Sunday, 14 June 2009

Booker lays into Camoron again

Christopher Booker has got the measure of Camoron.

Vote for us or the puppy gets it
He has written an article in the Torygraph referring to Camoron's "cowardly caveat on a Euro referendum" criticising him for being vague on the European Empire and covering up the true extent of the power they have over us.

Of course, the reason he puts a "cowardly caveat" on a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution is because it would be illegal under EU law to rescind the Lisbon Treaty once it has been ratified by all member states and enters into force.  To rescind the Lisbon Treaty once it has entered into force would require the agreement of all EU member states or to leave the EU and to leave the EU once the Lisbon Treaty is in force will require the agreement of all EU member states.  But that is an irrelevance anyway because Camoron has already said that the UK will never leave the EU under a Tory government even though that's what the majority of the electorate wants.


Steve Halden said...

If there had been proper discussion of Europe during the EU Elections 2009, David Cameron could have been forced to explain his position on the Lisbon Treaty.

But unfortuately the discussion never got passed PM's expenses.

The media swamped the EU Election with endless arguments about expenses.

Only UKIP discussed the real issues relatiing to Europe.

This allowed David Cameron to get away with a half baked policy towards the Lisbon Treaty.

And talk of being in Europe but not governed by Europe.

He was never forced to fully explain what these policies mean.

AProlefrom1984 said...
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Jonathan said...

We're stuck in the EU because our electoral system will always give the Three Amigos (Lab, Con, LibDem) the lion share of the representation - and they'll always keep the UK (or should I say the 11 EU regions of the former UK) in the EU superstate.

I give the EU 50-100 years until it breaks up (about as long as the USSR) but what exactly will be left from that mess is anyone's guess.

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