Thursday, 23 October 2008

UKIP's Paul Nuttall calls for a new Justice centre for South Sefton

A COMMUNITY justice centre for South Sefton is being called for by the UK Independance Party.Bootle man Paul Nuttall, who is the party’s youngest ever chairman, has asked Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to consider the centre, combining the powers of a courtroom, run by a judge, with a range of community resources.
The Home Secretary is currently rolling out centres out throughout the country.
Mr Nuttall spent several hours at a centre that has been set up in Boundary Street in Kirkdale and on seeing its success now wants one in South Sefton.
It deals with crimes committed in North Liverpool that affect the quality of life for people living in the area, such as vandalism and graffiti.
Mr Nuttall, who is UKIP’s lead North West candidate in next year's Euro elections, said: “I’ve written to commend the centre and the ethos behind it and to urge her to roll the scheme out across the country, including one in South Sefton.”

The judge works with experts from a range of agencies, has a variety of powers and aims to make sure justice is reached while also addressing underlying issues that lead to offending.Mr Nuttall formerly went to Savio High School as well as Hugh Baird College and in 2005, he formed UKIP’s South Sefton branch.He said: “I was brought up on North Merseyside and consequently know the area and its problems very well and I was very impressed at what the centre is achieving.”