Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hungary considers deploying army to the Serbian border

The Hungarian government is considering deploying the army to its border with Serbia to try and put a stop to the flood of illegal immigrants heading for northern Europe through their territory.

A security fence built along the Hungarian border has so far failed to stem the tide of illegal immigrants who are desperate to take advantage of the lack of border controls between Hungary and Austria to access Germany, France and the UK. More than 140,000 illegal immigrants have entered Hungary this year.

The decision to deploy troops to the border or not will need to be made by the Hungarian Parliament. Six police units including dogs, mounted police and helicopters are preparing for immediate deployment to the border.

Cameron wants to fill up prisons with illegal immigrants

David Cameron has a plan for dealing with illegal immigrants and asylum seekers illegally working in the UK - put them in prison.

With 1.8m people already living here fit for work but out of a job, 2m EU citizens working in the UK and net immigration of over a quarter of a million people a year there is a massive over-supply of unskilled, unneeded labour and a chronic shortage of jobs. But putting illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who are working illegally into prison isn't going to solve that because the problem is with legal immigrants. Restricting economic immigration to the numbers we need with the skills we need will solve the unemployment problem and the huge cut to the social security bill will give the economy a welcome boost.1

Putting illegal workers into prison is only going to create jobs for human rights lawyers and prison staff. There would be legal challenges, the British government would lose them and a dangerous precedent would be set. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law by living here, let alone working and can be deported immediately. Asylum seekers can't get here to claim asylum legally so they can be deported to the first safe country they entered. We don't need any more unskilled immigrant labour; illegal immigrants and illegal asylum seekers need to be deported not banged up in prisons that are already too full to deal with our own criminals, at the taxpayers' expense.

UKIP MEP and immigration spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP, said:
This must be the week that the net migration numbers come out since this announcement has to be one of the most stupid ideas yet from a Government utterly bereft of a clue on how to deal with the migration crisis. It’s an idea dreamed up the Conservative Party’s PR department to camouflage Thursday’s ONS immigration statistics which will show that yet gain the government has lost control of Britain’s borders.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Labour Party warned about BNP infiltration

The Labour Party has been warned that BNP activists may have infiltrated the party to influence the leadership contest.

BNP members generally have a background in the Labour Party and after a flirtation with the dirtier side of politics, usually go back to them. There have even been a few BNP activists who have gone on to contest elections for Labour - something that would have all 40k+ UKIP members branded as racists.

Whilst there are no doubt a number of BNP activists joining the Labour Party to vote in the leadership election, it's nothing really out of the ordinary. Where UKIP has traditionally plundered the Conservatives for members, the BNP have traditionally attracted Labour supporters who have become disillusioned with the pro-EU, pro-mass immigration policies that the Labour Party used to oppose until the 80s.

Labour Party members need to get used to rubbing shoulders with BNP types because under Comrade Corbin, unless they bring in a ban like UKIP have, they're going to come flocking back.

Monday, 24 August 2015

The anti English voice of Jeremy Corbyn

Much has been made during the Labour leadership election of the democratic credentials of frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn MP
However, whilst he has been very vocal on the issue of self-determination for the Palestinians for a number of years, the following article from Eddie Bone of The independent lobbying group, Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) shows that he is not so keen on extending self-determination to the English – Indeed, he supports the EU plan of breaking England down in to regions as can be seen on the following video!

Article by
Mr Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for the Campaign for an English Parliament.
The Campaign for an English Parliament attended the ‘Jeremy Corbyn for Leader’ event that was held in Ealing on the 17th August 2015.

As the Campaign Director of the Campaign for an English Parliament I asked a question during the Q&A section, after Jeremy Corbyn’s main speech. We asked if he would establish an English Labour Party. His reply was direct and dismissive as he stated ‘he didn’t support an English Labour Party as he didn’t see the need for it’. We thought it showed a lack of insight into the complex concerns being expressed by many Labour supporters, so we attempted to highlight the clear differences in policies between the nations of the UK (eg Tuition fees).

After the event we attempted to speak with Jeremy Corbyn so that he could clarify why he talked about equality and fairness for all yet didn’t appear concerned about England and the English.
Please read the following transcript to see his appalling reply to English concern  (I have highlighted the main point that completely surprised me)

Jeremy Corbyn Ealing Town Hall 17/08/15 (after the main event)

Eddie: This isn’t right, it isn’t right when actually now listen you’re blocking me away completely is that the way you treat, is that the way you treat the English this way, you’re pushing me away
Jeremy: Now hang on, hang on, hang on
Eddie: I just have a question to be answered
Jeremy: There are English regions which have regional labour parties, as does Scotland and Wales and there is the Labour party the membership decide
Eddie: So you’re happy to see them broken up into regions
Jeremy: There has never been a collective voice for England
Eddie: Of course there’s a collective voice for England, we’re a thousand year old nation, we have a right just as Scotland and Wales to our own Parliament, to our own government
Jeremy: Well I am not in favour of an English parliament, I’m in favour of English regions

Tragically for the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn appeared not to grasp what the Conservatives were able to grasp during the general election. Admittedly it took an Australian spin doctor, Lynton Crosby to eventually help the Conservatives see the advantage of playing the English nationalist card. But it did help them ‘above all expectations’ to win a majority. It also helped ‘Northern UKIP’ to block Labour’s ability to challenge the Conservatives as well.

Eddie Bone, Campaign for an English Parliament,  stated “I was appalled to see and hear a potential Labour Leader show such a lack of basic knowledge of English history. Jeremy Corbyn’s blinkered ignorance will play into the Conservatives, UKIP and English nationalists hands over and over again during the next 5 years. His contemptuous and heavy handed approach will not only just succeed in offending the English but will also strengthen the Scottish nationalists as well. By calling Scotland a ‘Region’ he stuck two fingers up to the new Scottish Labour leader. How will she be able to make the Scottish Labour party more distinctive if a new British Labour leader is still in denial about the growth of Scottish nationalism?”

He continued “Labour will potentially face extinction if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next Labour leader because he has failed to understand that many Labour supporters in England see themselves as English and want their own voice which means establishing an English Labour Party”
Eddie Bone CEP

Eddie Bone – Pictured above
For more information on the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP), please visit

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Labour councillor in Luton resigns amid visa abuse rumour

A Luton Labour councillor has resigned from his cabinet post amid claims that one of his relatives has been living in the UK illegally.

Both the Labour Party and Cllr Waheed Akbar have refused to comment with Cllr Akbar citing "personal reasons". Luton on Sunday has received reports that the "personal reasons" relate to one of his relatives overstaying their visa. Cllr Waheed told the Luton on Sunday:
I cannot make any comment because I have stepped down because of personal circumstances.
The fact that he "cannot make any comment" rather than won't make any comment would suggest that if Cllr Akbar's resignation does have anything to do with a relative overstaying their visa then he might have had more than a passing involvement with it.

Thousands of illegal immigrants storm Macedonian border

Thousands of illegal immigrants ferried to the mainland by the Greek government have stormed the Macedonian border.

Many of those that have managed to force their way through police and military lines are escaping Syria but others have come from relatively stable countries such as Pakistan and are simply taking advantage of the opportunity to get into Europe.

The Macedonian army attempted to allow a group of 600 people with small children across the border to catch a train to Serbia where they would then go on to Hungary before making their way to France, Germany and eventually the UK. But while they tried to give safe passage to those high risk illegal immigrants, thousands of others stormed the border.

Since the EU stopped the practice of intercepting boats carrying illegal immigrants and sending them back to where they started off, the number of illegal immigrants coming to Europe has exploded as economic migrants take advantage of the relaxing of border controls and mingle with asylum seekers looking for safety.

Under international law, asylum seekers are required to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter. With the exception of those entering Europe from the volatile north African coast, every asylum seeker is illegally and should be sent back to the first safe country they entered but EU rules don't allow member states to deport illegal asylum seekers to other EU member states because that undermines the EU pretending to be a single country.

The Macedonian government is blaming the Greek government for ferrying thousands of illegal immigrants from the islands onto the mainland.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Illegal immigrants rush riot police in Macedonia

Macedonia has become the latest country to face the tide of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Macedonian riot police used truncheons, tear gas and razor wire to try and stop illegal immigrants travelling through Macedonia to get to Hungary where they can then travel without border checks to large swathes of the EU that stupidly signed up to the Schengen Treaty.

Over 40,000 illegal immigrants and asylum seekers have been registered illegally entering Macedonia from Greece in the last two months. Most of them have gone on to Serbia and then into Hungary where the border is being fortified to prevent them getting any further.

Almost 50,000 illegal immigrants and asylum seekers came from Turkey to Greece alone in July, bringing the total to 158,000 for the year. Another 90,000 have made it to Italy and the total estimate for the year so far is around 340,000. That's a city the size of Leicester making its way into Europe in just 7 months. If it continues at the same rate then by the end of the year that's a city the size of Nottingham and Leicester combined.

Conservative leader of Shropshire Council under investigation for breaching standards

The Conservative leader of Shropshire Council is reportedly being investigated by the council over allegations that he breached their code of conduct.

Shropshire Council are refusing to confirm or deny whether Cllr Keith Barrow is under investigation as they say it could prejudice any investigation if there were one but someone forgot to brief Deputy Leader, Steve Charmley, who said he was aware of an investigation but wouldn't comment because it was an ongoing investigation. Oops!

Germany complains about the number of asylum seekers their open doors policy is bringing them

The German government has revised up its estimate of the number of asylum seekers it expects to receive this year to 800k.

Thomas de Maizière, the German Interior Minister, called for "reform" of the Dublin Regulation, saying it was unfair for Germany to take 40% of the asylum seekers coming into Europe. When he says "reform" what he means, of course, is "change the system so it suits Germany" as is the case with most "reform" of EU regulations. They want to redistribute asylum seekers around the EU so everyone takes their "fair share".

As the Germans are behind the policy of not just letting unlimited numbers of asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and terrorists into Europe but actually laying on a ferry service to bring them here, it's only fair that Germany takes the lion's share of those that arrive. The Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy are being swamped with illegal immigrants thanks to the German policy of ferrying them over to Europe so it's only fair that Germany should deal with the consequences.

Austria has threatened to take the EU Commission to the EU Courts if it tries to force a redistribution of asylum seekers whilst Slovakia said it will only accept Christian asylum seekers due to "security risks". The EU Commission says that they should show "solidarity" and get behind their "migration agenda" of flooding the continent with illegal immigrants from the middle east and beyond.

Illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan rioting in Kos because their asylum claims aren't being processed fast enough

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thurrock Labour councillor arrested for possession of child porn

A Labour councillor in Thurrock has been arrested for alleged possession of child porn.

Terry Brookes was suspended by the local Labour Party who refused to explain the reason. BBC Essex reporter, Simon Dedman, broke the news this afternoon that Essex Police had arrested Brookes on suspicion of possessing indecent pictures of children a month ago.

Colchester Conservative barred from council for failing to attend meetings

A Conservative councillor in Colchester has been removed from his post for failing to attend any meetings in 6 months.

Mark Cable claims that work commitments prevented him from attending a single meeting in 6 months. The last full council meeting he attended, where the bulk of council business is debated, was in December last year.

Despite failing to attend any council meetings he continued to claim his £6,572 allowance.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

UKIP councillor Sandra Rylance has passed away

UKIP Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Sandra Rylance, has passed away from a brain tumour.

She has been described by her colleagues as a tremendous lady, loyal, honest and trustworthy who will be sorely missed.

Cllr Rylance's funeral will be held on the 24th in Ramsey and donations can be made to the Arthur Rank Hospice and East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Young Independence West Midlands Conference

EU Referendum Tour Dates Revealed


Winter Gardens, Margate September 7th
Park Avenue, Belfast September 14th
Circus Tavern, Purfleet September 17th
Sage, Gateshead October 12th
Liberty Stadium, Swansea October 23rd
Town Hall, Cardiff October 24th
Carn Brae Centre, Redruth November 2nd
North West English (TBC) November 6th
The Anvil, Basingstoke November 16th
Emmanuel Centre, London November 20th
Queens Hotel, Leeds November 30th

Thursday, 13 August 2015

For every unemployed person in the UK there is an EU immigrant working here

Unemployment is up for a second quarter by 25,000 to 1.85m people.

In other news, there are now more than 2m EU immigrants working in the UK.

If immigration reflected actual need then we'd let about 250,000 people move here and then allow in the number of people we need to fill the vacancies we have at the time. Net immigration last year alone was 260,000 which is clearly unsustainable. We can't afford to support 1.85m unemployed people and their families as well as a quarter of a million largely low skilled, low paid economic immigrants.

UKIP policy is to freeze economic immigration for 5 years to allow the 1.85m unemployed people who already live here fair access to the job market and then reintroduce economic immigration with strict controls on the number of people and the skills they have.

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