Friday, 10 April 2009

Remember: other parties are standing

Remember: other parties are standing

I NOTE with interest your article on the forthcoming West Sussex elections, where you say Shoreham's set to have new man at County Hall.
What you are pinpointing, in fact, is the confusion and turmoil among the current Conservative administration in Adur, together with their elitist attitude.

I am a former Conservative councillor (Adur District Council) and will be standing for West Sussex in the Saltings constituency – not for the Conservative Party, but for the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

I love the area with a passion and intend to stand up for the rights of my neighbours and take their problems as far as is possible – because I care.

In my previous role in Adur, I fell foul of the authorities because I stood up for those who elected me, and that's always been my belief – you are elected to represent the people who matter, your constituents.

So, remember, it's not just the Conservatives who run this area; there are others standing for other parties in the June elections.

Mike Mendoza
Shoreham Beach