has claimed that aliens are telling Vladimir Putin what to do in Ukraine.

Cllr Simon Parkes made the claim in a talk in Wallsend, naming the aliens as "Nordics". Cllr Parkes says that he has had hundreds of alien encounters during his life, that his father is a reptile and that he lost his virginity to an alien.
Putin had been part of a group advised by reptiles. Nordics made a counter offer to Putin. The technology the Nordics are giving to Putin is on a par with America. The Nordics have told Putin he no longer has to toe the American line, hence his resistance.

Channel 4's anti-UKIP mockumentary breaks record for most complaints

The Channel 4 mockumentary UKIP: The first 100 Days has smashed all records for the most complained about programme, attracting over 6,500 complaints to OFCOM and Channel 4.

The previous record was held by Big Brother which attracted 3,784 complaints. Last week's Channel 4 hatchet job attracted 5,262 to OFCOM and over 1,300 complaints to Channel 4 itself making it the most complained about programme of all time.

OFCOM has announced that it is launching an official investigation into Channel 4 to determine whether they have broken the rules on "offensive material, misleadingness and due impartiality" and "also considering fairness and privacy complaints",

Monday, 23 February 2015

Home Office unable to deport Nigerian drug dealer under EU laws

The Home Office has failed in its attempt to deport convicted Nigerian drug dealer, Cletus Okpala, because he has a Latvian wife.

Okpala was caught with nearly half a million quid's worth of cocaine in 2012 and was jailed for 4 years and 4 months. He was told that he would be deported once he'd served his sentence (or half of it as is usually the case) but he appealed the deportation and a tribunal found in his favour because EU laws say that he has the same right to live in the UK as his Latvian wife.

A spokesman for the Home Office said:
We firmly believe that foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK should be deported
Perhaps someone should tell the Home Secretary, Theresa May, because she's opposed to us leaving the EU and has introduced countless measures that increase EU interference in the justice system.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Labour appoint Two Jags as climate change advisor

With absolutely no sense of irony whatsoever, the Labour Party have appointed John "Two Jags" Prescott as climate change advisor to Ed Miliband.

Millionaire class warrior, Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull in the County of Yorkshire, was the EU's lead negotiator at Kyoto where the global warming scam went global and has a wealth of experience of impoverishing millions in the name of changing the weather.

Lord Prescott is best remembered for punching a reporter in the face, having two chauffeur driven Jags and somehow managing to convince someone other than his wife to have sex with him.

Meet the UKIPpers on BBC 2 tonight

The BBC documentary, Meet the UKIPpers, is airing on BBC 2 at 10pm.

Although this is unlikely to be a hatchet job on the scale of the EU-funded Channel 4 mockumentary it's the BBC so it will of course focus on the negatives and the main thing it will be concentrating on is the comments made by former UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan, who said she has a problem with "negroes".
The only people I do have problems with are negroes. And I don't know why.

I don't know whether there is something in my psyche or whether it's karma from a previous life or whether something happened to me as a very, very young person and I've drawn a veil over it - because that sometimes happens, doesn't it?

But I really do have a problem with people with negroid features.
Duncan says she wasn't being racist when she made the comments and actually she's right. Racism is the belief in superior or inferior qualities based on a person's race or prejudice or discrimination against somebody because you believe that your own race is superior which is clearly not the reason she has "a problem" with black people. But she used language that has been considered offensive for decades and can't be trusted to represent everyone equally so it was right to expel her from the party and I would hope that she would do the right thing and resign as a councillor to make way for someone who doesn't have "a problem" with 1 in 50 of the population.

Anti-UKIP campaigners will ignore the fact that Duncan was immediately expelled from the party and use the footage to attack the other 42,000 UKIP members and the thousands of UKIP councillors who don't share her views. Election candidates are now vetted by the party for anything above town and parish council level but what questions would you have to ask to identify that kind of irrational phobia? There is nothing that could realistically have been done to identify Duncan's unsuitability for public office in advance but the important thing is that she was removed from the party as soon as it became apparent.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Desperate London Evening Standard try to link Nigel Farage with racist Chelsea fan

Desperate to associate UKIP and Nigel Farage with any unsavoury behaviour, the anti-UKIP London Evening Standard is headlining a picture of one of the Chelsea fans responsible for a racist attack on a man in Parish taken with Nigel Farage.

A UKIP spokesman said:
Neither Mr Parsons nor his brother are members of UKIP, and we have never heard of him.

This photograph was taken outside a London pub. Mr Farage is photographed with and by dozens of people, both by supporters and opponents on a daily basis.
When David Cameron, Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg go and meet the "public" it's a carefully selected group of party officials and loyal supporters who have been vetted well in advance to ensure everything goes to script and pictures with the plebs are reserved for photo ops with the press or sold to the highest bidder. When Nigel Farage goes out to meet the public it's usually a bunch of strangers and he'll stop and talk to anyone and happily have his photo taken with them. Some of those people might be UKIP members, some of them might be Labour ot Conservatives, some of them might be members of organisations that UKIP proscribes like the BNP or EDL and some of them might be racist scum.

In trying to associate Nigel Farage with this moron, all they've done is emphasise the fact that he's not an elitist politician scared of mixing with the proles.

Peterborough Labour Party official jailed for child sex offences

A Labour Party official in Peterborough has been jailed for breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and a Community Order.

Convicted paedophile, Andrew Palmer, is an election agent for Peterborough Labour Party. He was banned from having any unsupervised contact with children and from carrying out certain activities on the internet. He has twice breached the orders - one breach was related to some deleted WhatsApp messages on his phone which are presumed to be of children and the other was for having unsupervised contact with a child - and has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Palmer has 7 previous convictions for 13 offences starting in 1979 with a conviction for indecent assault. The police have given him the highest risk rating and the judge described him as "a real danger to the public".

The Labour Party refused to tell the Peterborough Telegraph whether they knew about Palmer's convictions but confirmed that they will be excluding him from the party.

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