Friday, 6 February 2009

UKIP Swindon South: A Question

Bob Feal-Martinez has posted the following on the UKIP Swindon South blog:
Why would a group of people some of whom are UKIP members and PPC's and MEP candidates, seek to hold a meeting to harmonise groups opposed to the EU and then not widely circulate such a meeting, the organiser being a former senior party official?

Why would they seek to swear those who know to secrecy, when surely the object should be to spread the word far and wide.?

I ask these questions as that is what has happened.
Why indeed? Are these people the so-called loyal supporters of UKIP that go under the banner of The Phoenix Forum and spend an inordinate amount of time causing trouble and disruption within the party to achieve their aims? Or are they perhaps one of the very, very few people in UKIP who thought that we should have taken the BNP's offer of an electoral pact seriously? That would explain the secrecy and the cryptic "former senior party official" statement.

What I want to know and what I've asked these people myself on more than one occassion without getting a satisfactory answer is, if they're that unhappy with the way the party is being run that they will go as far as sabotaging its reputation, why are they still members? Why not leave and form their own party or join another, smaller eurosceptic party that they'll have more influence in?
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