Thursday, 27 November 2014

Immigration Fail: Numbers Up Since Cameron Took Office

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Former Labour councillor charged with defrauding council she sat on

A former Labour councillor has appeared in court charged with defrauding Wigan Council over fake child care expenses from the time she was a councillor.

Emma McGurrin is accused of making 9 false claims for child care in 2012 and 2013. She denies the claims but one of the women whose names appeared on fake receipts has already admitted her part in the fraud at a magistrate's court.

Just 80 people sign up for Dudley South Conservative open primary

Dudley South Conservatives have decided to blow a big chunk of their election spending limit on an open primary publicity stunt attracting just 80 voters.

The Tories tried the open primary idea out in Rochester where they spent most - if not all - of their £100k spending limit on posting ballot papers to every household for them to choose between the two candidates on their all-woman shortlist. Only 0.88% of voters in Rochester bothered to take part which was pretty embarrassing but a marked improvement on the 0.13% of the 61k voters in Dudley South.

Chris Kelly is standing down as MP for Dudley South in May.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Angela Merkel will veto attempts to limit immigration

Angela Merkel says she will veto any attempts to limit immigration within the EU.

David Cameron is running out of time to get any meaningful changes to our relationship with the EU. Every time he makes a promise to stop something from happening or change the way something works he comes up against the immovable force that is Germany who want to change nothing because the EU is run by and for Germany.

Tory minister Grant Shapps refused to admit that they can do nothing to limit immigration from the EU on last night's BBC The Agenda, instead bragging about how the Tories have discriminated against skilled workers from our friends in the Commonwealth to try and mitigate the unsustainable level of immigration from unskilled workers and benefits tourists from the EU.

Alright, I'll give you the shirt of my back but please just pretend you're going to let
me do something about immigration until after the election

Monday, 24 November 2014

County Durham Labour Councillor admits child sex abuse

A Labour councillor in County Durham has resigned after admitting child sex offences dating back to the 1990s.

Cllr Peter McLaughlin has admitted abusing a 15 year old boy but has denied accusations that he abused him from the age of 13. He will be sentenced on January 2nd.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Second UKIP victor in Rochester

Mark Reckless' historic by-election win in Rochester & Strood wasn't the only election UKIP were contesting yesterday. Mark's election campaign manager, Chris Irvine, also contested the Medway Council seat that he resigned from when he defected to UKIP along with Mark Reckless and won with a 15% majority.

Congratulations, Cllr Chris Irvine.

Mark Reckless wins Rochester & Strood for UKIP

Mark Reckless has won the by-election in Rochester & Strood with 42.1% of the vote and will return to parliament as UKIP's second MP.

The majority was less than some predicted but it's just under 3,000 and over 7% which is pretty healthy. The Tories are trying to spin the defeat as a positive and claim that because the margin is smaller than they predicted, they can win the seat back in 2015. It looks like their target seat maths is as dodgy as the maths they used to predict the UKIP margin because Mark Reckless' 2,090 vote majority makes it the 125th largest majority in the country.

The Tories came a respectable but still fairly distant second whilst Labour finished in third place more than 25% behind UKIP. The Green Party finished in fourth with 4.22%, just missing the magic 5% that would have kept their deposit and the Lib Dems were relegated to fifth place with 0.87% of the vote and were only spared the embarrassment of losing to the Monster Raving Loony Party (something normally reserved for the English Democrats who didn't stand in this by-election) by 198 votes. Britain First's lowly 9th place with just 56 votes shows that their clever social media propaganda machine hasn't turned them into a credible electoral force.

Well done to all involved in the election campaign, the activists that travelled from all parts of the UK and beyond to campaign for Mark Reckless and of course to Mark Reckless himself for the brave decision to resign following his defection and contest his seat as a UKIP candidate. Your hard work paid off, you have helped to make history.

Mark RecklessUKIP16,86742.10%
Kelly TolhurstConservative13,94734.81%
Naushabah KhanLabour6,71316.76%
Clive GregoryGreen1,6924.22%
Geoff JubyLib Dem3490.87%
Hairy Knorm DavidsonLoony1510.38%
Stephen GoldsbroughIndependent690.17%
Nick LongPeople Before Politics690.17%
Jayda FransenBritain First560.14%
Mike BarkerIndependent540.13%
Charlotte RoseIndependent430.11%
Dave OsbornPatriotic Socialist330.08%
Christopher ChallisIndependent220.05%

Thursday, 20 November 2014

North Cornwall Council warns schools not to allow Lib Dem councillor near children

North Cornwall Council has issued a warning to schools and clubs in the area not to allow Cllr Alex Folkes access to children.

Lib Dem Cllr Folkes resigned as Cabinet Member for Finance & Resources earlier this month and has been urged to resign from the council. Child protection concerns have been raised at the council in relation to Cllr Folkes and a police investigation in 2000.

EU demands £680m to cover overspend

The EU is demanding another £680m from the UK taxpayer to cover £5.4bn of spending that they don't have the money for.

It's only been a couple of weeks since they landed a £1.7bn bill on George Osborne's desk and now they want more. At least they had a flimsy pretext for demanding the £1.7bn, they didn't just say "we've spent too much money, give us some more".

Former Labour councillor accuses Welsh Labour of using discrimination inconsistently

A former Labour councillor in Wales has accused the Welsh Labour Party of abusing the Labour Party's sexist, discriminatory all-women shortlist policy to help preferred candidates win selection.

The Labour Party has been using all-women shortlists to select candidates for some time even though they have been ruled illegal on more than one occasion. Former councillor Siobhan Corria has accused the Welsh Labour Party of only enforcing all-women shortlists where they don't have a preferred male candidate.

The Labour Party denies the accusation and says that it consistently discriminates against men to artificially inflate the number of women in the Welsh Assembly and town halls across Wales.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mark Reckless is the bookies' favourite

Tomorrow is election day in Rochester & Strood and the bookies say Mark Reckless is going to walk it for UKIP.

BetVictor have UKIP favourites to win at odds of 1/125 whilst Bet365, Boylesports, Bwin, Paddy Power and William Hill all have UKIP at 1/100. Bet365 have given the Lib Dems odds of 1000/1 - the same odds SkyBet and Ladbrokes have given the Monster Raving Loony Party.

North Norfolk Conservative councillor defects to UKIP

A Conservative cabinet member on North Norfolk District Council has defected to UKIP.

Cllr Russell Wright said that he believed the Conservative Party had left him, not the other way round and highlighted their failure of young people as a major reason for defecting.
The core values which drew me to the Conservatives were the values my family had lived our life by for generations: Hard work, looking after your own family, a pride in your locality, responsibility not rights, low taxation and welfare only as a last resort.

I'm not an expert economist, but I've been in business for 30 years and I know you cannot spend more than you earn,

“This Tory government has doubled the national debt since 2010. If this carries on, our children and grandchildren will have no future. You can only have welfare if you create the wealth to pay for it.

Bradford Labour activist of 23 years joins UKIP

A Labour activist of 23 years in Bradford has defected to UKIP.

Owais Rajput said:
After 23 years’ activism in the Labour Party and recent soul-searching, I have concluded the Labour Party is working against the grassroots.

Former president of Belfast Chamber of Commerce joins UKIP

The former president of Belfast Chamber of Commerce has joined UKIP.

Joe Jordan is a successful businessman and was president of Belfast Chamber of Trade & Commerce for over 2 years.
I am delighted to be joining Ukip here in Northern Ireland. I have had a long career in business and during my term as president of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, I dealt with many of our local politicians on a regular basis.

"When I recently made the decision to get involved in politics, there was only ever going to be one home for me, and that was Ukip.

Newtownabbey DUP councillor defects to UKIP

A Newtownabbey DUP councillor has defected to UKIP.

Cllr Robert Hill resigned from the Democratic Unionist Party and joined UKIP yesterday.

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