Thursday, 4 December 2008

Claims of fraud at EU "anti-fraud" body UPDATED !!

Paul van Buitenen, a Dutch MEP, is to publish new allegations about "irregularities at the European Union's anti fraud office" on the 9th of December.

Mr. van Buitenen says he has strong evidence of serious fraud at OLAF, the European Commission's anti-fraud body, but that the Commission is refusing to take action, reports the ANP news agency.

Last month, he handed over a 45-page report on the new allegations to officials in Brussels, but the Commission has refused to investigate, arguing that OLAF is an independent organisation.

"That shows a complete lack of backbone", ANP quoted van Buitenen, a former Brussels civil servant, as saying.

Revelations of corruption made by Mr. van Buitenen in 1999 led to the downfall of the entire European Commission.

You can Read van Buitenen's letter to Commissioner Kallas here.

Fingers crossed hey ?


wonkotsane said...

Oh the irony. They're all at it and is it any bloody wonder? EUrocrats have immunity from prosecution - of course they're going to lie, steal and defraud.