Thursday, 30 April 2009

Enthusiastic Reception to Burwell Campaign

Following a very successful campaign meeting for privately invited guests on Tuesday evening, UKIP's number 3 MEP candidate on the East of England list Andrew Smith lead a team of campaigners who completed a leaflet drop to almost the entire village of Burwell near Newmarket this week. He was born in the village and was anxious to encourage all his old friends there to join us to regain our national independence.

Andrew was especially pleased to have received the support of Angela Lawrence and her husband Mick (pictured). It was Angela and Andrew who had started a Young Conservative branch in the village over 40 years ago. Since then and most Conservatives they have both recognised the failure of their old party to stand up for Britain and will be voting UKIP in June.

Questions at the meeting showed concern about the costs of membership, loss of control over our national affairs and the inequitable status of Scotland and Wales compared to England.

At the meeting, Andrew discussed the repeated failure of the Conservatives to hold up EU integration. Andrew recalled that Brigadier Geoffrey Van Orden (Conservative MEP for the Eastern Counties) had recommended Romania and Bulgaria should join the EU. Romania recently issued 1 million passports to Moldovans, enabling them to come to Britain without restriction; the average income is Moldova is well below the level of UK social benefits payments.