Monday, 9 February 2009


AS annouced here On a cold Sunday afternoon (8th February) members of the UKIP North Norfolk Constituency Association gathered in North Walsham town centre to pick up litter. As Stephen Scott-Fawcett (UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for North Norfolk) explained, ‘ At a recent UKIP public meeting local people complained about the amount of litter in their town and wondered why there weren’t the resources available to do something about it. UKIP wonders too. Considering that our Government pays £106,000 per minute to be a member of the European Union it is scandalous that there are insufficient resources available to keep our streets clean and tidy. UKIP wants to keep Britain tidy. What is more, UKIP wants to keep Britain, Britain!’

Cllr Michael Baker at UKIP's Clean up North Norfolk day in North Walsham

More videos of the day can be found here
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