Friday, 19 June 2009

Mid Sussex Times: Tory 'smokescreen' letter

Tory 'smokescreen' letter

THE letter from Conservative councillors Acraman & Worth (A&W), was unbelievably misinformed, prejudiced and highly offensive to me as the UKIP candidate and to the residents of Burgess Hill who voted for me.
A textbook example of the Tory Party trying to use a smokescreen to hide its true (Pro-EU) colours.

Throughout the letter, A&W try to equate UKIP with the BNP. Completely untrue! UKIP is a mainstream political party, which came second in the EU elections. UKIP is quite distinct from the BNP. A&W also claim the consequences of voting UKIP were the election of Lib-Dems.

I would say the election of the Lib-Dems is down to the many Eurosceptic Tories that mistakenly continue to support the Pro-EU Tory party rather than the genuinely Eurosceptic UKIP.

With the subtlety of a charging, rhino A&W also attempt to put UKIP and BNP in the same political category when summarising the total votes cast in Mid Sussex. A&W list all the other political parties' votes separately and then pathetically lump UKIP & BNP together.

The most outrageous comment, however, came when A&W wrote: 'in Burgess Hill West, 476 loyal BNP folk allowed the election by just 50 of another Lib-Dem'. How incredibly offensive and prejudiced of A&W to assume that the 476 UKIP voters in Burgess Hill are 'loyal BNP folk'.

On behalf of those 476 good people of Burgess Hill and myself, I demand an immediate apology from A&W for such a comment.

Chris French
UKIP County council candidate
Burgess Hill Town
Firtoft Close, Burgess Hill