Saturday, 6 June 2009

EU puts Dutch government in its place

Hat-tip to Tony Sharp and EU Referendum for pointing out that the European Empire has slapped down the Dutch government for releasing exit poll and partial count information on the imperial elections ahead of Sunday's official announcement in accordance with Dutch law.

Spokesman for the imperial commission, Amadeu Altafaj Tardio, reminded the Dutch government who makes the rules:
The events that took place in the Netherlands yesterday seem not to comply with the spirit of the European elections. They're supposed to go beyond the purely national aspects. If we want citizens to understand the European nature of these elections, we think it's absolutely essential that we release the results in all countries at the same time, also in order not to influence the vote in the countries which have not voted yet – and that at the moment is 25 out of the 27 member states.
Amadeu Altafaj is absolutely right, of course, the decision by the Dutch government to comply with Dutch law and publish details of the elections doesn't comply with the spirit of the European elections, the objective of which is to undermine national identity and sovereignty. If the Dutch government had any balls they'd tell this unelected Belgian civil servant that the Dutch government makes the rules in the Netherlands but of course that isn't the case any more, the Dutch government have accepted the primacy of European law over domestic law the same as the British government have.


Steve Halden said...

Once again the EU demonstrates that its powers overrule the national governments of the member states.

We were told by Edward Heath when we joined the Common Market in 1972, that there would be no loss of sovereighty to Britain.

This is a perfect example of how in the event the sovereignty of each of the member states has been pass to the unelected Commissioners in Brussels.

The people of Britain have lost most of the democratic control that they had over their lives.