Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mike Nattrass says ‘the fourth’ is with UKIP

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass says ‘the fourth’ is with UKIP following news that Darth Vader is backing the UK Independence Party. Actor David Prowse MBE, who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, has announced his support for UKIP in the coming June 4 European elections.

His announcement shows Darth has turned from the dark side to back a political party committed to withdrawing Britain from the European Union.David said: “I’ve looked right and left and right again and the only party I can safely vote for is UKIP.

“I have a message for those considering how to vote. Firstly, stop, look and listen to what is being said. “Only UKIP is actually telling us the truth about the European Union and why we need to leave it. May June the fourth be with you.”

Mike Nattrass believes having the backing of ‘Darth Vader’ is great news for UKIP.
“We could do with a trusty lightsaber around the European Parliament to cut the bureaucracy and waste,” said Mr Nattrass. “I welcome David’s backing and I believe the force is now with us to do well in the European elections.

“David played a famous film villain whose sole aim was to fulfill his destiny of ruling space. The European Union wants to fulfill its destiny of ruling Britain and make decisions which should be made in Westminster . “EU membership is costing us dearly – more than £40m per day. Consider, 75 per cent of our laws are being made by a parliament in which we have less than eight per cent influence,” he added.