Thursday, 25 June 2009

UKIP on 8% for general election

A Harris Interactive poll conducted for the Metro newspaper predicts UKIP to pick up 8% of the vote in a general election.

The poll shows the extent to which Liebour's support has been decimated with a 31% swing from Liebour to other parties.  According to the poll, 8% of people who said they would vote UKIP in a general election voted for Liebour in 2005, another 8% voted for the Lib Dims and 5% voted Tory.

With just under a year with which to campaign and expose the fundamental dishonesty of David Camoron's Conswervative & (European) Unionist Party, UKIP is already in a strong position.  The second Irish vote on the EU not-a-constitution in October will make the European Empire even more important an issue and the back-peddling that Camoron will have to do if the EU not-a-constitution comes into force before the election will be an enjoyable display of electoral suicide.

With the way Liebour has rigged the electoral system to enable them to gain maximum seats from a minimum of votes, we could see a hung parliament with UKIP holding the balance of power.  Watching Camoron sharing the front bench with "swivel-eyed loons" would be most amusing.


AProlefrom1984 said...

Hope UKIP sticks to their guns and doesn't dilute their message to suit the liberal dictatorship that dominate the media and politics. UKIP shouldn't relent in exposing PC madness and how the EU ruins our lives. e.g. you can't actually buy an affordable cooker anymore and have it installed by a CORGI registered person, as the EU says you must buy something with a flame safety device. This is a device the EU thinks we need because they think we'll be dumb enough to start cooking a meal and go for a walk in the park, then switch off the flames on the hob, while leaving the gas on. Cookers with this EU inspired device cost an average £300 more. These are the crazy regulations we could do without.
LibLabCon are in for a shock at the next general election.

Roy Norry said...

Liebour, Camoron and swivel-eyed-loons. I know these are serious issues you have discussed but fair play, you made me laugh out loud. In fact I've probably taken more of what you say in because of it.

I also think it inevitable that Camoron is in for a fall. I don't know why but something tells me the law of averages will trip him up big style, or circumstances will drop him in it without mercy. He's a blagger I'm sure of it.

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