Thursday, 2 May 2013

Keep Calm and Vote UKIP

Large swathes of England go to the polls today to elect their local councillors in what is probably the most unpredictable local election in living memory.  Not to mention, the dirtiest.

The dirty tricks campaigns run by the Tories and Labour backfired on them spectacularly with big increases in UKIP's support every time they put out a fake leaflet or dismissed the party and it's 25k members and hundreds of thousands of supporters as racists, fascists or worse.

Despite a great many examples of racism, fascism, homophobia and general criminality in the LibLabCon parties UKIP has refrained from the negative campaigning favoured by the opposition and got on with the job of giving positive reasons why voters should put their cross next to the sign.

We would like to wish the 1,700+ UKIP candidates standing in the English local elections, the elections in Anglesey and the Westminster by-election in South Shields the very best of luck today and hopefully this time tomorrow we will see the LibLabCon stranglehold on local government well and truly broken.