Sunday, 11 January 2009

Welcome to Planet Labour

The LabourList website is being relaunched with a new design. Don't worry though, it's still a waste of bandwidth populated by the same tired old sycophant party officials, failed politicians and corrupt communists.

Of course, with the website being hosted on Planet Labour, you can expect the usual bizarre version of reality that Labour supporters and politicians inhabit. There are some amusing comments on the home page, such as:
This is a challenging but exciting time for Labour. Twelve years in office have brought huge advances to Britain, and we continue to be the party of ideas and innovation.
... and ...
The distinction between the major parties has rarely been clearer
The blogroll in particular made me laugh. There's the "A-List" of blogs, a small selection of other sycophant Labour-supporting blogs and the "Z-List" of blogs, comprising the two most popular blogs in the UK - Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes - and ConservativeHome, the Tory grassroots website that the likes of LabourList can only look at with envy.

As well as the entertaining alternate reality stuff, there's a bit of naughtiness - a link to FixMyStreet in amongst other Labour buttons with the clear implication that the site, which was set up by the same charity behind the website, is a Labour initiative.

We're under no illusions as to how popular Bloggers4UKIP is likely to be - UKIP is a minor party and we wouldn't expect to compete directly with the likes of ConservativeHome but if the best "grass roots" website the Labour Party can come up is LabourList then we're pretty happy with what we've managed to achieve in our spare time with a budget of zero and without any help from UKIP.

Just a quick note to LabourList before I finish though: ministers and paid employees aren't "grass roots". Ordinary members giving up their spare time without being paid or otherwise rewarded - like us here at Bloggers4UKIP - are the grass roots of a party.


Steve Fowler's Blog. said...

Don't really see why they are bothering to have sites like Labourlist as the country hates labour now and don't want them anymore, so if they think that this will save them!, well they have a nasty suprise coming their way sortly.

Charlie Marks said...

Please, less of the red-baiting, Wonko. Corrupt ex-communists... and Ex-socialists, for that matter.

New Labour has lost millions of traditional Labour voters due to its love affairs with the super-rich, Eurocrats, and Dubya.

It's also lost half of its membership, which is why a grassroots blog is filled with people who earn a living out of being New Labour MPs, councilors, and even Lords!

wonkotsane said...

But Charlie, just having Mandy on there ticks all three boxes - he's a sycophant party official, a failed politician and a communist. ;o)

Charlie Marks said...

I do find it hard to believe that last one. I mean, he hangs around with Russians, but the kind of Russians who have yachts and football teams rather than red flags and manifestos...

(I've resisted, but I'm sure we can all make up our own jokes involving payoffs such as, "have you seen the size of my dictatorship?")

wonkotsane said...

It's true Charlie, this is from his Wikipedia article:

He was educated at Hendon County Grammar School. In his youth, he briefly rebelled against his family's Labour tradition due to Labour's support of the USA in the Vietnam War and in 1971 left the Labour Party Young Socialists (LPYS) to join the Young Communist League, then the youth wing of the Communist Party of Great Britain. This move was partly a result of disagreements with the Trotskyist Militant tendency that had just won a majority in the LPYS nationally.

Leopards and spots and all that.