Saturday, 10 January 2009

The polls are positive for UKIP

The first European Election poll by YouGov has UKIP on some 7%. Whilst on the surface this may not seem spectacular, it gives the party a much more solid starting point than it has previously enjoyed. The polling indicates that despite what the neo-Nazis say, they are not going to surge. Furthermore, 16% of those polled want to leave the EU altogether - the vast majority of whom will see no point in voting for any other anti-EU once UKIP gets its campaign up and running.

Perhaps more important than all of this however, is that on top of the 16% who realise that leaving the EU is the only option, some 48% of those polled want a "much looser" relationship with the EU. This sentiment typically is a result of scare stories that talk of an independent Britain being a Britain that can no longer trade with our European neighbours. However a YouGov poll in 2004 showed UKIP's potential to bypass these mistruths. The poll firstly showed UKIP in fourth place when voting intention was asked plainly. However, when a second question was asked, which clearly stated that UKIP was the only non-racist party which would withdraw from the EU and scrap EU immigration laws, UKIP polled 25%, higher than any other party. UKIP came first.

In other words, if UKIP can put together an effective, well-funded campaign which clearly states that only our position can viably appease that 48%, the sky really is the limit. Only 22% of those polled wanted continued full EU membership - a position shared by all of the BigThree who are different only in their rhetoric. The media and political players in Westminster have all set out to ignore and discredit UKIP up until now. They better hope that they are ready for the beast which is about to be unleashed - a beast which is going to be representing public opinion on the EU like nobody else. Read more at ..

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SteveUKIP said...

7% is a good starting point as we prepare for the EU elections 2009.

What makes these EU elections so important, is this is when people are actually voting on the issue of Europe.

In most other elections Europe does not hardly get mentioned, but they cannot avoid talking about Europe in these elections.