Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Warwickshire leafleting day

UKIP members in the West Midlands have really got to grips with our leafleting days, we have had successful days in several towns and places around the Midlands such as Leamington Spa (our first leafleting day), Shrewsbury, Penkridge, Stafford and we even had two campaigning teams out last Saturday in two parts of the Midlands. Because of this one hell of a lot of the leaflets, so kindly donated by Alan Bown, have gone out and a good number of responses from them.

One person who has been at every campaigning day bar one is Steve Fowler, who is as keen as mustard to set up a UKIP branch in North Warwickshire - now it's our turn to give Steve a hand.

There is to be a North Warwicksire campaigning day this coming Saturday, 31st January, and as ever we are asking as many UKIP members as posible to come along and do their bit in the area. We will be meting at 9.30 am on the car park of the Colsehill Hotel, 152-156 High Street, Coleshill, Warwickshire, B46 3BG. For directions go to: http://www.coleshillhotel.com/directions.htm We will all meet up for lunch back at the Coleshill Hotel.

If you intend to come along and do your bit for UKIP and Steve's fledgling branch, please let me know in advance that you intend to join us to help me regarding numbers and the quantity of leaflets needed. You can either reply by e-mail ukipderek@hotmail.co.uk or give me a call: 07813 153897. I look forward to seeing you there.