Sunday, 7 June 2009

UKIP retains seat in Yorkshire & the Humber, BNP gain MEP

UKIP has retained its single MEP in Yorkshire & the Humber but the downside is the BNP gaining a seat from their fellow left wing extremists in the Labour Party.

The BNP gaining an MEP is the product of Labour's disastrous policy of hyping up the BNP threat trying to motivate Labour voters to support them and giving the BNP free advertising instead of depriving them of the oxygen of publicity.

My prediction before the election was that the BNP would win at most one seat ...

The results are as follows:

Tory 25% (+0%)
Labour 19% (-8%)
UKIP 17% (+3%)
Lib Dems 13% (+2%)
BNP 10% (+3%)
Green 9% (+3%)
EDP 3% (+1%)
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