Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Stuart Gulleford UKIP MEP candidate on BBC Tonight 29th April

Look out for Stuart Gulleford UKIP MEP candidate on the BBC East Regional News programme this evening (29.4.09) - BBC1, 6.30pm and again at the end of the 10.00pm news. You will need to have the East Anglia TV aerial to receive the programme or tune into it through your Sky Box on Channel 981.

BBC East asked Stuart, at short notice, to give an interview on why people should vote UKIP in the European Election. This took place at the BBC Essex Radio studios in Chelmsford. While he was there, he was asked to do a recorded radio interview for BBC Essex - more information on when this will be aired, as soon as we have it.


Phoenix One UK said...

Florian Mueller, a German software developer and campaigner against software patents, told ZDNet UK that the cross-party consensus will send a strong message to the EU Council -- particularly as Germany holds more seats in the European Parliament than any other country.
Link to,1000000308,39170869,00.htm for entire article.

Note the section highlighted. How can the UK have a democratic say in the EU when it can be outvoted on any and all issues which do not suit other member states. IT CANNOT.

The tories are pro-EU, as are NL and Lib Dem. The minor parties threatening major party seats for UK in EU are UKIP and BNP with latter of concern. UKIP is the logical choice to ensure UK interests.