Friday, 9 January 2009

Cheapest Pint In Britain ?

You might have heard about JD Wetherspoons doing pints from £1 but we have found a pub cheaper .Nick Hogan UKIP'S Parliamentary Candidate for Chorley has launched a 98p pint to highlight the "stupidity" of Wetherspoon's 99p offer.

His Lancashire pub the ''Swan With Two Necks'' in Chorley is offering customers a 3.5% brew called "With a Spoon" specially commissioned from the Barons Revenge Brewery for the pub. The pint will be served with a plastic spoon and customers who collect ten spoons will get a free pint.

The deal is the brainchild of well-known licensee Nick Hogan, famous for his stance against the smoke ban.

"I've done this to highlight the stupidity of Wetherspoons," said Hogan. "Their 99p pint will not benefit the general pub trade — just their chain. This is at a time when the pub trade is in serious decline for a number of reasons — not least the smoking ban.

"This will not help the industry and will encourage the sort of drunkenness that the public is thoroughly fed up with. It is irresponsible and stupid."

The deal at the Swan With Two Necks begins this Friday.