Sunday, 28 June 2009

EU Calls For Open, Independent and Accountable Governance of the Internet!

That's a bit rich, coming as it does from an unaccountable, unelected and self appointed regime like the EU Commission! How do they have the gaul? The EU is trying to get the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) organisation away from American government apron strings, and the Director of ICANN argues that there is already an International framework that works just fine.

However one might view this (myself I don't trust American governments as much as I distrust the EU Commision) I find it a bit of a nerve that the EU Commission uses words like 'open' when they themselves meet in secret, 'independent' when it is the EU that is hell bent upon taking away Great Britain’s independence and 'accountable' which is the biggest affront of all when one considers that the accounts of the EU have not been signed off in 14 years because of irregularities!


Steve Halden said...

The EU is always trying to control more and more of our lives.

Controlling the internet is just another target for them.

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