Friday, 30 January 2009

TICAP Triumph.

The Thinking is forbidden conference this week in Brussels that was happily put together and attended By UKIP's very own Godfrey Bloom MEP and Nigel FarageMEP who also are members of the IND/DEM group that sit in the European Union parliament which was also attended and supported by TICAP campaign group.

Hairychestnuts who runs a U-tube channel and is a Anti-smoking ban activist attended the conference and gives his take on how he thinks the conference went.

Be warned of swearing in this clip.


Anonymous said...

Simply disgusting lies and propagada done by big tobacco's friends.

James Burr said...

Well done to UKIP for standing up to the EU who tried their best to prohibit this conference against prohibition based on a single letter from a taxpayer-funded anti-smoking organisation. At least one party has the right idea with regard to individual property rights, and is aware of the junk science and dirty, underhanded tactics employed by the antismoking industry and Government funded fake charities like ASH and Alcohol Concern. Well done everybody!

Nitro said...

Well done UKIP, its nice to know that one political party beleives in free speech

Brenda said...

#Simply disgusting lies and propagada done by big tobacco's friends'

I was at the meeting and I am not a 'friend' of big tobacco.
I am a Great Grandmother and not in the least bit in favour of any big company.
I was there because I don't want the nest generation to be prohibited from doing anything that is legal by the government.
So don't presume that the people that attended the conference had a hidden agenda.

DaveA said...

Kackstart as a Euro brown noser I guess the facts get in the way of a good story. I have been involved in the anti prohibtion arena for over 3 years and have ALWAYS paid my own way out of my salary.

Thanks to UKIP for a great conference.

Anonymous said...

Not able to think, tobacco-army?

Mr. Gori? Powered by BIG TOBACCO.
Mr. Luik alias ARISE? Powered by BIG TOBACCCO.
Mr. Snel? Powered ba BIG TOBACCO.

And You all? Not able to get a clear view due to massive addiction.