Monday, 8 June 2009

UKIP candidate Marta Andreasen is elected to EU 'Parliament'

UKIP member Mrs. Marta Andreasen is now a member of the EU 'Parliament'.

She joins UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP who was re-elected for a third term. Both will represent the south-east of England in Brussels. The result of the South-East (of England) EU Constituency was declared in Southampton today at 1.21 am.

Conservative 812,288 34.8 % = 4 seats

UK Independence Party 440,002 18.8 % = 2 seats

Liberal Democrats 330,340 14.1 % = 2 seats

Green Party 271,506 11.6 % = 1 seat

Labour 192,592 % = 1 seat


Steve Halden said...

Marta Andreasen is now a member of the EU Federal Parliament.

I think she will stir up a lot of trouble when she gets to Brussels.

Lets hope she makes them suffer for all the fraud that goes on within the European Union.

She knows all the inside information, and where all the financial skeleton are hidden.

Give 'em hell Marta !

Alex said...

Fantastic news... go marta!

geoffreykolbe said...

I voted for UKIP in the EU elections because I believe the EU is fundamentally, and in principle, dangerous. It is structured to allow a dictator to assume control of the EU and that is what will happen. I believe most UKIP members feel the same way and we in the UK are better off out of it.

Does Ms Andreasen think this way? I quote from her book..."I have been called a Eurosceptic, but I am not one. I want to fight for a good EU project."

Is UKIP now transformed into ginger group within the EU, fundamentally pro EU so long as it is run transparently?

Andreasen says that the EU is too corrupt and corrupting and can never change.

UKIP will be disallowed as an EU party if the Lisbon treaty is ratified as it is against the EU. So it is UKIP that has now changed?

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