Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Where did it go?

Did you settle down on the sofa last night for a cosy night in front of the TV? Were you nicely settled down with the cat on your lap and mug of steaming Horlicks ready to watch the ITV referendum programme? Were you totally surprised when the programme announcement seemed to be cut short and something else came on instead? Well, you were not alone.

Word has it, although this is just word of mouth stuff allegedly from someone involved in this programme, when the vote on EU membership was taken, 53% voted to leave the EU and only 37% voted to remain entrapped by it. If this is really true then is it no wonder the programme very conveniently vanished, probably never to be seen again.

It would seem that have ITV have taken a lot of calls about the axing of this programme and for more info you can see a couple of postings about it at the following link here There was also a prior posting here

lets turn their lines red hot!

For now it seem's your'll just have to watch the launch of the campaigning on ITV's
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