Monday, 29 June 2009

EU President Fires Warning Shot at Cameron

A Slithering snake in the EU Presidency pit has been disturbed from its lair by the Conservative leader David Cameron, who started making noises about a referendum for the British people shortly after seeing UKIP's popularity rise to astounding proportions during the European election. The new EU President says that "Cameron will struggle to implement his plans as prime minister on a range of issues, including climate change, unless he changes his Eurosceptic attitude and learns to work with European leaders".

The not so veiled threat comes hot on the heels of Cameron's breakaway Eurosceptic party. The Swedish prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt said that Cameron will "need" mainstream leaders. Loosely translated that means toe the line or you'll regret it.

It will be interesting to see if this will strengthen Cameron's resolve to put his money where his mouth is and forge ahead with the moderate Eurosceptic plan he conveniently stole from UKIP at the height of our Euro election popularity recently, or if he will do what some of us suspect he will do, and that is to use it as a vehicle to hoodwink the British people in the next general election, and then do as he's told once we're part of Europe.

Despite Cameron's rhetoric on Eurosceptism we must never forget that the Conservatives have been as much to blame for the position we are in now with the EU who are poised to take away our national identity, our freedoms, our culture, our right to self govern and our civil liberties, and that Conservative collusion goes right back to the days of Edward Heath.