Tuesday, 28 April 2009

UKIP In the National Media

In more campaign news, the regional campagin launches have already received a massive boost through widespread media coverage with the BBC reporting on every launch that has taken place so far. Here are some of the major broadcast appearances for UKIP that have been confirmed so far:

28th of April - Nigel Farage will be on Radio Liverpool 96.7 at 7.45am

29th of April - Nigel Farage is appearing on the John Gaunt Show on Wednesday at 11am.You can find it on your internet by going to thesun.co.uk/suntalk .Nigel will be talking about Why we have to vote UKIP on June 4th.

May 3 -Godfrey Bloom on BBC Politics Show Yorkshire

May 3 - Gordon Parkin on BBC North East

May 5 - John Whitaker on Radio Five Live from Strasbourg with other MEPs. From either 10-11am or 11-noon.

May 5 - From Strasbourg again Nigel Farage on BBC News 24 and on World TV, times tba

May 7 - UKIP Party Election Broadcast BBC 1 6.55pm , BBC 2 5.55pm , ITV 6.25pm

May 8- Nigel Farage will be appearing on BBC Breakfast time

May 10 - Nigel Farage on Andrew Marr Show

May 12 - UKIP Party Election Broadcast BBC 1 6.55pm , BBC 2 5.55pm , ITV 6.25pm ,Ch 5

May 15 - Nigel Farage on Any Questions from Chichester.

May 21 - Marta Andreason on Question Time from Salisbury.

May 21 - Gerard Batten MEP is debating with Declan Ganley on BBC2 TV Daily Politics

May 28 - Nigel Farage Question Time from London. BBC

May 29 - UKIP Party Election Broadcast BBC 1 6.55pm , BBC 2 5.55pm ,ITV 6.25pm

May 30 - David Campbell Bannerman on BBC East.

More national apperances to be confirmed soon.

Many of our MEPS and lead candidates also have regional tv appearances lined
up. Dates for the local election broadcast will not be announced until after nominations close on May 8.


Anonymous said...

well done, guys! Meanwhile, what's the point of Declan Garnley? As far as I know he's pro EU, just wants it more 'accountable'. All the LibLabCon parties want that.

Phoenix One UK said...

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