Friday, 23 January 2009

EU not-a-constitution faces more challenges

The Polish president has re-iterated that he will not sign the Lisbon Treaty unless the Irish vote yes in the second referendum in the autumn.

The German Constitutional Court is also holding an unusually long hearing into whether the EU not-a-constitution breaches the German constitution.

The anti-democrats in the EU are being hit with problem after problem with the EU not-a-constitution but still they battle on, oblivious to the mass opposition throughout the continent. The French voted no and the Dutch voted no so they repackaged the constitution into a new treaty and the treacherous French and Dutch governments ratified it without another referendum. The British government knew that we would vote no so they refused to hold the promised referendum. The Irish voted no so they have to have another referendum to see if they can come up with the "right" answer next time.

Our future as an independent nation lies in the hands of the Irish people, the Polish and Czech presidents and now the German Constitutional Court. And in the upcoming elections people will still vote for the LibLabCon coalition that has got us in this state in the first place.