Sunday, 28 September 2008

New Norway Poll - 53% No to EU, only 36% Yes

A fresh poll shows that a large majority of Norwegians oppose membership of the EU. Of those asked, 53 per cent say no to Norway becoming a member of the union, while 36 per cent say yes.

The number of voters in favour is far lower than it was at the 1994 referendum. At that time, 47.8 voted in favour, while 52.2 per cent were against.

The majority of the nation's political parties are also against EU membership.
Both the Socialist Left Party (SV), the Christian Democrats (KrF), the Liberal Left (Venstre) and the Agrarians (SP) are opposed.

The Conservative (Hoeyre) and Labour (Arbeiderpartiet) want membership, while the right wing Progress Party (FrP) is undecided. Those opposed to EU membership claim that the EU is becoming a closed club, showing no solidarity with the developing world, closing its borders to both people and goods.

Those who favour membership, on the other hand, say that Norwegian membership is important in order to show solidarity with the poorer nations of Europe.
Norway already contributes a large sum annually to the EU development fund, as part of the EEA agreement.


Steve Fowler's Blog. said...

A nation that has common sense!!.

wonkotsane said...

Interesting that it's the left wing and socialist parties opposed to joining the great marxist experiment.