Saturday, 25 October 2008

Whole Tory branch defects to UKIP

The Harrow Road ward of the Conservative Party has moved en masse to UKIP. Aware that the European Union is the paramount political issue of our time, it creating as it does 80% of our laws, the new Westminster North constituency association of UKIP realised that they simply couldn't stay in a party that wasn't going to do anything about it.

Jasna Badzak was the Chairman of the ward association, Susan Jacobs the political vice/chairman, Drgomir Mikulic the membership secretary and Luli Beqiri the secretary. They are adopting the same role in their new, and natural, political home, UKIP.

Ms Badzak, having had to flee her home in the former Yugoslavia, feels that she owes the UK a debt of gratitude for giving her the chance of a new life. She has become increasingly disappointed with the Conservatives and feels that they are out of touch and are not offering any policies which can deal with the current crisis facing Britain. Thus the move to UKIP."


Steve Fowler Blog. said...

This is good news that some people are now waking up to the truth now.

Alec Y said...

Yes great news when Tories defect en block. At the public meeting in West Hill, Devon, last Friday the hall was packed, 140 people, some standing, of whom it is estimated 40 were non members.

It will be interesting to see how many responses we get to the requests for more information put on every seat. Nigel Farage was on top form ably supported by William Dartmouth and Laura Moralee. There was a lively Q & A session after the speeches which was only terminated due to the constraints of time.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Hurray! Those chaps have got interesting surnames, that's all good evidence that we are not the bl**dy BNP.