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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Enthusiastic Reception to Burwell Campaign

Following a very successful campaign meeting for privately invited guests on Tuesday evening, UKIP's number 3 MEP candidate on the East of England list Andrew Smith lead a team of campaigners who completed a leaflet drop to almost the entire village of Burwell near Newmarket this week. He was born in the village and was anxious to encourage all his old friends there to join us to regain our national independence.

Andrew was especially pleased to have received the support of Angela Lawrence and her husband Mick (pictured). It was Angela and Andrew who had started a Young Conservative branch in the village over 40 years ago. Since then and most Conservatives they have both recognised the failure of their old party to stand up for Britain and will be voting UKIP in June.

Questions at the meeting showed concern about the costs of membership, loss of control over our national affairs and the inequitable status of Scotland and Wales compared to England.

At the meeting, Andrew discussed the repeated failure of the Conservatives to hold up EU integration. Andrew recalled that Brigadier Geoffrey Van Orden (Conservative MEP for the Eastern Counties) had recommended Romania and Bulgaria should join the EU. Romania recently issued 1 million passports to Moldovans, enabling them to come to Britain without restriction; the average income is Moldova is well below the level of UK social benefits payments.

Tory MEP Sajjad Karim running scared of UKIP

The following is on the Rochdale News website:

UKIP protest vote will not improve EU, says Tory MEP

UKIP's bid to bring down the European Union system from within will do nothing to reform the EU or its institutions, according to a Conservative MEP for the North West.

UKIP has urged Rochdale voters to use the June Euro-elections to say no to being ruled from Brussels but MEP Sajjad Karim says that a vote for UKIP is a vote wasted.

"I am all for reform of the European Union and its institutions, but by electing UKIP MEPs, I do not know how people will ever see any improvements in the functionality of the European Union," said the Tory MEP.

"Let’s take a moment to take a look at what UKIP MEPs have achieved in the European Parliament. In 2004 they returned 12 MEPs but completely wasted the opportunity. Their MEPs have been characterised by in-fighting and scandal; as a result, one third of their MEPs have left or been expelled.

"UKIP failed to support plans to cut EU red tape for small businesses and to exempt the smallest firms from the EU regulations altogether."
Another eurofederalist Tory MEP (elected as a eurofederalist Lib Dem, incidentally) that is out to mislead the electorate about the European Empire. UKIP's objective isn't to reform the European Empire, it is to undermine it and secure the UK's withdrawal from it. This is what the majority of the electorate wants and this is what UKIP is working to achieve.

A vote for UKIP is a vote against the hated European Empire. A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for Brussels.

Bloggers4UKIP first to report New Recruit !

Respected Conservative Councillor Defects to UKIP

In the run-up to the Council and European Elections on 4th June, Councillor Nigel Haughton, a much respected member of Brickhill Parish Council and life-long Conservative supporter has defected to the UK Independence Party. He has also announced his candidacy for the Bedford Unitary Authority elections, for his new Party.

Councillor Haughton said: “I have become increasingly disillusioned with the local Tories on the Borough Council. The best efforts of the Brickhill Conservative Action team have been thwarted by the leadership of the Borough Conservative Group.”

“The lack of support for the campaign to save our green fields in Brickhill is a prime example of the leadership’s indifference to the concerns of local residents. Whilst the coffers of the Borough have been swelled as a result of the local housing development, we have seen no benefits whatsoever; the funds have been spent elsewhere.

“At a national level, the daily siphoning away of £40million of taxpayers’ money to unelected Brussels bureaucrats is even more disgraceful.

“Reflecting on the complacency of the Borough Tories whilst nationally the Party ‘sits on the fence’ over our national independence, I have decided to take a principled stand by joining and supporting the UK Independence Party.”

Peter Reeve, UKIP's Regional Organiser in the Eastern Counties said: "We are delighted to have Cllr Haughton on board. He will be a major asset to our campaign in this and future elections. We look forward to working with him in the great cause of claiming our country back."

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

UKIP supports the Gurkhas

Nigel Farage UKIP leader today annouced his support for the Gurkhas and slammed Browns handling of the situation on Sun Radio.

UKIP was again represented outside the Houses of Parliament today by London Chairman Paul Wiffen who went along to offer UKIPs full support for the Gurkha campaign to be entitled to live in the country they were prepared to die for.

Shropshire Star Letters

The following letters were in the Shropshire Star in just four days. The European Empire is more important to joe public than the LibLabCon realises.

Treachery of Brown on treaty

We are not a country any more? These are bits taken from the Treaty of Lisbon that our PM signed.

The word "countries" shall be replaced by "states" - only the union may legislate and adopt legally binding acts, the member states being able to do so themselves only if empowered by the union.

The member states shall co-ordinate their economic and employment policies within arrangements as determined by this treaty;

Chapter 1: General provisions; Chapter 2: Policies on border checks, asylumn and immigration; Chapter 3: Judicial co-operation in civil matters; Chapter 4: Judicial co-operation in criminal matters; Chapter 5: Police co-operation; Ensuring the absence of any controls on persons, whatever their nationality, when crossing internal borders.

This kind of degrading of our country would once have been considered treason.

Val Duncan

Selling off our service

One should not be surprised that Deutsche Post, Europe's largest mail company is trying to acquire a stake in Royal Mail.

Following EU pressure, DHL (owned by Deutsche) and TNT cherry picked most of the best commercial bits of PO delivery leaving the old PO with the letters.

The Government is looking to sell 30 per cent in the Royal Mail to raise £3bn. We know who loses out when politicians interfere in business - the customer.

Bruce Lawson

Views on Europe a matter for comment

Phillip Bushill-Matthews MEP never misses an opportunity to correct any misconception some of us have regarding the EU and its aims and ambitions.

I must take him to task about the EU regional assemblies, which he tells us have nothing to do with the EU and were the brainchild of John Prescott MP.

In my possession is a map entitled "The European Community, Member States, Regions and Administrative Units", I would gladly provide a copy but it four feet by three feet and reducing it is beyond my PC capabilities.

The map is highly detailed and made in France in 1980, it records the then 10 member states and their area, population, GDP, primary energy production, etc - too technical for Mr Prescott.

He was an MEP from 1974 to 1979 and was offered a commissioner's job in 1980, he declined.

When in charge of local and regional government in 2001 he did promote the concept of regional assemblies but it was supposed to habe died a death after being turned down at the first referednfum in the North East of England - this fact alone points to the EU who do not accept negative referednum results.

Mr Bushill-Matthews will be telling us next that we don't really pay nine times more than France into the EU coffers - and for less than they get out of it.

Bob Wydell

Feathering their nests

Blow the piffling expenses that are open for our MPs to abuse, the opportunities for MEPs to feather their nests are much more attractive.

Take the Additional Voluntary Pension Scheme. If they pay 1,194 euros a month, it will be matched by publicly-funded payments of 2,388 euros, which in combination with their standard pensionw ill then realise them an annual payment of over 30,000 euros.

Of course, the collapse of invesments doesn't affect them. The funding gap of 120 million euros is something we lucky EU citizens will have the privilege of footing the bill for.

Robert Jenkins

Governing power is there in all but name

Mr Bushill-Matthews, (Star, April 3) says there is no EU government - who does he think he is kidding?

We have here a would-be world power which taxes us, gives us 80 per cent of our laws, and is busily stealing our military and our legal system.

It is giving itself a national flag and a national anthem.

It has a parliament and two buildings in which to meet - of course it is a government and it diverts some of our money to pay Mr Bushill-Matthew's salary and pension, which will require him always to act in the EU's interest.

He says that regional assemblies were Prescott's idea; well, regions were always intended right from the Treaty of Rome.

The central core of regionalisation is the EU's Committee of Regions, which was established by the Maastricht Treaty.

Whether you call them assemblies or not, their purpose will be to administer us as part of the EU's grandiose dream. We really must be mad to sit back and do this to our once-proud country.

A J Astley

Change in democracy as union gets to 50

The EU is at least 50 years old, before our very eyes and without our consent it had evolved from the European Coal and Steel Community, through the Common Market, the EEC, the EC to toay's EU.

Any 50-year-old business would logically expect to be extremely efficient, highly organised, cost effective, fically sound and professionally managed - unfortunately none of this applies to the European Union.

It employs legions of unwarranted staff and wastes copious amouns of money. It still performs its business in two venues using a dozen different languages and is still desperately searching for 20 honest people to serve as commissioners.

After 50 years it still persists with its archaic agricultural policy which increases the food bill of its 500 million members by £400 each year.

There has been no change to its system of law making, no change to the impotent parliament which rubber stamps legislation made in secret by the council of ministers.

There has been a change to the EU's brand of democracy - it has got worse.

One country out of 27 was allowed to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - voted no and was told to try again.

None of the above would matter if membership of the EU was benefitting Britain but it is not.

Its policies are ludicrous, like tagging every one of Britain's 30 million sheep electronically. It will cost us £65 million pounds - what about sheep dogs?

Bob Wydell

EU has far reaching influence on our life

Mr Bushill-Matthews in a letter to the Star, March 31, denies that the European Commission has anything to do with making any of the 80 per cent of our laws which originate with the EU.

Speaking at a conference at the Institut Francais des Relations Internationales recently, Jochen Bittner, Brussels Corrspondent for German newspaper Die Zeit, said: "The European Court of Justice jurisdiction is regularly in line with the European Commission.

"One may have doubts whether this court can be seen as a watchdog of accountability."

And from the East Anglian Daily Times, Jeffrey Titford MEP writes: "Did you know that the government has to go to the European Commission, cap in hand, for permission to subsidise the Post Office?

"Since 2003, the commission has frozen the subsidy the government can pay to cover the loss-making parts of the service, like small local post offices in urban and rural areas, at £150 million per annum."

In August 2008 a study by Open Europe revealed a total of 170,000 people now work directly for the EU institutions.

As well as those who work for the EU directly, the study finds that there are many more officials working for the EU indirectly.

These people are not elected, and cannot be held accountable by ordinary citizens.

They have a huge effect on our lives, affecting everything from the price of electricity and food to the way we run the NHS.

I could go on, there's plenty to go at.

A J Astley

Stuart Gulleford UKIP MEP candidate on BBC Tonight 29th April

Look out for Stuart Gulleford UKIP MEP candidate on the BBC East Regional News programme this evening (29.4.09) - BBC1, 6.30pm and again at the end of the 10.00pm news. You will need to have the East Anglia TV aerial to receive the programme or tune into it through your Sky Box on Channel 981.

BBC East asked Stuart, at short notice, to give an interview on why people should vote UKIP in the European Election. This took place at the BBC Essex Radio studios in Chelmsford. While he was there, he was asked to do a recorded radio interview for BBC Essex - more information on when this will be aired, as soon as we have it.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The Edgbaston, Northfield and Selly Oak branch and guests met at the Apollo Hotel on the 22nd of April to hear with great interest what Fiona McEvoy from the excellent Taxpayers Alliance (TPA) had to say about the budget and our spendthrift Government.  UKIP's flat tax policy was discussed as well as the innovative role of the TPA as watchdogs and guardians of the taxpayers' interest. 

This meeting was also the AGM and the three principal officers, Peter Hughes (Chair), Phil Crossley (Treasurer) and Phil Bertenshaw (Secretary) were commended for their hard work over the past year and re-elected for the new year. 

The Edgbaston, Northfield and Selly Oak branch will meet next on the 20th of May 2009 at 7.30 in Edgbaston.  Please contact [email protected] or Mr Peter Hughes at  [email protected] if you are a UKIP supporter and would like to join us.

For TPA comment on West Midlands public spending see the West Midlands Taxpayers Alliance web-site.

UKIP In the National Media

In more campaign news, the regional campagin launches have already received a massive boost through widespread media coverage with the BBC reporting on every launch that has taken place so far. Here are some of the major broadcast appearances for UKIP that have been confirmed so far:

28th of April - Nigel Farage will be on Radio Liverpool 96.7 at 7.45am

29th of April - Nigel Farage is appearing on the John Gaunt Show on Wednesday at 11am.You can find it on your internet by going to .Nigel will be talking about Why we have to vote UKIP on June 4th.

May 3 -Godfrey Bloom on BBC Politics Show Yorkshire

May 3 - Gordon Parkin on BBC North East

May 5 - John Whitaker on Radio Five Live from Strasbourg with other MEPs. From either 10-11am or 11-noon.

May 5 - From Strasbourg again Nigel Farage on BBC News 24 and on World TV, times tba

May 7 - UKIP Party Election Broadcast BBC 1 6.55pm , BBC 2 5.55pm , ITV 6.25pm

May 8- Nigel Farage will be appearing on BBC Breakfast time

May 10 - Nigel Farage on Andrew Marr Show

May 12 - UKIP Party Election Broadcast BBC 1 6.55pm , BBC 2 5.55pm , ITV 6.25pm ,Ch 5

May 15 - Nigel Farage on Any Questions from Chichester.

May 21 - Marta Andreason on Question Time from Salisbury.

May 21 - Gerard Batten MEP is debating with Declan Ganley on BBC2 TV Daily Politics

May 28 - Nigel Farage Question Time from London. BBC

May 29 - UKIP Party Election Broadcast BBC 1 6.55pm , BBC 2 5.55pm ,ITV 6.25pm

May 30 - David Campbell Bannerman on BBC East.

More national apperances to be confirmed soon.

Many of our MEPS and lead candidates also have regional tv appearances lined
up. Dates for the local election broadcast will not be announced until after nominations close on May 8.

Official launch of Independence Home

Today is the official launch of the Independence Home website, which aims to replicate the success of Conservative Home for UKIP.

Independence Home is written by Horsham PPC and South East prospective MEP, Harry Aldridge and Young Independence Chairman and Bloggers4UKIP author, Michael Heaver.

The website looks excellent and I'm sure it'll be a great success.

Monday, 27 April 2009

EU gives Swine Fever instructions

While the first confirmed cases of swine flu in the UK were being treated in a Scottish hospital, the European Empire summoned the health ministers of all member states to an emergency summit to give them their instructions.

The EU Health Commissioner has issued advice against unnecessary travel to Mexico and other areas with cases of swine flu. Christ, the man's a genius.

You would expect health ministries to be left alone and get on with their job but this isn't the EU way of course. David Milliband, the Foreign Minister, said that it is "right that we put the issue of swine fever on the foreign ministers' agenda" because there needs to be "maximum European co-ordination". Why does there need to be maximum European co-ordination and how does the Foreign Minister suddenly know how best to deal with an outbreak of a Mexican flu virus?

What we need to do is stop all travel to and from countries that have cases of swine flu and to vet anyone coming into the country to make sure they haven't been to any of the affected areas in the last couple of weeks. One small problem though - we can't close our borders to "EU citizens" and we can't interfere in their "right" to travel to our country whether it risks spreading swine flu round the country or not.

Another one of the obvious and tangible benefits of being in the European Empire.

Farage on Sun Radio Wednesday

Nigel Farage UKIP Leader is appearing on the John Gaunt Show on Wednesday the 29th of April at 11am. Nigel will be talking about Why we have to vote UKIP on June the 4th. Sun Radio is a internet radio station you can find it by going to Dont forget to tune in !

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Interview with Ray Finch

Ray Finch is the prospective MEP for the South East euroregion, county council candidate for Bedhampton & Leigh Park in Hampshire and PPC for Eastleigh. He is also the organiser for Hampshire and editor of the UKIP Havant News.

Somehow, he managed to find a spare 10 minutes to answer a few questions for Bloggers4UKIP!
  1. Give us a brief background - who is Ray Finch?
    I am a 45 year old married with an 18 year old son. I am an engineer with a major communications company. Born in Liverpool but left in the '80's during what we call the Great Scouse Diaspora. I have lived in Hampshire for over 25 years.
  2. You seem to be comfortable criticising the party if you disagree with something. Some people (myself included) would say this is a good thing, others would say it is disloyal. What's your view on party loyalty?
    I think it is a great thing. As long as it is internal. External criticism only gives fuel to our enemies. I will fight like anything for principles I believe in but I have no interest in undermining UKIP on personal ego trips. My internal criticism has made me a trifle unpopular with some people but so be it. I am not doing this to make friends. I am doing it because I believe in UKIP. Disloyalty lies not just in public criticism but in not speaking up when you see something is patently wrong.
  3. You say that if you are elected as an MEP you will spend the minimum amount of time in Brussels and Strasbourg. Your opponents will tell voters that there's no point voting for someone who won't be in the EU Parliament to represent them. We in UKIP know that a eurosceptic voice is lost in the EU Parliament but how will you convince voters that your time is better spent in your constituency?
    I will say they are lying. In my opinion MEPs can do absolutely nothing in Brussels as they are merely ciphers employed to offer a veneer of democracy to an anti-democratic regime. There is a place for Nigel to be there to make news by being interviewed using it as a backdrop and when Marta is elected she can cause trouble by getting on the financial committees because she knows where the bodies are buried but ordinary MEPs sitting there pressing voting buttons like so many Pavlov's dogs whilst getting fatter on free lunches is a waste of time, money and talent. I would be a constituency MEP using the position to support our branches and getting publicity for problems caused by the EU. In this way I would help spread the message and educate the people of the south east. That should be our job. Let the people know what is happening to their money and freedoms.

  4. One area of controversy this election campaign is asking people to lend UKIP their vote for the EU elections. Do you think this reinforces UKIP's reputation as a single issue party or do you think enough "borrowed" voters will be convinced to vote UKIP in other elections?
    This is a difficult one. I think, on balance, that it is a good thing as our biggest problem in really breaking through in Westminster is destroying the unthinking tribal loyalties that keep the other 2 parties in control long after they have ceased to truly represent the sectors of the electorate they historically came from. Once working class people identify with the likes of myself rather than the Labour Party of Georgia Gould and Harriet Harman and businessmen identify with Nigel Farage rather than the Conservative Party of David Cameron and George Osborne we will be making the breakthrough. The "Lend us your vote" campaign can help to facilitate that. The voters can get to know and trust us.

  5. UKIPs new billboards feature an image of Winston Churchill. Do you think Churchill would have defected to UKIP if he were still alive today?
    Winston would have come to UKIP, had a fight with Nigel over whether brandy was better than best bitter and defected back. Pre war Winston was best known for putting country before party so he was a UKIP man before his time really.

  6. What place do you think UKIP will achieve in the EU elections? (i.e.. first, second, third, etc.)
    I am expecting it to be close for second place in a three way race between UKIP, Labour and the LibDems. I think we will all be in the mid to high teens in terms of vote percentages. It may depend on how successful our billboard campaign is. The Tories will do more or less as well as last time and the Greens will lose ground. The problem for all of us lies in how well the BNP will do. They will not take significant votes from us but they will decimate Labour. My County Council ward is half retired middle class bungalows and half the most deprived area in the south of England. While knocking on doors I have found ex-Labour voters are turning significantly to the Nazis but few from other parties are doing so. The D'Hondt system used for computing seats make it difficult to actually predict the seat percentage but I do not believe we will get less MEPs than last time and there is a chance of up to 20-25.
Thank you Ray and the very best of luck in June.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Telegraph predicts UKIP 2nd place

The Telegraph appears to be predicting a second place for UKIP in the imperial elections in June.

Apparently, polling evidence is showing that Liebour may be reduced to fourth place behind the Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP. As UKIP pushed the Lib Dems into fourth place in the last imperial elections (UKIP 12, Lib Dems 11) and early polls are predicting double the support we had last time, that means UKIP is in with a very good chance of coming second in June.

All we have to do now is remind voters that the LibLabCon are all eurofederalist parties committed to keeping the UK in the European Empire, committed to having 75% of our laws made in Brussels and Strasbourg, committed to unrestricted immigration from the EU, committed to spending £106,000 per second on EU membership, committed to handing over our sovereignty to one of the most corrupt, anti-democratic governments in history.

A vote for the LibLabCon is a vote for the European Empire.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Stirling Public Meeting Invitation

Members of the public are invited to join members of UKIPScotland at an EU Elections public meeting on Sunday 26 April at the Albert Halls, Stirling starting at 2pm

The EU and You. What it cost you and how it affects you.

International author Paul Henke, will chair a meeting on Sunday 26 April 2009 at the Albert Halls*, Stirling with the UKIPScotland EU election candidates. It’s your chance to meet and question Peter Adams UKIPScotland’s Lead Candidate and his fellow candidates for the forthcoming EU election. The open public meeting starts at 2pm at which the UKIP list candidate’s # will explain the cost and effect the EU has on you and why you should get out and vote on 4th June.

In addition to the candidates, Paul Nuttall UK Independence Party Chairman will outline the Party’s progress UK wide in the run up to the EU elections. ll are welcome. Admission is free but the information is invaluable!

Note full address:* Albert Halls, Albert Place , Dumbarton Road , Stirling , FK8 2QL

List of candidates: Peter Adams, Kirkcaldy, Paul Henke, Balfron, Donald Mackay, Lanark, Peter Neilson, Kelso, Michael Arthur, Dalgety Bay , Paul Wiffen, London

Petition the PM: Resign!

A petition worth signing: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign.
There are many reasons why we might want Brown to resign, but rather than having lots of narrow petitions on this topic (most of which have been rejected), I wanted one for all of us.
Click on the boot to sign the petition ...
Hat-tip: Daily Referendum

Update: Fund Raising - Walking not Talking

Rick Timmis of UKIP Cornwall is doing a sponsored walk from Penzance to St Ives tomorrow and Sunday and has just sent the follow update:


Not long to go now to the Start of the Walk. I have deliberately set out to do this walk alone making it truly Independent, and carrying everything that Jake and I will need in my Burgen. The route is from Penzance station to St Ives and is 40.8 Miles, and I expect it to take 2 days.

So far I have had pledged £600, and am hoping that this will increase as the weekend goes by. But considering I only announced it last week I am fairly happy with the result so far.

I do want to be able to keep you updated on my progress, and so I have setup a few special functions on the Website, that I shall update every hour, and perhaps even more frequently as I progress on the Walk.

I can send short written updates that will appear on the Website here.

Better still I can take photo's with my Mobile and post them to for you to view here.

This is the best bit, I have linked the GPS on my mobile to Googlemaps, so you can even see where I am here.

I will be posting some text updates into the evening tonight as I get ready

Finally the main page on the website with the walk details and the Blog updates can be found here.

I hope to raise lots more money, and better yet lots of awareness, and I shall be telling as many people as I can what its for UKIP and why I am doing it. "To Save Britain from corrupt and peverted Government, so that my children can grow up in a country Governed for the people of Britain, by the people of Britain."

Please tell as many people as you can, and support me with your thoughts and messages by following me ricktimmis on

Thanks and the hope it doesn't rain

Rick Timmis


Walsall market granted by the Crown and uncared for by Walsall MBC.Furious UKIP campaigners in Walsall have pledged to take a stand with traders on the towns historic outdoor market whose future has been plunged into uncertainty. West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass and fellow members of the UK Independence Party will meet with traders on Friday 24th April, 2009, to discuss disgraceful plans to sell off half of Walsall market to a private firm.

Members of UKIP met on Monday to discuss plans by Walsall Council to tender out a huge stake in Walsall market across the European Union which could in turn see the market falling into foreign hands. Representatives of Walsall UKIP are also strongly against plans to move the market, which dates back around 800 years, to Lower Hall Lane.

UKIP West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass, who is a member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism at the European Parliament, said: “Under the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), Walsall Council must put out to tender, across the EU, the contract for Walsall market. “A 50 per cent stake of the town’s historic market, which is very much loved by the people of Walsall, could fall into foreign hands.

“The future of the market should be guided by the people of Walsall and not by the European Union. “Walsall Council should hang its head in shame over this. Walsall Market traders have my full support.” Derek Bennett, chairman of UKIP in Walsall, added: “The market is an important part of Walsall’s rich heritage and its future should be safeguarded for future generations. “It appears the council is just walking away from the market and the market traders themselves.”

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Rustie Lee To Stand As MEP

UKIP in the West Midlands launched its European election campaign on Monday 20th April, 2009. With the withdrawel of a candidate back in January from the West Midlands list, Rustie asked if she could step in. She said on the eve of her acceptance:

I am proud of the country in which I was born and I am proud to be British. There is no substitute for freedom and independence but neither can apply under the political domination of the EU or any other foreign Empire.

Friends tell me I am a happy person, but the EU causes me concern and sadness because I believe the British people were tricked into losing their country. We must all stand together to say YES to friendship and trade with Europe but loudly to say NO to political union. There is a whole world out there with people who want to trade with us without the unnecessary constraints of EU red tape. Together we can cook up independence; it’s a piece of cake.

Good luck to her .The full list of UKIP European election candidates in the West Midlands are: Mike Nattrass MEP, Nikki Sinclaire, Jill Seymour, Rustie Lee, Malcolm Hurst and Jonathan Oakton - make sure you vote UKIP on June 4th if you want your country back and want to 'Say No' to EU rule.

New pub smoking room petition launched on Number 10 Downing Street website

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass and fellow representatives of UKIP have placed a petition on the Number 10 Downing Street website calling for designated smoking rooms to be reintroduced in British pubs.

Mr Nattrass is spearheading a concerted campaign for separate, ventilated and unstaffed smoking rooms to be allowed in public houses and a petition has now been placed on the Downing Street website to intensify the campaign further.

The UKIP MEP, who is a non-smoker himself, is writing to every pub in the West Midlands about his campaign and is also urging people to add their names to a petition at [email protected] calling for smoking rooms in pubs. Now people are being encouraged to support efforts for time to be finally called on the smoking rooms ban by adding their names to a petition on the Number 10 Downing Street website.

The petition can be found at “The smoking ban really has hit the pub industry very hard,” said Mr Nattrass.

“Publicans should have the freedom to decide their own smoking policies and not be told what to do by the European Union.”The smoking ban followed the EU’s Council recommendation 2003/54 calling on all EU member states to “implement legislation providing suitable protection from the effects of passive smoking at working places.”
Mr Nattrass continued: “The smoking ban has been an unmitigated disaster. Many pubs have had to shut up and down the country – in turn resulting in the loss of jobs.

“It is scandalous. Pubs are so important to local communities. All I am calling for is common sense. There should be unstaffed, separate and ventilated smoking rooms in British pubs.“Support my petition and campaign and help put the pub industry back on its feet.”

People can add their weight to the campaign by writing to Pub Smoking Room Petition, PO Box 33333, Birmingham, B6 9AE. All those emailing or writing in support of the campaign MUST include their names, full address and reasons for why they are supporting the campaign.

While UKIP does not like prohibitions and bans in general, UKIP does recognise that the smoking ban has been popular among certain groups, such as families and those wishing to eat out in pubs. However, UKIP believes that a more common sense solution is needed.

UKIP states the smoking ban should be amended to allow pub landlords - freehold, tenanted/leased and managed - and club managers to provide contained and ventilated 'smoking rooms' within pubs and clubs, where customers desire it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

UKIP Campaign launch

UKIP in the West Midlands launched its European election campaign on Monday 20th April, 2009 with the unveiling of the advertising hoardings, as can be seen in the post below by Josh.

Mike Nattrass MEP, the UK Independence Party lead candidate has made a short video on the launch day which can be seen HERE.

The full list of UKIP European election candidates in the West Midlands are: Mike Nattrass MEP, Nikki Sinclaire, Jill Seymour, Rustie Lee, Malcolm Hurst and Jonathan Oakton - make sure you vote UKIP on June 4th if you want your country back and want to 'Say No' to EU rule.

Billboard Galore !

Today I spotted my first billboard in a fantastic position visible to thousands of commuters by road ,train and bus.

Unveiled nationally on Monday UKIPs campaign billboards will be springing up all over the country this week. The one pictured is part of phrase one. UKIP will be using billboards nationally untill election day and is about to launch the partys massive supply and new order of corex boards to supporters across the country. You have been warned!

UKIP London campaign launch with Stuart Wheeler and Gerard Batten MEP Friday !

On Friday April 24th at 10am, UKIP London launches its campaign to the BBC and other TV & press media outside the Houses of Parliament with former Tory donor Stuart Wheeler fresh from his speech at the UKIP Spring Conference (see video). The charge will be lead by Gerard Batten MEP who has been representing London in the European Parliament for the last 5 years, fighting EU moves on increasing EU membership to more Eastern European countries, Turkey and the further immigration problems this will cause.

Also present will be Lawrence Webb, London Regional Organiser and MEP Candidate, Paul Wiffen, London Chairman and Call Centre Manager, Strachan MacDonald, MEP Candidate and Sunita Webb, MEP Candidate. The London campaign vehicle, a UKIP-liveried London Taxi (following on from last year's Routemaster Bus and Gerard's mayoral video which featured him in a cab) will be there as well as an example of the billboards which just went up all around the country.


I've finally had the time to re-populate the UKIP branches and blogs lists in the sidebar after last week's experiment.

The branch website list is as comprehensive as I can get it from information at hand (and kept Damian on busy updating dead links on the UKIP site) but the UKIP blogs list is a lot lighter than it used to be.

If you have a UKIP-supporting blog that isn't on the list, leave a comment or send an email with details. Similarly, if you don't have a UKIP-supporting blog but link to Bloggers4UKIP, get in touch and we'll add a reciprocal link in the sidebar (subject to suitability of course!).

Monday, 20 April 2009

David Cameron 'On The Run'

One suspects that this will not be the only time we see David Cameron 'on the run', especially with his colours so firmly nailed to the 'European' fence on which he sits

Tom Wise arrested for fraud

Former UKIP MEP, Tom Wise, and his former researcher have been arrested after the CPS advised Bedfordshire Police to charge them with false accounting and money laundering.

Wise was expelled from UKIP in 2007 after evidence of corruption was revealed and has been an independent ever since but even though he's been an independent MEP for 2 years, the papers are still publishing pictures of him with a UKIP rosette.

Membership of the European Empire isn't the only major difference between UKIP and the dishonest LibLabCon coalition - UKIP kicks crooked politicians out of the party, the LibLabCon coalition promotes them.

Caroline Spelman was Shadow Deputy Prime Minister - a non-job as there is no Deputy Prime Minister - when she was found guilty of expenses fraud and has since been "promoted" to a real job of Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government.

And then there's Peter Mandelson who has twice resigned from the British government in disgrace and is still mired in sleaze and corruption allegations has not only been promoted back into the Cabinet of all the Talentless, but has even been given a peerage as reward for being as bent as a nine euro note.

Meanwhile, UKIP - the mainstream party that can least afford to lose MEPs - has expelled two MEPs since the last EU elections over fraud allegations. There is, sadly, only one honest party this side of the channel and that's UKIP.

UKIP calls up Churchill

THE wartime spirit of Sir Winston Churchill is being evoked by the UK Independence Party in its Euro election campaign for the European Parliament.

Formally launching its manifesto today, the party unveiled a giant poster featuring the former prime minister giving his famous “v for victory” salute, exhorting voters to “say no to paying the European Union £40million” a day.

The party's deputy leader David Campbell Bannerman, who is the lead UKIP candidate for the East regional party list system of proportional representation used to elect Euro MPs, told a news conference in Norwich: “Never has there been a greater need for a political party to show some real leadership on the European front. UKIP must be that party and continue its valiant fight for Britain's freedom from the European Union.”

Mr Campbell Bannerman accused the three main British parties of not understanding Europe and they didn't represent the majority public view, as shown in opinion polls, that it was time to leave the EU. He said Labour was “a democratic disgrace” for not giving a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, hit out at the Liberal Democrats for not supporting a referendum, and said the Tories would do nothing to stop ratification of the treaty.

Mr Campbell Bannerman promised: “This is going to be an eye catching campaign focused on the appalling cost of EU membership, the huge problem immigration is creating for our already over-crowded country and the effect this has on jobs, and the very dangerous breakdown of democracy inspired by the continual Brussels inspired dismantling of our ability to govern ourselves.”

Download your election poster here Please note the election posters are not the same as the billboards.

UKIP Launch in Wales

The UK Independence Party in Wales launched its European election campaign today, arguing most people share its view that the EU provides a poor deal.Party leader Nigel Farage called on electors to now "lend us your vote" to put pressure on Gordon Brown to hold a referendum on EU membership.

Mr Farage said it was time to stop sending £40m per day to the EU and to give "British jobs to British workers". He insisted it was also vital to regain control of immigration and UK borders. UKIP Wales launched its campaign in Cardiff flanked by a giant image of Winston Churchill.

After beating the Welsh Liberal Democrats to fourth place at the last European elections in 2004, UKIP believes an increasing number of people could now be prepared to "lend" it their votes. Mr Farage said this would send a clear message to the prime minister after he pushed the ratification of the European Union's Lisbon Treaty through the UK Parliament without first consulting voters.

He added: "This Labour government was elected promising us a referendum on this constitutional treaty - they haven't giving it to us. "And what we're saying to the voters of Wales is - use these elections. "Go out there, lend your vote to UKIP and send a message to the big parties that you're very unhappy with what they've done and you demand that they come back to you and give you that referendum."

To win one of Wales's four seat in the European Parliament, the UKIP will have to appeal not just to disaffected Conservatives but also to traditional Labour voters. UKIP insists that, with a strong sense of British patriotism and a history of opposition to membership of European institutions, it offers a credible alternative that will find favour in old Labour circles.

UKIP's lead candidate in Wales, John Bufton, said the fact that he was a former Labour Party member demonstrated that his party was made up of "all sorts of political parties". "We've already found, with the work that we've been doing in the valleys, a lot of old Labour members are switching off from the New Labour scenario," he said. "They're seeing now that they want to go back, they feel that they've lost their country. "They feel that they've got no rights anymore and they want someone to stand up for them.

"We can do that." UKIP believes that the more votes it wins, the more pressure there will be on the next Labour or Conservative Government to address the issue of Europe, and to hold a meaningful referendum. The elections take place on 4 June.

Watch the launch here

Chris Gill nails his colours to the mast - they're purple!

The following letter was in tonight's Shropshire Star ...

Ex-MP but I'm going to support UKIP now

Jillian Seymour, Letters, March 30, is correct. As a former Conservative MP I can vouch for the fact that the Tory Party is pro-European Union - although, as she says, at election time members pretend not to be.

I have long been an implacable opponent of this country's political union with 26 other countries whose culture, democratic institutions and, crucially, their legal systems, are totally different to our own.

Notwithstanding my well-known opposition to party policy on this issue, at European Parliament election time I was always asked to endorse the local Tory candidates, presumably because the party recognised that my views were more popular than theirs.

More illustrative of the Tory Party's real stance on the EU is the fact that they have recently brought back into the Shadow Cabinet the arch-Europhile, Ken Clarke.

In future I shall most assuredly be voting for the UK Independence Party because it is the only moderate, non-sectarian party that is committed to getting us out of Europe while at the same time encouraging free trade and friendship with our continental neighbours.

Christopher Gill
Ludlow MP 1987 to 2001

Christopher Gill was my MP when I was a youngster and probably the only politician my old man ever had anything good to say about!


One of the nation's most well known and respected political icons will be helping the UK Independence Party launch its Eastern Counties and national campaign for the 2009 European Election. On Monday 20th April, at a special press conference being held at the Assembly House The Eastern region will Launch their campaign,

Outgoing UKIP MEP and former Party Leader, Jeffrey Titford, will be introducing his potential successors including lead candidate David Campbell Bannerman, who is also the Party's current Deputy Leader, alongside Norfolk poultry and arable farmer Stuart Agnew and City finance director Andrew Smith, who are the second and third candidates. The Party will also be launching its high-spending region wide poster campaign featuring the well-known icon who will be highlighting the immense daily cost of EU membership and exhorting the public to vote for the UK Independence Party.

David Campbell Bannerman commenting on the launch said: "This is going to be an eye catching and hard-hitting campaign. UKIP is the only Party offering the British people a genuine choice at this election. All three of the old parties are wedded to continued European Union membership, despite its immense cost to our economy, the appalling damage it is doing to our country's ability to govern itself, to control its own borders and immigration, as well as the grave loss of democracy.”

"The European Election represents the British public's only opportunity to say a big NO to the European Constitution or the Lisbon Treaty, as it is now known. We were promised a referendum and then denied it, on the spurious excuse of calling it something different. Voting UKIP on 4th June is the only way to say NO and make it clear that we want our country back as well as the £40 million per day it currently costs us. We simply can't afford it any longer. Regenerating our economy and getting people back to work are much more important than continuing to subsidise the corrupt and anti-democratic EU."

UKIP gained 12 MEPs at the 2004 European Election, taking third place nationally with 2.7 million votes, relegating the Liberal Democrats to 4th place and, with even stronger results in the Eastern Counties, where they took second place with over 296,000 votes, ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. This shocked the political establishment and demonstrated that the British people were deeply sceptical of the 'European Project'.

That scepticism has considerably hardened since then, with recent polls indicating that the majority of respondents support British withdrawal from the EU. UKIP is the only major party offering that option and its target of 20 seats in the European Parliament is a realistic prospect that would give it an extremely powerful mandate for pursuing British independence from the EU and repairing the damage 35 years of membership have done to the country.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Young Independence Elections

Yesterday's spring rally saw the election of six young members to positions in Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP. Well, I say "youth wing" but I qualify so you don't have to be that young!

Four of the six positions were uncontested and two - Chairman and Press Officer- had multiple candidates. The results are as follows:
  • Chairman- Michael Heaver
  • Vice Chairman - Yasin Akgun
  • Treasurer - Steve Fowler
  • Secretary- Harry Aldridge
  • Press Officer- Marcus McSorley
  • Election Officer-Chris Cassidy
Congratulations to all six and commiserations to the candidates that were unsuccessful. The only surprise was the election of Marcus McSorley who, on account of being out of the country, didn't attend the conference and didn't submit a bio!

UKIP: Stuart Wheeler's speech at the UKIP Spring Rally

Here is the text of Stuart Wheeler's (the spread betting millionaire thrown out of the Conservative Party for donating to UKIP) speech to the UKIP Spring Rally. Today in the Great Hall at Exeter University. Photos are available from PA. Mr. Wheeler was given a standing ovation as he came on to speak and again as he finished.

I suspect there are many here today just like me – Conservative at heart but feeling let down over Europe. I know I am not alone in this awkward position; when I decided to donate money to UKIP, many people got in touch and expressed their support for my actions – and almost all of them were die hard Tories.

And what was the straw that broke the camel's back – that turned us from our natural party? Two words: Ken and Clarke. But it is two words of another Tory politician that I want to examine this morning: William and Hague.

Last Saturday, the Daily Telegraph carried an interview with William Hague.Nothing, nothing could have illustrated better why I shall vote UKIP in the Euro-elections. There was in his interview no commitment to anything.

Let's look at it. If there is a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty will Ken Clarke vote against it? William Hague says that he expects, expects, mark you, that he will. What kind of language is that? Why doesn't William Hague know how Clarke will vote? Did he and David Cameron not ask him that simple question before they appointed him to the shadow cabinet?

Ken Clarke himself was quite specific on the subject as a backbencher “Calls for a referendum were absurd”. Take another point. The Conservatives should make it absolutely clear that, if elected, they will immediately call a referendum on Lisbon. But what do we find?

William Hague indicates that the Conservatives are likely to attempt to scrap the Treaty – possibly by calling a retrospective referendum. Heavens above! The Pope has indicated that he is likely to possibly be a Catholic!

The Tories want to sound tough without making the slightest commitment. The leadership is terrified that a tough stance will split the party. But who will be on the Europhile side of the split?

Just two big beasts, Clarke and Heseltine, and one or two smaller beasts. The party has shown quite rightly that it is not afraid of big donors, by expelling me. It should not be afraid of big beasts either.

By the way it is only the leadership that is so timid. A back bencher Tory MP came up to me and begged me to go on doing what I was doing. “80% of our MPs are behind you”, he said.

The polls are perfectly clear about the voters as well. They were recently asked by the pollsters, YouGov, which of ten things they would most like to see done. Top – reduce immigration: second – reduce the powers of the EU and increase the powers of Britain's Parliament. Way down below – reduce taxes, deal with climate change, scrap id cards etc...

Just listen to the voters, David and William, they do care about Europe, a lot. People have asked me, since my donation, why I did not stay within the Conservative party and use, as they put it, my influence. At one time I did have some sort of influence. I might almost say I was subject to a charm offensive Would I like to have lunch with shadow minister X?

Would I pop in for a discussion with shadow minister Y? Would I like to see William Hague to discuss Europe? The reason of course was to make me unlikely to say something awkward for the Conservatives or, god forbid, to support UKIP. I cannot resist one final point about William Hague's interview. He asks for a protest vote in the Euro elections. Well, which party would a protest vote be for?

Obviously not the party easily leading in the polls, the Tories – that could not be a protest vote. It can only mean voting UKIP! I look forward to him joining me in expulsion from the Party!

Thank You !

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Press Association: Tories 'feel let down over Europe'

Tories 'feel let down over Europe'

A betting tycoon expelled by the Conservatives for endorsing the UK Independence Party [UKIP] claims to have been told that "80%" of Tory MPs now support his Eurosceptic stance.

Speaking at a UKIP rally in Exeter, Stuart Wheeler said many Tories were in the same "awkward position" as him - "Conservative at heart but feeling let down over Europe".

The millionaire, who sparked controversy when he donated £100,000 to UKIP, said the return of pro-European Ken Clarke was the "straw that broke the camel's back."

He also attacked shadow foreign secretary William Hague, claiming he was not taking a firm enough line on the question of a referendum on the Lisbon treaty.

Wheeler, who once gave a record £5 million donation to the Conservatives, argued it was only the leadership who were being "timid" on cutting back European influence.

A back bench Tory MP had recently "begged" him to continue his campaign assuring him that "80%" of MPs shared his desire to cut back EU influence.

He told a UKIP audience at Exeter University: "William Hague indicates that the Conservatives are likely to attempt to scrap the Treaty - possibly by calling a retrospective referendum.

"The Tories want to sound tough without making the slightest commitment. The leadership is terrified that a tough stance will split the party. But who will be on the Europhile side of the split?

"Just two big beasts, Clarke and Heseltine, and one or two smaller beasts."
It's not much of an awkward position if we're really honest about it - 99% of UKIP membership are conservative (with a small "c") at heart and feel let down on Europe. That's why they support the only mainstream party that pledges to withdraw us from the European Empire. Anyone who continues to support the LibLabCon coalition with their joint commitment to ever closer union is a fool.

Fund Raising - Walking not Talking

Rick Timmis and his faithful dog Jake are planning a Solo walk from Penzance to St Ives, to raise funds for UKIP South West. They plan to raise £3000 pounds for campaign funds.

The Plan is to walk from Penzance to St Ives, Schedule below

Saturday 25th April 2009 , 05.30 hrs - Kit inspection ,06.30 hrs - Geared up, Jake at the ready leave for the station ,07.00 hrs - Catch train from Exeter St Davids to Penzance ,10.30 hrs - Begin.

A saturday start from Penzance should see Rick and Jake meet the UKIP Cornwall branch members at St Ives in the late afternoon, or early evening on Sunday. Friends will be able to follow them by a Google Latitude setup on a moblie phone.

How about sparing a little change for a tired walker ? Please sponsor Rick and Jake for as little or as much as you like here Via PayPal

Thursday, 16 April 2009

EU Blues

On Saturday, we wrote about the European Empire signing up MTV as a propaganda partner to indoctrinate da yoof in the run-up to the EU elections in June.

UKIP has produced a music video which, it is hoped, MTV will give some air time to balance out the disgusting propaganda.

Hat-tip: Bournemouth West

Eastern Region Election Campaigns Moves up a Gear

Campaigning for the county council and European elections on June 4 steps up a gear for UKIP in the Eastern region with the launch of their manifesto on Monday.

On Monday, the UK Independence Party will be at the Assembly House in Norfolk for the launch of its region campaign. UKIP, which has one Eastern region Euro MP is hoping to build on its success in 2004 with an as-yet undisclosed celebrity-backed publicity campaign.

Outgoing MEP and former party leader Jeffrey Titford will be introducing his potential successors including lead candidate David Campbell Bannerman, who is also deputy leader, alongside Norfolk poultry and arable farmer Stuart Agnew and city finance director Andrew Smith, who are the second and third candidates.

UKIP will also be launching a region-wide poster campaign featuring a "well-known" national icon, who will be highlighting the cost of EU membership and urging the public to back the party.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said UKIP was the only party offering voters a genuine choice.

"This is going to be an eye-catching and hard-hitting campaign," he said. "All three of the old parties are wedded to continued European Union membership, despite its immense cost to our economy, the appalling damage it is doing to our country's ability to govern itself, to control its own borders and immigration, as well as the grave loss of democracy."

EU animal testing plans are a scandal and total disgrace

UKIP lead MEP candidates, Mike Nattrass & Nikki Sinclaire.

West Midlands UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass has called on the EU to slap a complete ban on the use of primates and any other animals in experiments. The UKIP MEP has bitterly attacked appalling EU moves to water down rules on animal experiments which cause severe prolonged suffering.

Mr Nattrass believes the European Parliament should be ethical and vote against the revision of EU rules thus protecting animal rights. He said: "I am totally against the use of primates or any other animals in experiments and will be voting against the revision of Directive 86/609 unless this includes a total ban on the use of primates in experiments.

"I have been involved in animal protection for many years and was first to sign the anti bullfighting 'Bull' in the European Parliament. I also signed against the cruel bear bile farming and against long distance transport of animals for slaughter."

"Entry into the European Union has proved to be about political domination in every area of our lives. Surly the use of primates in experiments is a matter for our Parliament and not unknown people hiding in Brussels."

"The EU now makes 75 per cent of our laws. It is time we said enough is enough. UK law should be made in Westminster and these laws should suit the UK not the 'one size fits all' European Union."

"If experiments must continue then let us see the justification. If those who do these things to living creatures are made aware of the powerful feelings to defend these lives then perhaps they will be less gung ho and show more respect."

Rejection will show those who experiment on apes and other intellegent beings, that there are many people who feel that each individual case must be justified at the very least.

The European Parliament will vote on the proposal in May.

Polling cards fiasco

The West Midlands Regional Treasurer, Philip Lancaster, is the UKIP candidate in the Heath Ward in a by-election taking place in Uttoxeter, the election is today, Thursday 16th April.

Much to his dismay, as well as those of the other candidates standing, he only discovered on the 14th April, when he chased up the elections office about the fact he and his wife, Christine, had not received their polling cards that he discovered the person in charge of the election for the Uttoxeter Parish Council had made the decision not to deliver polling cards in order to save money. This is the normal method for notifying the electorate of an election.

None of the candidates are at all happy with this, especially as they were not given prior notice that there would be no polling cards and all are worried that there will be an appallingly low turnout.

Philip Lancaster, who has been a UKIP activist for many years said that he was extremely angry with this penny pinching by Uttoxeter Parish Council, especially when the Government are worried about the lack of voter turnout. "These people are selling off Council owned land behind the Burton-on-Trent Council House, without permission or consultation with the electorate. This is also currently a big issue in the area and now they do this." he said. Burton-on-Trent is the centre for the areas administration which also covers Uttoxeter.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

UKIP Chairman blasts Brown over Hillsborough 20 th year remembrance

Gordon Brown didn´t go to the 20 th year commemoration of the Hillsborough disaster, sending instead Andy Burnham a low ranking Cabinet member in his stead who was quite rightly booed by the crowd.

"This is a double blow to the people of Liverpool and those who lost their loved ones that awful day 20 years ago" said Paul Nuttall, UKIP Party Chairman. "That the Prime Minister couldn´t even be bothered to turn up is disgraceful but he then compounds it by announcing that there will be no enquiry into what really went on that day. "Without an enquiry we can never find out who was at fault. Without that there can never be proper compensation nor closure for those injured and those the 96 dead left behind.

"I was lucky that day, as a 12 year old I walked away" continued Nuttal. "But too many did not, were crushed and killed, and we need to find out why, who made the mistakes. "Gordon Brown will not be welcome in Liverpool after this slap in the face he has given today, after this double betrayal."

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

European Commission asks ECJ to force UK to con-phorm

The European Empire is taking legal action against the British government to try and force it to change data protection laws.

The British government said last year that Phorm - a particularly invasive form of targeted advertising being trialled by Virgin and BT - was lawful but the European Commission says that it doesn't comply with its rules.

Phorm is, without doubt, an appalling technology and it should be erradicated but this should be done through consumer pressure - by people leaving providers that use Phorm spying technology - and not by foreign laws made by foreign politicians.

The European Commission is taking the British government to the European Court of Justice who will, when it finds in favour of the EC, force the British government to change our data protection laws.

UKIP sense vs. Green insanity.

Firstly, I would like to quickly say how happy I am to be a part of Bloggers4UKIP. I think it is a great project that I hope I can now help take to the next level.

In my opinion one of UKIP's greatest assets is the people within it. This is a party built on the back of individuals of integrity and principle. That may seem a very partisan thing to say, but when you compare the workings of UKIP to the corporate structure of the three old Parties, they are traits that have become all too rare. I think, to be fair, the Green Party is built by principled people who at least legitimately believe in something. They probably have more integrity than most LibLabCon politicians, too. Unfortunately for them, they miss a very necessary third trait: the common sense that can only be found within those who live in the real world.

David Campbell Bannerman, UKIP Deputy Leader and lead Eastern Countries candidate in the European Elections, recently challenged Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas as to whether she thought someone flying to Spain for a holiday was as bad as stabbing someone in the street. Yes, she replied, it was. It was in that moment, pushed by someone with a sensible grasp of what does and doesn't matter for people living in the real world, that Lucas totally exposed herself and her Party.

What is sickening is that in many parts of Britain, areas are now blighted by young people stabbing and killing each other. For Lucas to compare this to flying for a well-deserved family holiday goes beyond absurdity, and is really quite offensive. It is amazing how often UKIP get the accusation of representing a minority opinion in British politics. Yet on occasions such as this, can there be any doubt that UKIP, thanks to to the people within it, have their fingers on the pulse unlike any other party? Just how many people would support Lucas' statement compared to the amazed reaction of David Campbell Bannerman?

The Party has also proven to have its finger on the pulse like no other Party on issues like education and of course the European Union. Unlike the three old Parties, when those standing on a UKIP platform claim to be standing up for the wishes of ordinary people who are unrepresented in the political process, we can back it up with the policies that make the Party a true alternative voice in British politics. It is one that is badly needed.

To watch David Campbell Bannerman expose Caroline Lucas, go here and fast forward to 14:09.


Thanks to the "feature" of the Blogger platform that loses bits of your configuration if you change your template, the UKIP Branches and UKIP blogs lists have gone from the sidebar.

They will be added back in later today and the sidebar tidied up. If you have a UKIP-supporting blog and it wasn't on the list before, leave a comment or send an email with details.

Green Party condemned as 'extremists' for claiming that flying abroad is like "knifing someone in the street"

The lead candidate in the European Election for the UK Independence Party in the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman, has exposed the Green Party’s extremist views live on an ITV programme to be shown in the East of England. The Green Party is targeting the Eastern region for an MEP seat.

Challenging Ms Lucas about her views on climate change on the TV programme ‘Leaders of Europe’, Mr Campbell Bannerman asked her whether she thought flying to Spain, for example, was as bad as stabbing someone in the street, and Ms Lucas confirmed “Yes!… because climate change kills”.

Campbell Bannerman comments: - “I was shocked at her response. This is the Leader of a supposedly respectable political party, now showing fascist tendencies. There can be no excuse for adopting such extremist language to describe ordinary people flying abroad for a well earned holiday. The Green Party has shown its true anti-libertarian, heavily interventionist colours. It is translating its misplaced fervour over unproven man-made global warming into direct attacks on personal freedom."

"She also used expressions like 'binge flying' which are absurd. Air travel is generally a necessary part of a journey not a wicked extravagance, as the Greens think. Half the British population fly at least once a year. Yes, they should pay the true costs of that travel, including the environmental costs, but they should not be barred or vilified for doing so.“

“The Green Party is becoming reminiscent of a mad cult which maligns anyone who doesn't follow their faith. They are like 21st century Luddites trying to hold back progress, and they regard holidaymakers as environmental criminals. UKIP shows common sense on the environment, the Greens are just plane crazy!"

Monday, 13 April 2009

New Author & Announcement

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Bloggers 4 UKIP team - Michael Heaver.

Michael writes his own blog at and is a member of Young Independence. We can also exclusively reveal that Michael is planning to stand for election as Chairman of Young Independence at this week's Spring Rally in Exeter.

Click here to contact Michael Heaver.

Young Independence Vacancies

UKIP's youth organisation, Young Independence, is advertising several positions which will be decided by election at the Spring Rally on Sunday.

The posts are only available to members (obviously) and you need to send your nominations to the Young Independence co-ordinator, Lisa Duffy.  A list of vacancies and more information on applying and voting is available on the UKIP members forum.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

EU signs up MTV as propaganda partner

MTV is supporting the European Empire in the run-up to the imperial elections in June, helping the EU's taxpayer-funded propaganda department promote the EU amongst children and impressionable young people.

The Can you hear me Europe? website is written in what is supposed to be "cool" urban patois and every page tells da yoof that cuz of da EU, you can do all dis great stuff like go to university an work in any EU country an stuff, init? Cuz de European Parliament is listenin to da yoof, know wha' a mean? Pathetic.

MTV is making a big mistake throwing their lot in with the European Empire. They might think they're merely getting on the good side of their overlords in Brussels but there are a damn sight more of us than there are of them. Send a complaint to MTV and tell them that you will boycott their network while they support the undemocratic EU, join the Boycott MTV for supporting the EU Facebook group and add #canyouhearme to your anti-EU tweets to get them on the MTV/EU website.

Hague Being Vague - Again/Still

William Hague has an 'interview' published in the Telegraph today, calling for a EU protest vote and noting that it is not too late to force a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

A number of interesting questions are raised by this 'interview'. Let us look at exactly what he said and, more importantly, what he did not say.

Hague said Britain urgently needs to renegotiate its relationship with Europe. The first questions that arise is what does he mean by relationship? And 'renegotiate' what exactly? Do the Conservative Party want out or a 'trading relationship' only, in other words no political subjugation? Whilst indicating that the Conservative Party are likely to attempt to scrap the treaty - possibly by calling a retrospective referendum - if they are elected, this statement does nothing to contradict their previously stated policy of only holding a referendum should the treaty not have been ratified by all 27 member states. Hague also states that David Cameron and he are planning to make the failure of the Government to call a referendum a key campaigning issue. This will be a surprise as David Cameron's wish to discuss our membership of the European Union has, to date, been most noticeable by its absence.

The issue he raises regarding opposition to Tony Blair becoming EU President is but, I think, a 'red herring' and is neither here nor there when considering the question of this country's membership of that odious, federalist body.

It is a bit late to state "I think it's time to ring the alarm bell, it's time to alert the people" - what the hell does he think we Eurosceptics have been doing for the past 30 years? This from a party whose Leader, in answer to the question I put to him - a few years ago - of whether he felt any shame in belonging to a body that had agreed to give away that which was not theirs to give, namely the right of this country to decide its own laws, the answer was NO!

In summary this 'interview' raises more questions than it answers and leads one to the conclusion that if you want a statement that is vague - call for Hague! (to paraphrase an old advertisement for a brand of scotch)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Remember: other parties are standing

Remember: other parties are standing

I NOTE with interest your article on the forthcoming West Sussex elections, where you say Shoreham's set to have new man at County Hall.
What you are pinpointing, in fact, is the confusion and turmoil among the current Conservative administration in Adur, together with their elitist attitude.

I am a former Conservative councillor (Adur District Council) and will be standing for West Sussex in the Saltings constituency – not for the Conservative Party, but for the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

I love the area with a passion and intend to stand up for the rights of my neighbours and take their problems as far as is possible – because I care.

In my previous role in Adur, I fell foul of the authorities because I stood up for those who elected me, and that's always been my belief – you are elected to represent the people who matter, your constituents.

So, remember, it's not just the Conservatives who run this area; there are others standing for other parties in the June elections.

Mike Mendoza
Shoreham Beach

Thursday, 9 April 2009

EU orders voting rights for prisoners

The British government is drawing up proposals on giving some prisoners the right to vote. We initially covered this story back in November.

Currently, anyone serving a prison sentence or out on licence loses their right to vote. Part of the price of committing a crime is losing your right to vote, it has been this way since the 19th century. But of course, the European Empire doesn't approve of depriving its citizens of their "rights" so they've issued a directive instructing member states to give prisoners the vote.

The British government, in a rare show of defiance, are looking at a compromise of giving the vote only to prisoners with sentences of 12 months or less. It's a futile show of defiance because the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that prisoners must be allowed to vote and the British government has allowed EU law to have primacy over our own. The compromise will be challenged and our imperial overlords will rule that all prisoners must have the vote.
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UKIP candidate slams immigration laws

UKIP candidate in the Eastern Region, Andrew Smith, criticized UK immigration laws stating they are a minefield for innocent employers.

UKIP strongly supports the use of a points based work permits system for foreign workers from anywhere coming to the UK so that we can let in those with key skills needed while protecting our community services from unbearable population increases of low-skilled and unskilled workers at a time of rising unemployment.

A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling (Osborne Clarke Services v Purohit) held that employers may not reject non-EU foreign job applicants who have not got permission to work in the UK when they make an application. Selection in this way in an over-supplied labour market was ruled unlawful racial discrimination.

Meanwhile, the Home Office warns employers of tougher tests for tier 1 and tier 2 immigrants from non-EU countries. Employers can face unlimited fines if they employ illegal workers, so they need to make sure that no one they employ is working in the UK illegally.

Confusing immigration and employment laws are creating additional overheads on employers and delays for employees at a time they both need as much leeway as possible to secure the future employment of British workers at all levels.

Mr Smith noted “If we were a Self-Governing Country, outside the EU, we could have sensible immigration and employment laws which protect workers while providing the skills needed in the economy.”

He drew attention to the 40% growth in Employment Tribunal claims for 2007/08, many of which resulted from the EU Working Time Directive and other legislation which creates tension between employers and employees who generally want to conduct themselves helpfully and responsibly.

2009 UKIP National Conference & Spring Conference

The 2009 UKIP National Conference is to be held in Southport.

The conference will be staged at the new Southport Conference Centre on the Promenade - next to the Ramada Hotel. Contracts have now been signed.This will be the first major party full scale conference to be held at this venue.

Delegates will be attending from throughout the country and will boost the local economy.The conference will be held on Friday 4th & Saturday 5th September 2009 and will be preceeded by the Chairmans welcome reception on the Thursday evening.

UKIP National Spring Rally

At the request of the Party Leader, the annual UKIP South West Rally will become a National Spring Rally this year. It will also serve as a European Election Launch and be followed by the Annual Business Meeting.

The date is Saturday 18th April and the location is the Great Hall of Exeter University, Stocker Road, Exeter EX4 4PY. Parking should be plentiful and coaches can drop off directly at the front door.

The timetable will commence at 10.00 a.m. for refreshments and meeting old friends. The Rally will open at 11 a.m. prompt. The morning will be devoted to keynote speakers from around the country. We are now finalising this list which will be advertised under the link below. After a generous lunch break, the afternoon will be devoted to the June Elections. At approximately 4.45 p.m. the venue will be given over to the Annual Business Meeting, which will be chaired by Paul Nuttall.

UKIP SW Rallies date back to 2002 and the University always look after us extremely well. Catering facilities are diverse and the SW events have pioneered audio/visual effects, since used by the national party conferences.The South West Rallies normally attract 500 to 600 people but we hope that as a national event it will attract several hundred more this year. It is a superb recruiting occasion and non members are especially welcome.

To speed up registration on the day and establish numbers, tickets will be issued in advance against a donation. Unlike the national annual conference we are not laying down a minimum ticket price and will issue tickets against any size of donation but bear in mind that these events cost a lot of money to lay on. Those without pre-registered tickets can still attend but will be asked to register before entry.

However we do have to estimate the numbers for catering purposes and names for security. You can register by e-mail at the following site. Spring conference CLICK HERE There you will find a direct link to the Rally page to obtain your e-tickets and directions. Pay Pal facilities are available for donations.

In case of any difficulty ring us on the number shown below.Hotels are plentiful in Exeter at weekends, across a price range. Exeter St David's Railway Station is only a short taxi ride from the venue. Malcolm Wood, Rally Chairman, Tel: 01722 744814.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

UKIP line up for Freedom2Choose Meeting

Members of Northern England Freedom2Choose will be meeting this Saturday 11 April at The Painters Arms Public House, 35 Bradford Road, Drighlington, Bradford, West Yorkshire. This regular event attracts visitors from throughout Northern England who are concerned with the erosion of civil liberties and choice, particularly in relation to the smoking ban.

MEP Godfrey Bloom (UKIP Yorkshire MEP) will be amongst the speakers attending the meeting, which commences at 2pm, along with Jason Smith (UKIP Bradford) and Nick Hogan (UKIP Chorley) to offer support for the Freedom2Choose national campaign to amend the smoking ban. Godfrey Bloom MEP is expected to speak at 4pm.

Pro-choice group Freedom2Choose hold regular meetings throughout the country and now boast over 4.5 million supporters. Freedom2Choose are a non-political, unfunded, voluntary organisation seeking to demonstrate that suitable alternatives exist to accommodate smokers and non-smokers alike.

John Baker, Freedom2Choose Secretary and organiser of the event states, “The landlords are delighted that Godfrey Bloom continues to take an interest in the draconian smoking ban, as the ban has devastated the licensed trade. They are interested in hearing the UKIP policy on the smoking ban and are expecting more visitors than usual at this gathering. All new-comers and guests are more than welcome to attend.”

The current smoking ban legislation in force within the UK is one of the most stringent within Europe and Freedom2Choose is campaigning for a reform to place the UK more in line with the majority of the other EU countries.

Nick Jones to stand for UKIP in Wanstead Ward on St George's Day

UKIP London are fighting the local council by-election in Wanstead ward. Our candidate is local activist, Nick Jones, 62, born and brought up in Wanstead. In his campaign, Nick is stressing that the UK Independence Party is not just a single issue party but has a full range of policies. However, Brussels affects every aspect of our lives right down to local government level.

Nick promises to grapple with the problem of Town Hall waste, bonus culture (25% of council tax funding public sector pensions and 7 Council officers earning over £100,000 as reported in the Guardian) and the divisive multicultural policies of the Council. Nick says “We are all residents of Redbridge and so we should all be treated equally and fairly. We do not agree with this Council’s politically correct policies”

”Knocking down old houses and building flats is a big issue in the borough and will be an election issue. UKIP do not agree with building on every square inch of Redbridge. Britain is now the most densely populated country in Europe but we should not allow the character of the borough to be destroyed with ever more intensive building as a result of this government’s policy of uncontrolled mass immigration. Of course, if we left the European Union, we could slash Council tax and increase state pensions.”

Polling day is 23rd April – St Georges Day! Good luck.

London MEP Candidate Lawrence Webb joins Axe The Beer Tax protest at Westminster

March 8th saw Parliament Square full of 6ft pints and some very bemused Tamil protesters who are under the impression that Gordon Brown can do something about a civil war in Sri Lanka (clearly they have fallen for his leader of the world impression).

However Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling can do something about the crisis in the pub trade in this country and the 33% of the price of a pint which goes straight to HM Treasury. Instead of raising the price of beer & cider still further and stopping anyone going to the pub (now that they have persecuted smokers into staying away).

UKIP fully support the Axe The Beer Tax campaign and Nigel Farage will be speaking on this subject on Channel 4's Political Slot at 19.55pm on Thursday 9th April. Lawrence Webb, London Regional Organiser and one of London's MEP candidates, was down at Parliament Square to lend his voice to the protesters.