Thursday, 12 March 2009

More UK First Party lies

I really do have better things to do with my time than keep responding to the lies of the UK First Party's semi-literate representative but as he bravely disabled comments on his blog to make sure nobody can correct him at source, I'll have to do so here.

It's ironic that the mysterious Greg L-W should make such a big thing of using a username instead of my real name on blogs - presumably the name on his cheque book isn't Greg L-W. For the record, however, I am far better known on the interenet - especially in political circles - by my username rather than my real name. There is no secret as to who I am - a quick search of Google will turn up innumerable sources of information about me.

I am not, despite what the UKIP website says, the chairman of Telford & Wrekin UKIP and haven't been for a couple of years. While others, like Greg L-W, were actively trying to bring down the party they supposedly support, I did a stint as chairman when I was needed.

And despite saying this several times, Greg L-W's stunted intelect obviously needs several reminders before anything sinks in - Bloggers4UKIP has nothing to do with UKIP. It is not an "approved UKIP site". UKIP did, in fact, ask for something to be removed from the site once and I refused.

While there is a lot of my personal information about me on the internet (which dispels the myth that I am coy about my identity), putting my employment details on a blog is out of order and in breach of Blogger's terms of service. I specifically don't talk about my employer - especially as I work on a contract for a government department - but it's not hard to work out who it is I work for from other information. However, I am not an "IT Consultant" as Greg L-W says. His tone of writing implies that he knows all this secret inforrmation about me but he doesn't. It's all freely available information with a bit of guess work.

Putting my phone number on there - which, again, is freely available on the internet - and inviting people to make unsolicited calls to me is also in breach of Bloggers terms of service and if I did receive any abusive phone calls would mean Greg L-W had committed a criminal offence.

With cretins like this in the UK First Party, I really don't think UKIP or any other party has anything to worry about. The party is only a couple of weeks old and already their members are bringing it into disrepute!