Tuesday, 14 June 2016

ISIS terrorist in Paris leaves policeman and his wife dead

An ISIS terrorist has been killed after stabbing a police officer and his wife to death and taking their young child hostage.

The attack comes a day after an ISIS terrorist gunned down over a hundred guests in an Orlando nightclub, killing 49 and injuring 53.

The deputy chief of judicial police at Les Mureaux in the Paris suburbs was stabbed nine times in the abdomen. His wife was also killed by the terrorist who then took their 3 year old son hostage in their home. French RAID officers (roughly equivalent to special branch or SO15 in the UK) stormed the house, killed the terrorist and rescued the child.

The Sun comes out for Brexit

If you listen very carefully you can hear the fat lady warming up ready to burst into song ...

Monday, 13 June 2016

There hasn't been a single year of peace in Europe since the United States of Europe was born in 1952

The Remainiacs like to repeat the myth that the EU has brought peace to Europe. Some time ago we produced a list of armed conflicts in Europe that had occurred during the 50 years of peace that the EU was given a Nobel Peace Prize for.

Now the EU referendum is almost upon us and the Remainiacs are making the same false claims it's time for an updated list and this time we've included a handy timeline as a visual reminder that there hasn't been a single year since the European Steel and Coal Community - the organisation that would evolve over time to become the EU - was created in 1952 without violent conflict in Europe.

There's a lot of peaceful revolution, terrorism, invasions, civil war and genocide to keep track of so it's rather large.

ISIS extremists murders 49 in Orlando nightclub

An American muslim has gone on the rampage in a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 and injuring 53.

Omar Mateen phoned police before he went on the rampage with an assault rifle and pledged allegiance to ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. Despite public claims by Barack Obama that there is no evidence of Mateen having links to any groups, ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attack and details have been released to the press of FBI investigations into him.

A video of Mateen's father is doing the rounds dressed in military fatigues declaring his candidacy for president of Afghanistan. He has posted a statement on Facebook saying that his son shouldn't have punished the gay community because "God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality".

Serious questions will no doubt be asked of the FBI who have had plenty of reason to have Mateen on their radar but concluded that he was no risk.

Syrians brought to the UK under refugee relocation programme appear in court on child sex offence charges

Four Syrians who were relocated to the UK under David Cameron's refugee relocation programme have been charged with gang raping a 14 year old in Newcastle.

The four men were brought to the UK a few months ago after being plucked out of refugee camps in Syria. They are supposed to have been vetted to make sure they aren't terrorists or criminals.

Despite the alleged attack happening on May 10th there has been a conspiracy of silence in the media and the police who have reported any number of minor crimes but not this one. You would have thought they'd have learnt from Rotherham but it would appear not.

Conservative Party donor cancels membership over Cameron's threat to pensions

One of the Conservative Party's big donors has withdrawn his support for the Conservatives after David Cameron threatened to abolish the legal mechanism that increase the state pension by 2.5%, inflation or average earnings, whichever is higher.

The Conservative manifesto pledged to maintain the so-called "triple lock" on pensions until at least 2020 but last week David Cameron warned that he would abolish it when we leave the EU.

Venture capitalist, Edi Truell, has donated £270k to the Conservatives since 2010 but has cancelled his membership after David Cameron's pension threat. He has said that he will not support the Conservatives again until David Cameron is gone.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

BT deleted results of poll showing 80% of their 20,000 users want to leave the EU

A couple of days ago an article appeared on the BT.com website reporting that 4 out of 5 of their 20,000 users intended to vote to leave the EU.

Yesterday the link disappeared from the website if you visited from the UK but remained on the site if you visited from the EU. Even if you clicked on the link in the EU, the article had been removed.

InvestmentWatch suggests that BT were leaned on by the British government or the EU to remove the article but the order is more likely to have come from closer to home: the Chief Executive of BT is a signatory on one of the Remain campaign's letters from big business telling us to vote to stay in the EU.

David Cameron rewards donors and Remain campaigners with knighthoods

David Cameron has used the honours system to reward Tory donors and Remain campaigners in a blatant abuse of the system.

Amongst the Remainiacs and Tory donors being rewarded with knighthoods and titles are:

  • Deputy leader of the britain Stronger in Europe campaign, Richard Reed
  • Founder of Ocado and Remain campaign donor, Tim Steiner
  • Actor and Remain campaigner, Brian Blessed
  • Treasury propaganda agent, John Kingman
  • Zoopla co-founder, Remain campaigner and Tory donor, Alex Chesterman
  • Head of Tory fundraising, Mike Chattey
  • David Cameron's Deputy Private Secretary, Edward Whitting

Sir James Dyson backs Leave

Sir James Dyson is backing the campaign to leave the EU and said that the idea that the EU will stop trading with us when we leave is "cobblers".

The billionaire inventor says that the EU sells us twice as much as we sell them with the deficit running at about £100bn a year and if the EU decided to impose 10% tariffs on UK exports we could do the same, raising an additional £10bn of revenue for the Treasury.

Dyson is critical of the British government's racist immigration policy which discriminates against non-EU workers. Because it's impossible to control the number of people who come here from the EU, the British government's only option other than leaving the EU is to put harsh restrictions on non-EU immigration in an attempt to drive down numbers. Dyson says this means it takes four and a half months to bring in a skilled foreign worker from outside the EU but you have no problem hiring a low paid barista from the EU.

The mad cows at the BSE campaign said "James Dyson wanted the UK to join the Euro. He was wrong then and he is wrong now". So by extension that must mean the Remain campaign's big backers who all campaigned to join the €uro are also wrong.

Friday, 10 June 2016

New opinion poll puts Leave 10% ahead of Project Fear

An opinion poll by ORB for the Independent released this evening puts Leave 10% ahead of Remain with undecided excluded.

This is only one poll so don't go down to the bookies and put your life savings on Brexit just yet but a 10% lead in the polls the day before the referendum would wipe out the polling day swing and put Leave on the front foot.

The Scottish independence referendum is the closest we have to a modern-day precedent for the EU referendum and that saw a massive 11% swing from Yes to No in the final 24 hours. Polling in the days before the Scottish referendum put Yes about 2% ahead of No but when it came to the vote No won by 9%. That was a big swing but there was more at stake in the Scottish referendum than there is in the EU referendum.

A change of citizenship, a national debt, the end of the Barnett Formula subsidy and declining oil prices blowing a hole in the Scottish government's economic plans made Scottish independence a risky economic proposition as well as a big cultural change. We're not culturally European, we're not invested in the EU superstate and the economic case for staying in just isn't credible. Leaving the EU has a lower risk profile and that will probably translate into a smaller swing. My feeling is that the voting day swing will be about 8% so a 10% lead in the polls should deliver a 2% majority for Leave but as I said, this is just one poll so keep the champagne on ice for now.

Vote Leave banner the size of a small house attached to Cavendish House in Dudley

This picture of Cavendish House in Dudley has been posted on Facebook by the Spotted : Dudley page. The block of flats is a local eyesore that's supposed to have been scheduled for demolition for a couple of years now. Looks great today!

Former Labour MP Frank Dobson compares EU to a working men's club

The former Holborn & St Pancras MP and Health Secretary, Frank Dobson, has used one of the most laughable analogies yet to argue against leaving the EU:
If you are a member of a gym, or a working men's club and fell out with the other members, cancelled your membership and stopped paying your subs, and then turned round and said you still wanted to use their facilities, the subsidised bar, they'd think you were barmy. It will be the same with the EU.
If you joined a gym for £50 a month, used it twice a month but could cancel your membership and pay as you go for £10 a time why would you carry on paying £50 a month? And why would the gym refuse to let you pay £10 for your occasional visit even though anyone can walk in off the street and do just that?

To stretch Mr Dobson's analogy a bit further, the gym would generously give you back £10 of your membership fee which you'd get by way of a voucher every month that you can only spend in their shop where they'd tell you what you had to buy and then you'd have to wear a t-shirt with their logo on thanking them for giving you £10. If you told someone you were going to join a gym on those terms they'd think you were barmy!

UKIP gain Basildon Laindon Park & Fryerns from Labour

UKIP candidate Frank Ferguson has taken the Basildon Laindon Park & Fryerns seat on Essex County Council from Labour in a by-election.

Cllr Ferguson beat the leader of the Labour group on Basildon Council to bring the tally of UKIP councillors on Essex County Council up to six and leaving Labour on seven.

Frank FergusonUKIP203442.59
Gavin CallaghanLabour160033.50
Gary MaylinConservatives87818.38
Philip RackleyGreens2645.53

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

JCB chairman urges his employees to vote to leave

ITV audience member is a black power blogger and wannabe internet star

One of the bigots who used last night's ... whatever it was meant to be ... on ITV to call Nigel Farage a racist is a Labour-supporting "diversity" blogger who was invited onto the programme by ITV because of her black power podcasts.

Imriel Morgan went on the EU referendum programme where she was supposed to ask a question about the EU referendum but instead spent her slot accusing Nigel Farage of being a racist complete with eye rolling petulance when she didn't like his answer.

Ms Morgan is an accomplished self-publicist so I won't link to her many social media profiles or her Huffington Post profile but needless to say she's all about black power in the face of white oppression. She even faked "aggro" on Twitter last week using her own company's Twitter account because she wanted people to know she was sitting opposite Sadiq Khan on the tube.

She's done pretty well from her outburst with an appearance on breakfast TV, radio and of course her friends at the Huffington Post now think she's a working class hero because she called that frightful beast Nigel Farage a racist. Meanwhile, her websites, company, podcasts and social media accounts are getting massive exposure.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

ITV's Cameron -v- Farage show was a farcical waste of an hour's TV scheduling

ITV's David Cameron -v- Nigel Farage event turned out to be a complete farce with yellow belly Dave too scared to go head to head with Farage.

The format of the programme was Nigel Farage spend half an hour having quotes from Remain activists read to him and then being interrupted by the audience and the presenter so he couldn't answer broken up by a couple of black women shouting at him about how racist he is whilst David Cameron got batted some soft questions and was allowed to answer the questions virtually interrupted for his entire half an hour.

The entire programme was a waste of an hour. Cameron and Farage didn't appear on stage together, the people picked to ask Farage questions were openly hostile towards him personally and two of them had no interest in the referendum whatsoever and just wanted their moment of fame in the Huffington Post and the Guardian for screaming racist at him. The programme is unlikely to have convinced many people to vote either way and will have done more harm than good to ITV's reputation as a serious broadcaster.

If anyone is able to provide some background into the bigots pictured below who were there just to disrupt the programme and scream racist at Nigel Farage, feel free to leave a comment.

Police investigating election expenses fraud in 33 constituencies

Thirteen police forces are now investigating allegations of election expenses fraud in 33 constituencies, 29 of which involve Tories.

A Channel 4 investigation has been uncovering what appear to be fraudulent election expenses returns, in some cases missing tens of thousands of pounds of expenditure that should have been declared and breaking spending limits.

The Tories have only tried to prevent one of the police investigations: Thanet South, where Craig McKinley beat Nigel Farage and allegedly spent tens of thousands of pounds more than the legal limit in the process.

It could take up to a year to fully investigate the allegations with the very real possibility of election results being declared void and the Conservatives losing their parliamentary majority.

David Cameron -v- Nigel Farage tonight on ITV

For the first - and probably last - time ever, David Cameron will face Nigel Farage live in front of a TV audience.

Cameron isn't going to be the pushover that Nick Clegg was last year when Farage famously destroyed him in the leaders' debates but he's certainly no match for a Farage barrage.

BBC agree to change wording of trade and economy FAQ to prevent voters being misled

A small victory over BBC bias today - after reviewing a complaint I made last week they've decided that claiming that half of UK trade is conducted with the EU is incorrect and have changed the wording in the "Trade and economy" information box that accompanies articles on their website to clarify that it is nearly half of UK overseas trade.

Around 8.5% of UK trade is with the EU, around 9% with the rest of the world and over 80% is trading with other people in the UK. When we leave the EU, this 80%+ of domestic trade will no longer need to be over-burdened with the red tape that spews out of Brussels.

The word "overseas" has been added following a complaint

Jean Claude Juncker's drinking problem appears to be a problem again

Some bizarre behaviour from the unelected President of the EU Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, has led to many to suggest that he was meeting EU leaders drunk.

It is well known that Juncker has a drinking problem with concerns being raised a couple of years ago that he was spending more time getting pissed than he was doing his job. Last year he insisted that he had his drinking under control but this video would suggest otherwise.

Juncker can be seen hugging and kissing presidents and prime ministers, kissing someone's head, finding matching ties hilarious and even slapping Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Oban, in the face after calling him a dictator.

This is the man who heads up the EU Commission, making him the most powerful bureaucrat in the EU.

Voter registration closes today

You have until the end of today to register to vote or you won't be able to vote to leave the EU. If you haven't already received your polling card through the post you're not registered.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to take back control of our country.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Kent schools taking in adult illegal immigrants claiming to be children

Illegal immigrants in their 20s are being put in schools with children because they're claiming to be 15 or 16 because unaccompanied child asylum seekers get more through the child care system than adult asylum seekers.

Several supposed children have been pulled out of schools in Kent because they've lied about their age. As well as attending school with children, they've been housed in a converted old folks home with genuine child asylum seekers.

Earlier this year a Somali man in his 20s stabbed a member of staff to death at the children's home in Sweden that he was living in after claiming to be 15 years old. The stabbing is believed to have taken place following an altercation with one of the children living there. Last month the Austrian government said that half the illegal immigrants in Austria claiming to be children are clearly lying. These aren't isolated incidents, it's just one of the scams used by illegal immigrants to maximise their benefit income and avoid having to answer inconvenient questions like "why do you speak Punjabi is you're Syrian" or "if it's not safe at home why did you leave your wife and children there".

This illegal immigrant in Sweden claims he is 14 years old

Remainiac MPs planning to overrule a Brexit vote

Pro-EU MPs are threatening to use their parliamentary majority to undermine the EU referendum vote and do a deal to keep us in the EEA when we vote to leave.

Staying in the EEA is a big part of the so-called "Norway option" and involves paying into the EU budget and accepting EU regulations but we need to negotiate our own arrangement that suits us, not copy someone else's. Rather than continuing to subsidise the EU through the EEA and blindly accepting EU regulations we would be best served by the approach taken by Switzerland and Liechtenstein who decided to stick with EFTA only and then decide what they want to sign up to over and above what is necessary for their EFTA membership. Liechtenstein has even negotiated a limit on immigration and the Swiss are ending free movement of EU citizens.

Stephen Kinnock MP, the ex-pat son of former Labour leader and now multi-millionaire EU Commissioner Neil Kinnock, defended the idea of overruling voters, saying:
If the British people voted to leave the EU that's one thing. But can we really say that they voted for the devastation and destruction of the entire exporting sector of our economy? I don't think you can necessarily say that there's a democratic mandate for that.
Ignoring the fact that leaving the EU won't destroy the economy, when the British people vote to leave the EU on the 23rd they will have done so having been bombarded with alarmist propaganda that Goebbels would have been proud of. So yes, a leave vote will be a democratic mandate to pull out of the EU and the EEA and secure a relationship with the EU that works for us. What MPs won't have a democratic mandate for is to keep us tied into the EU without the power to stop unlimited EU immigration and spending billions of pounds a year to prop up the bankrupt EU member states and single currency.

Stephen Kinnock with his wife, the former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, on a rare trip to the UK for the election last year

Yet Another Letter to my MP... Cameron incompetent to have no #BRExit plan?

This is the text of my most recent letter - you can write to you MP, very, very simply by visiting https://www.writetothem.com/


Our Prime Minister - David Cameron - has made clear that he intends to stay in office regardless of the outcome of the EU referendum.

The polls suggest that the outcome of the referendum is not certain.

However, I understand that Mr Cameron has absolutely no plans, and has made no contingency for the possibility of an 'leave' vote (which he opposes).

As Mr Cameron is the leader of our country, don't you think this is a complete dereliction of duty by him? To be approaching an uncertain event and to wilfully and deliberately refuse to consider the best interests of the country should the referendum vote go against his position?

If the UK public vote to leave the EU, it is the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, who will be negotiating the UK's exit - so it is his plan that will prevail post BRExit... but we are given to understand that he has no such plan, and has instructed the Civil Service not to create one, and further has called on a 'campaigning group' (Vote Leave) made up of unelected arbitrary figures to provide him with such a plan.

If Mr Cameron is not a bare faced liar, and genuinely has no plan should BRExit prevail - he surely must be removed from office immediately for gross incompetence in performance of his duties as leader of this country - don't you agree?

Yours sincerely,

Saturday, 4 June 2016

President of EU-funded university warns EU citizens won't be able to afford his courses when he doubles their fees

The president of University College London (UCL) has joined Project Fear, claiming that UK universities could lose tens of millions of pounds when we leave the EU.

Professor Arthur's logic takes a bit of getting your head round so pay attention.

Universities in the UK have lots of students from the EU and EU law requires universities to treat them as if they were UK citizens. That means that in England they only have to pay the £9k university tax, £6k in Northern Ireland, £3k in Wales and nothing in Scotland rather that the international rate. It also means they have to have the same access to grants and loans. Professor Arthur says that when we leave the EU EU students might not be able to afford the international rates which can be as high as £32k a year at his university.

There are a few flaws in Professor Arthur's logic.

Whilst the university tax is limited by law for UK and EU citizens, universities are free to charge whatever they want to other international students. Here's the big flaw in his logic. If his university wants to carry on charging EU citizens £9k a year after we leave the EU they're perfectly entitled to do that. There's nothing forcing them to charge EU citizens more than they charge an English student.

In Scotland, where the taxpayer foots the bill for any Scottish or EU citizen, only 60% of students are Scots. There are thousands of EU citizens studying for free in Scottish universities, every one of them costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds.

EU citizens have also failed to repay £43m of taxpayer-funded loans given to them to pay the university tax by disappearing back home when they've finished studying. However, if Professor Arthur's university or any other university in the UK wants to offer loans to EU citizens so they can afford to study at their university then there is absolutely nothing stopping them doing that. They won't have the bank of the taxpayer to subsidise them when their students do a bunk but if they're that valuable it's surely a price worth paying.

UCL have received over 100 EU Research Council grants and has participated in over 650 EU-funded projects, totalling tens of millions of pounds.

Safer, Stronger, Better off OUT

The Remainiacs keep telling us that we're safer, stronger and better off in the EU. Let's compare the EEA/EFTA states and the EU's three largest economies over the last decade ...


CountryTerrorist attacks

Better off?

CountryGDP per capitaUnemployment

Friday, 3 June 2016

American boss of American bank tells us to vote to stay in the EU

The American boss of American bank JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, has made yet another empty threat to pull out of London. This time it's to try and bully the plebs into voting to stay in the EU rather than the usual attempt to bully the government into changing the law.

JP Morgan has had over $27.4bn in bailouts from the American taxpayer. That's about twice as much as they've been fined in the US and UK over the last decade or so for fraud, violating federal securities law, violating financial sanctions, market manipulation, dishonest trading, overcharging mortgages, bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, aiding and abetting fraud and deception.

A bank you can trust on the most important decision we've got to make in living memory?

JP Morgan have form for making empty threats to try and get their own way. Back in 2009 Jamie Dimon told Alistair Darling that if he didn't abandon plans for a 50% tax on bankers' bonuses JP Morgan might pull out of London. The 50% tax went ahead and 7 years later JP Morgan is still in London.

American banks have been ramping up operations in Ireland and elsewhere in the EU for some time - certainly before the prospect of a UK referendum on EU membership was raised - because the EU is making it increasingly difficult for banks to do business in €uro from outside the €urozone. The EU is incredibly insular and banking suffers no less than any other sector from protectionism. It's worth noting, however, that less than 2 years ago JP Morgan said it had no plans to increase its operations in Ireland despite the fact that they already have an Irish banking license, an Irish office and a referendum being pretty certain at that point. They weren't concerned then, why would they be concerned now?

Barclay's Bank's chief executive, Jes Staley, isn't concerned. He says that even if there was a short term economic hit from leaving the EU, London won't lose its crown as the most important financial centre in Europe and he's a Remainiac.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Labour MP who called voter a "horrible racist" tells voters "we know the problem are older white men"

Labour's shadow EU Minister, Pat Glass MP, has found herself in hot water over her bigotry for the second time in less than a fortnight.

Less than a fortnight ago the MP for North West Durham referred to a woman as a "horrible racist" for complaining about a Polish family who she described as scroungers. Now she has told Labour Party activists in Wolverhampton not to bother talking to their grandfathers about the EU because "we know the problem are older white men".

Labour has been plagued with racism, antisemitism and misandry recently and this won't help shake off their reputation as the party of bigotry and intolerance.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tories lose attempt to block police investigation into Craig Mackinlay's election expenses

The Conservative Party have failed in their attempt to stop Kent Police from getting a further 12 months to investigate allegations of election expense fraud in last year's election in Thanet South.

Ten police forces are investigating allegations of systematic fraud in expenses returns mainly involving the Conservatives but with a couple of Labour and Lib Dem candidates thrown in for good measure. The alleged fraud relates to declaring local campaign expenditure as national expenditure to avoid going over spending limits on paper.

Some of the expenditure alleged to be fraudulent includes claiming that hotel bills for activists bussed in for a local campaign were part of a national campaign, mailshots sent out in David Cameron's name targeting the constituency they were delivered to were national campaign material and transporting activists to support local campaigns was national spending.

The magistrate granting the extension for Thanet South has suggested that the allegations are so serious that Craig Mackinley's victory could be declared void and a by-election called. The Tories threw everything at Thanet South to stop Nigel Farage from becoming an MP and Farage himself said after the election that the Tories had "swindled" it by overspending but that he wouldn't make a complaint because he didn't want to be accused of sour grapes.

Kent Police now have an extra 12 months to investigate the allegations whilst the Tories are left with the bill for the very expensive lawyers they hired to try and stop the extension being granted.

EU-funded OECD base scare stories on the number of articles in the Times

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have warned of "a large negative shock" when we leave the EU which could see GDP decrease 5% lower by 2030 compared to what it could have been if we stayed in the EU.

The Remainiacs and the media are pretending could means would and warning that the OECD says we're going to be 5% poorer when we leave the EU. They've already tried this trick with the Treasury's dodgy dossier which divided their predicted worst case decline in GDP by the number of households in the UK and then tried to pass that figure off as a predicted decline in household income.

But the OECD's report seems to be basing this on a continuing trend of declining investor confidence in economic policy based on articles published in the Times and Financial Times, both of which are still officially on the fence with regard to the referendum. This is a particularly narrow view to stake their reputation on when investor confidence is being driven down deliberately by Project Fear to influence public opinion whereas after the referendum the British government will be talking up our prospects to try and undo the damage they've done. It's hardly surprising that investors are getting jittery when the British government has been pushing out negative messages for months.

Entirely unrelated to the OECD's campaigning for Project Fear, the OECD has received £23,198,670 funding from the EU over the last nine years.

ICM polls put Leave 3 points ahead

Two ICM polls published yesterday put Leave three points ahead of Remain.

What is encouraging is that one of the polls is telephone only whilst the other is online only. Telephone and online polls often produce wildly different results but to get the same result from both suggests consistent polling.

The poll results are great news but a three point lead isn't enough to win the referendum. People who are undecided are more likely to go for what they see as the status quo. We know that voting to remain isn't a vote for the status quo but a vote for the relentless march towards federalisation but most people won't understand this. Many "soft" leave voters - those who are inclined to vote to leave but aren't really convinced - will also switch to what they perceive to be the safe option on the day. Again, we know that the safe option is to leave but most people won't understand this.

The time to start ordering in the champagne is when Leave is polling consistently 8 or more points ahead of Remain. That doesn't mean it's in the bag, it means we're in front when you take all the above into account. The way we're going to get there at this late stage is not by trying to turn strong remain voters but by firming up soft leave voters and educating the undecided voters. You can spend half an hour talking to a remainiac and convince them that leave is the right choice but there's a strong possibility they'll be swung back the other way by the end of the day and even if they aren't they're only ever going to be a soft leave voter. You could have talked to 5 or 6 undecided voters and convinced them to leave in that time. Everyone likes a challenge but that one converted remainiac isn't going to win the referendum

Any poll that shows Leave ahead is encouraging but don't let it make you complacent, we need to work hard to increase that lead and make it stick!