Tuesday, 21 April 2009

UKIP London campaign launch with Stuart Wheeler and Gerard Batten MEP Friday !

On Friday April 24th at 10am, UKIP London launches its campaign to the BBC and other TV & press media outside the Houses of Parliament with former Tory donor Stuart Wheeler fresh from his speech at the UKIP Spring Conference (see video). The charge will be lead by Gerard Batten MEP who has been representing London in the European Parliament for the last 5 years, fighting EU moves on increasing EU membership to more Eastern European countries, Turkey and the further immigration problems this will cause.

Also present will be Lawrence Webb, London Regional Organiser and MEP Candidate, Paul Wiffen, London Chairman and Call Centre Manager, Strachan MacDonald, MEP Candidate and Sunita Webb, MEP Candidate. The London campaign vehicle, a UKIP-liveried London Taxi (following on from last year's Routemaster Bus and Gerard's mayoral video which featured him in a cab) will be there as well as an example of the billboards which just went up all around the country.