Tuesday, 14 April 2009

European Commission asks ECJ to force UK to con-phorm

The European Empire is taking legal action against the British government to try and force it to change data protection laws.

The British government said last year that Phorm - a particularly invasive form of targeted advertising being trialled by Virgin and BT - was lawful but the European Commission says that it doesn't comply with its rules.

Phorm is, without doubt, an appalling technology and it should be erradicated but this should be done through consumer pressure - by people leaving providers that use Phorm spying technology - and not by foreign laws made by foreign politicians.

The European Commission is taking the British government to the European Court of Justice who will, when it finds in favour of the EC, force the British government to change our data protection laws.


John or Liz said...

Get government --- especially the EU government --- OFF THE BACKS OF THE UK CITIZENS! The people of Britain actually have minds, and can use them --- if only they're allowed to do so.