Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cameron: A sheep in UKIP’s clothing ?

Earlier this week ''Call me Dave'' Cameron who likes to promise everything and anything to everyone outlined some of his new policies on English MP's dealing with English issues, Elected Mayors, local referendums on local issues including Council tax. Being busy I didnt notice his announcement untill a few days after he made it, to late to blog on grrr I thought !

The reason I was going to blog about these new policies was because he seemed to have taken them from UKIP's manifesto from the 2005 General Election (See section 9 Local Governance for more details) and from UKIPs 2008 local Elections manifesto which can be found here cheeky chap isnt he ? I was going to leave it without blogging on the matter but today I read the Conservatives have launched the Save the Great British Pub campaign. Wait on a sec didnt UKIP launch this campaign a few weeks back ? along with their new pub policy.

Unlike the Conservatives Pub Campaign, UKIPs is alot more than just a internet campaign over the next few months UKIP will be delivering over 150,000 Save the Pub beer mats . Putting up thousands of posters and printing thousands of paper petitons . All the above will run alongside special Save the Pub Public meetings.We are actually serious about it unlike Dave who just wants to score some brownie points.

But who can blame Cameron for stealing UKIP's policies when recently the Goverment looked into borrowing UKIPs Tax policy. Now it looks as if the Greens have cottoned onto our energy policy and come over all nuclear. It is obvious UKIPs policies are popular but when will one of the big two adopt UKIPs most popular policy which over 80% of the electorate agree with ''Taking Britain out of the EU'' ?

Sign UKIPs petition to Save our Pubs here also join the unofficial Facebook campaign Group


Essential Elements said...

It must be very difficult fo the likes of the Tory Party in their goal to find policies that will attract potential voters. Although they call us fruit cakes and gadflies, it seems we are not so when it comes to them adopting UKIP Policies! I will look forward to the same Conservative Party that will reverse their anxious and tempted commitment to the EU, and adopt UKIP Policy by not to do so. The Tory Party like the Labour Party and the Lib Dems are still committed to surrender the nation's Sovereignty and Freedom to dictators of Brussels, or even to lose it by transforming the UK into a small cog in the mechanism of control under the influence of trance or hallucination by sleep walking into the dominate regulated power of the EU.