Wednesday, 18 February 2009

UKIP condemns Government's referendum refusal on Norfolk and Suffolk unitary re-organisation

The Government has confirmed in an answer to a written question by UKIP's MP, Dr Bob Spink, that the people of Suffolk and Norfolk are to be denied a referendum on any proposals for unitary reorganisation. John Healey, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said in a written answer: "We have no plans for local referendums on any proposals for unitary local government in Norfolk and Suffolk."

David Campbell Bannerman, UKIP's Deputy Leader and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Suffolk South as well as the Party's Lead Candidate for the forthcoming European Election said: "The proposals for unitary authorities in Suffolk and Norfolk represent a massive shift in local democracy. It is scandalous for the Government to be considering such a dramatic change without consulting the people who live in those counties and who use and pay for local services through a direct vote.

"This is top down government at its very worst. It shows contempt for local people who would have their local authorities such as town, district and borough councils abolished and replaced by much bigger, more remote unitary authorities, which would have little or no idea about local priorities.

"UKIP vigorously opposes this dictatorial approach, which shows contempt for democracy by an ever more out-of-touch political class. With the Government's shambolic, so-called consultation having run into legal trouble, there will now be no decisions made before 15th July, instead of the promised 13th February. This gives voters the opportunity to make their views known in the county council elections in June.

"UKIP believes in local referendums on this and any other major issue that people are concerned about in the areas where they live. A mechanism to make that possible will be included in our manifesto. Democracy belongs to the people and we abandon it at our peril."

Local Government Re-organisation - Extract from Hansard - January 09

Bob Spink: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government if she will make it her policy that local referendums be held in Suffolk and Norfolk on the reorganisation of local government; and if she will include the option of retaining the status quo in the referendum. [246693]

2. Policies on reinvigorating democracy are contained in the UK Independence Party Constitutional Policy paper 'How We're Governed, see website or
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