Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mandelson Really Is A Duplitious Individual

'Lord' Mandelson has opened his mouth to pass judgment on the 'Goodwin Pension Fiasco' and is quoted in the Telegraph as saying:

"I admire his professional guile trying to shift the focus on this......"

Let us recall what this 'ennobled individual with the odd title' did when announcing the proposed 'part-sale', or 'privatisation', of Royal Mail in which there was no mention, by him, of the need to meet the requirements of the European Union Directives in respect of competition within the postal market?

If only he were able to exhibit 'professional guile' - 'guile' he most certainly does posses, but 'professional'? Having spent his time in the Young Communist League, Lambeth Borough Council and the Labour Party, what professional qualifications does he possess? If truth be known, he is no more than an over-promoted, over-bearing and over-serving bureaucrat?

The words 'kettle' 'pot' 'calling' and 'black' spring to mind.

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