Thursday, 4 December 2008

Any excuse

The press this week has been full of stories about Britain considering joining the Euro in an attempt to beat the effects of the global economic crisis. The latest debate was prompted by the President of the Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, announcing on French radio that Britain was closer than ever before to signing up to the single currency.

Although I find this very worrying I sadly do not find it surprising because many of our politicians secretly (or not so secretly as is often the case), harbour a wish for Britain to step further into political integration with the European Union. The latest whisperings are another example of their contempt for the very anti-Euro British public whom they are meant to serve.

I do not agree that our decision regarding joining the single currency should be based on purely economic considerations; the Euro is not simply an economic tool – it is very much political and therefore the political implications of joining have to be considered within the argument. It angers me that the supporters of the Euro are currently trying to suggest that Britain would be better off as a member of the Eurozone, claiming it would have helped as the credit crunch bites harder and we enter into a recession.

Perhaps this argument would hold some economic weight if only Britain was struggling in these difficult times but the very point is it is a global economic crisis! Also if Ireland is any example then membership of the Euro certainly doesn’t prevent recession, mass job losses and a collapse of the housing market. And being part of the Eurozone means the country does not have the power or the flexibility to respond in the way best for that individual country.

Current times are hard and look like getting worse. This is a global phenomenon and there will be no easy solution. It is disingenuous for Europhiles to use this as an opportunity to champion their pre-conceived beliefs – but then those who long for a European federal super-state will use any excuse to further their cause!
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