Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dial "U" for UKIP

With the entire country seemingly blanketed by UKIP billboards and posters, there was bound to be the odd one that fell foul of some rule or other.

The London Evening Standard reports UKIPs apparent embarrassment over some advertising hoardings erected by an advertising company in London. Infolines Public Network have put up some phone booths, sans telephone, and put UKIP posters on them without getting planning permission. City of London Corporation says that the posters aren't allowed because they're political and that they have refused permission for the phone booths while Infolines says that the planning rejection wasn't issued within the statutory 56 days so they have "deemed consent".

Either way, someone has cocked up and it's either Infoline or City of London Corporation. There's certainly nothing for UKIP to be embarrassed about, it's got the party some free publicity and a photo of the poster in the London Evening Standard.

And the posters are still there!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice one. Is Ken Irvine back in the fold again?

Anonymous said...

UKIP must be making some headway, as on question time yesterday, there was a ganging up against Farage. He was booed by some people in the audience when he made logical points on immigration and Dimblebore seemed determined to link him with the BNP although that old chestnut has now been abandoned by every sane person in the media.
And some old guy who seemed to love claret, identified as leader of Jury Team seemed determined to pick on Farage while letting the pro EU panel members off the hook.
Many critics of UKIP would be eating their words on 7th June.

Steve Halden said...

There seems to be a huge number of billboards and posters for UKIP across the country.

While the other parties dont seem to be bothering with billboards this year.

Well done UKIP !