Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hidden Agenda?

The latest 'utterings' from The Boy (I won't discuss the European Union) Dave is probably the biggest shock of the year (so far) in that he has actually said something on the subject! Regrettably however, if you dissect what was said, it shows a form of contempt for the electorate.

Firstly, in the Financial Times, he has vowed to 'wreck the Lisbon Treaty', were there to be a general election in the Spring of this year. The FT continues: "Mr Cameron told the Financial Times that in such circumstances "we could have a referendum in October" on the treaty, in which he would lead the campaign for a No vote". The FT hits the nail on the head by stating that "The 'moderately eurosceptic' Tory leader expects to win that vote". Initial question Mr. Cameron - who gave you the right to 'lead the campaign for a No vote'?

In another article, this time in the Daily Mail, David Cameron states he would be prepared to cut the number of MPs by 60 as he feels the work done by the House of Commons could be done with fewer MPs and also to ensure that constituencies were of similar size in the number of electors.

A few points arise from both statements, which show that not only the Labour Party are prone to using 'spin' to achieve a favourable rating with the public. If one can believe Gordon Brown - difficult I know, given his history - he has stated that an election in the Spring is the 'farthest thought in my mind', consequently whilst David Cameron has stated what he would do, he knows it is fairly certain that is one promise on which he won't have to deliver. So why say it? Could it possibly be just to raise expectations in the mind of the public and in the hope it may help his party's vote at the coming European elections in June this year? (Sorry, me being cynical again!).

His second 'pronouncement', that he would cut the number of MPs also has a thread of 'not the whole reason why' behind it. Yes, it is a fact that with over 75% of our laws now emanating from Brussels the role of our Parliament is no more than that of an 'administrative centre' for our real government. Based on that Mr Cameron, why not cut 75% of them - in fact why not go even better and cut the lot as we are, more than likely, going to be governed by Regional Quangos anyway - who needs a middle man?

The other question that arises is how will these larger constituencies be formed. With the present government creating MAAs which conform to the Level 2 areas of the European Union's NUTS map of this country, what is the betting that any new constituencies will probably follow this principle.

Until David Cameron and his like from all the main three political parties accept one basic principle, which they will not do as it interferes with their continuing love of the EU project, they are being disrespectful and show nothing but contempt for the electorate of this country.

That basic principle is that we have the right to decide our own laws, our own way of life and therefore our own future and that of our children. We live in a democracy, supposedly, and if that basic right is taken away from us it leaves us in a new form of government - dictatorship with a democratic facade.

HT: Witterings from Witney

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