Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Breaking News: England Expects shut down by EU

It's no secret that Federal Europe hates blogs - they don't like the idea of a source of topical information and commentary that they can't control. Hence their calls for regulation of blogs.

Sadly, they have found a way of silencing Gawain Towler, the author of England Expects. Gawain works for the Independence and Democracy group in the EU Parliament and is bound by their rules which says he isn't allowed to do anything that brings Federal Europe into disrepute or otherwise gives the impression that the undemocratic, corrupt European Union is anything other than the best thing since sliced bread. I'm paraphrasing here but you get the picture.

Unfortunately, the threat of being fined up to four months' salary by Federal Europe's propaganda police means that he has got to stop writing his blog and another independent voice of dissent has been drowned out by the eurofederalists.

It's a sad day indeed but Gawain is free - as is anyone else on the inside of this corrupt organisation - to contact us in complete confidence and we'll quite happily spread the word. Contact details in the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Bloogers acroos the world should be outraged at this and now some want to sites declaring interests etc.

Freedom of speech has just been stiffled.