Friday, 12 December 2008

UKIP statement on Libertas Launch

Nigel Farage made it clear yesterday that there is absolutely no common ground on Europe between Declan Ganley's new party, Libertas, and UKIP.

Mr. Farage said that "Libertas has nailed its colours firmly to the David Cameron mast of wishing to stay within the European Union and try to reform from inside. Declan got one thing right, they didn't listen to the Dutch, they didn't listen to the French and they're not listening to the Irish over reform. So why do he and Cameron think they'll listen to them?"

"I think it will come as a surprise to many to learn just how pro EU Mr. Ganley is. When he says that Europe is too important to fail and that it is important to all our futures then you begin to see the true picture.

"UKIP remains the only party committed, absolutely clearly, to Britain leaving this political union and becoming a free and sovereign state once again. One where our laws are made by us for ourselves, rather than the vast majority being made in Brussels.

"Surprisingly Mr. Ganley is now claiming that when the Irish voted no in their referendum it was not a vote against the EU. I'm sure this will come as a surprise to many of those who did vote no. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Cameron and the europhile wing of his party deal with the possibility of their vote being taken by Libertas.

"What Mr. Ganley has done today is show that there is absolutely no common ground between our positions. He thinks that, along with the Tories, reform from within is possible. We know, as the Dutch, French and Irish situations have shown us, that this is not possible. Only by leaving can anything be made to change."

There is still only one party committed to an independent Britain and thats UKIP so on the 4th of June vote UKIP.

Our Country is being lost piece by piece we must act now to stop this duplicitous, undemocratic betrayal. Please join US, the only party that will put an end to this betrayal.


wonkotsane said...

UKIP will lose votes over this, along with the other parties. I think UKIP will fare better than Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems because Libertas is following the same eurofederalist agenda as them. UKIP will lose votes from people who are confused about what Libertas stands for and from people who voted UKIP because they disagree with the way the EU works and nobody was standing on a reformist agenda. Overall, though, I think we are in the strongest position.

JoshONyons said...

I don't think Libertas will do very well. UKIP has a lot of people who want to leave the EU, and a lot of Tory switchers. They aren't even happy with the Tories' policy. They won't go to Libertas.

Lets say you are a Eurosceptic Tory voter who votes UKIP at Europeans. Are you going to switch to Libertas which says "The EU is great and has brought peace and prosperity and needs reform etc". The answer is no.

Libertas are more of a problem for Cameron. They are essentially stealing his thunder, by virtually chapter and verse copying his strategy.

So Ganley is left with those Lab/Libs who dislike Lisbon,perhaps want a weaker EU but vote for their party out of loyalty, and the non-voters in EU elections who don't like the EU. I think those people are the flakiest of anti-EU voters - if you are anti EU and vote Labour/LD you are a tit, pure and simple.

I don't see much of an opportunity for him.

There will be more airtime for UKIP on the BBC than ever before in 2009 - their formulas oblige them to give us more representation than Libertas and the same as the LIb dems. Also, we get 3 Party Election broadcasts + 1 Local; Libertas would get just 1.

The question is, which way will the rest of the media jump?

I am not so sure that Libertas would qualify for a PPB.To do so they would have to field a complete range of candidates in every region.

wonkotsane said...

Libertas said they're going to stand a candidate in every euroregion in the EU so they will probably get a broadcast.

The problem we'll have is that the BBC don't like UKIP but they'll cream themselves over a left wing reformist eurofederalist party - the BBC is infested with communists.