Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Green Party condemned as 'extremists' for claiming that flying abroad is like "knifing someone in the street"

The lead candidate in the European Election for the UK Independence Party in the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman, has exposed the Green Party’s extremist views live on an ITV programme to be shown in the East of England. The Green Party is targeting the Eastern region for an MEP seat.

Challenging Ms Lucas about her views on climate change on the TV programme ‘Leaders of Europe’, Mr Campbell Bannerman asked her whether she thought flying to Spain, for example, was as bad as stabbing someone in the street, and Ms Lucas confirmed “Yes!… because climate change kills”.

Campbell Bannerman comments: - “I was shocked at her response. This is the Leader of a supposedly respectable political party, now showing fascist tendencies. There can be no excuse for adopting such extremist language to describe ordinary people flying abroad for a well earned holiday. The Green Party has shown its true anti-libertarian, heavily interventionist colours. It is translating its misplaced fervour over unproven man-made global warming into direct attacks on personal freedom."

"She also used expressions like 'binge flying' which are absurd. Air travel is generally a necessary part of a journey not a wicked extravagance, as the Greens think. Half the British population fly at least once a year. Yes, they should pay the true costs of that travel, including the environmental costs, but they should not be barred or vilified for doing so.“

“The Green Party is becoming reminiscent of a mad cult which maligns anyone who doesn't follow their faith. They are like 21st century Luddites trying to hold back progress, and they regard holidaymakers as environmental criminals. UKIP shows common sense on the environment, the Greens are just plane crazy!"


ukipwebmaster said...

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Huw Peach, Green Party said...

Climate change kills 300,000 people a year (see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/climatechange/5406487/Climate-change-kills-300000-every-year.html ).

These are some of the poorest people in the world who have done the least to contribute to it.

Understanding my impact on others has changed the way that my family travel.

Green politics is a practical response to unpleasant truths like the above.

The prospect of our country asnd other countries becoming more sustainable is utterly remote if we adopt an unsustainable, scientifically untenable, UKIP view of the world.

The Green Party sees the imperative of government investment and action on climate change as the stimulus our economy now needs to change direction radically and create badly-needed jobs.

What plans does UKIP have to get Britain working?