Friday, 24 April 2009

Update: Fund Raising - Walking not Talking

Rick Timmis of UKIP Cornwall is doing a sponsored walk from Penzance to St Ives tomorrow and Sunday and has just sent the follow update:


Not long to go now to the Start of the Walk. I have deliberately set out to do this walk alone making it truly Independent, and carrying everything that Jake and I will need in my Burgen. The route is from Penzance station to St Ives and is 40.8 Miles, and I expect it to take 2 days.

So far I have had pledged £600, and am hoping that this will increase as the weekend goes by. But considering I only announced it last week I am fairly happy with the result so far.

I do want to be able to keep you updated on my progress, and so I have setup a few special functions on the Website, that I shall update every hour, and perhaps even more frequently as I progress on the Walk.

I can send short written updates that will appear on the Website here.

Better still I can take photo's with my Mobile and post them to for you to view here.

This is the best bit, I have linked the GPS on my mobile to Googlemaps, so you can even see where I am here.

I will be posting some text updates into the evening tonight as I get ready

Finally the main page on the website with the walk details and the Blog updates can be found here.

I hope to raise lots more money, and better yet lots of awareness, and I shall be telling as many people as I can what its for UKIP and why I am doing it. "To Save Britain from corrupt and peverted Government, so that my children can grow up in a country Governed for the people of Britain, by the people of Britain."

Please tell as many people as you can, and support me with your thoughts and messages by following me ricktimmis on

Thanks and the hope it doesn't rain

Rick Timmis